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Who Quran Addresses




God in His Book, the Holy Koran,
often uses the phrase, "O you who believe".

This phrase does not always refer to the true believers.

For example, the phrase here refers to those who may yet need to believe properly.

O ye who believe! Believe in Allah…" [4:136]

Therefore, the phrase does sometimes refers to true believers. But often it also refers to people who can lack complete faith. The phrase is often used against the people it addresses. It also refers to people who do immoral things which the true believers always refrain from. The term is used to condemn certain people. Therefore, the phrase can refer to people who do not yet really believe in God.

God tells us in Quran that true believers act rightly. They already love Him. They are firm on their unshakeable belief. Therefore, true Believers do not need to be told to believe in God and obey the Prophet.

The phrase “O you who believe” sometimes addresses another group of people who may still have doubts, individuals who are not committed to the Path of the Prophet. These group of people can be very shaky in faith. God reveals that they keep changing their minds.

Those who believe, then disbelieve and then believe, then disbelieve, and then increase in disbelief, Allah will never pardon them, nor will He guide them unto a way.” [4:137]

This group of people waver to and fro. They don’t take God seriously. They regularly jump on and off. That is why God tells them to believe in God, and to take Him seriously.

Therefore, when God uses the phrase "O you who believe", then He may be addressing the weak Muslims. He could also be talking to the new converts to Islam. He may even be refering to seekers who may be lost but who are searching to find God and want to be close to Him.

People who love God and obey His Prophet are the real believers whom God loves and grants eternal life.

God defines "real believers" in the Holy Koran:

They only are the Believers whose hearts feel fear when God is mentioned, and when His verses are recited unto them they increase their faith, and who trust in their Lord; Who establish worship and spend of that We have bestowed on them. Those are they who are Real Believers. For them are grades (of honour) with their Lord, and Pardon, and a Bountiful Provision.” [8:2-4]

Those who believed and left their homes and strove for the cause of God, and those who took them in and helped them - these are the Real Believers. For them is Pardon, and Bountiful Provision. And those who afterwards believed and left their homes and strove along with you, they are of you; and those who are akin are nearer one to another in the ordinance of God. Lo! God is Knower of all things.” [8:74-75]

Successful indeed are the Believers; Who are humble in their prayers, And who shun vain conversation, And who are payers of the poor-due; And who guard their modesty; Except from their wives or what their right hands possess, for then they are not blameworthy, But whoso craves beyond that, such are transgressors; And who are shepherds of their pledge and their covenant, And who pay heed to their prayers. These are the heirs; Who will inherit Paradise. There they will abide.” [23:1-11]

[S. Saklayn, July 2012.]


Chapter Names

Special Names Of Sacred Chapters of the Holy Quran

Book of God, the Holy Koran, contains 114 chapters.
The names of the chapters are also part of Divine Wisdom of God.
Some chapters have more than one name.
Translators use different words to explain the meanings of the titles of chapters.



Total Arabic Letters 330709
Total Arabic Words 77797
Total Arabic Verses 6236
Total Arabic Suras 14


Surah Titles According to Pickthall

1. al-Fatihah: The Opening
2. al-Baqarah: The Cow
3. Al-Imran: The Family Of Imran
4. an-Nisa': Women
5. al-Ma'idah: The Food
6. al-An`am: The Cattle
7. al-A`raf: The Elevated Places
8. al-Anfal: The Spoils Of War
9. at-Taubah: Repentance
10. Yunus: Jonah
11. Hud: Hud
12. Yusuf: Joseph
13. ar-Ra`d: The Thunder
14. Ibrahim: Abraham
15. al-Hijr: The Rock
16. an-Nahl: The Bee
17. bani Isra'il: The Israelites
18. al-Kahf: The Cave
19. Maryam: Mary
20. Ta Ha: Ta Ha
21. al-Anbiya': The Prophets
22. al-Hajj: The Pilgrimage
23. al-Mu'minun: The Believers
24. an-Nur: The Light
25. al-Furqan: The Criterion
26. ash-Shu`ara': The Poets
27. an-Naml: The Ant
28. al-Qasas: The Narrative
29. al-`Ankabut: The Spider
30. ar-Rum: The Romans
31. Luqman: Lukman
32. as-Sajdah: The Adoration
33. al-Ahzab: The Allies
34. Saba': Sheba
35. al-Fatir: The Creator
36. Ya Sin: Ya Sin
37. as-Saffat: The Rangers
38. Sad: Sad
39. az-Zumar: The Companies
40. al-Mu'min: The Forgiving One
41. Ha Mim Sajdah: Revelations Well Expounded
42. ash-Shura: The Counsel
43. az-Zukhruf: The Embellishment
44. ad-Dukhan: The Evident Smoke
45. al-Jathiyah: The Kneeling
46. al-Ahqaf: The Sandhills
47. Muhammad: Muhammad
48. al-Fath: The Victory
49. al-Hujurat: The Chambers
50. Qaf: Qaf
51. adh-Dhariyat: The Scatterers
52. at-Tur: The Mountain
53. an-Najm: The Star
54. al-Qamar: The Moon
55. ar-Rahman: The Merciful
56. al-Waqi`ah: That Which is Coming
57. al-Hadid: The Iron
58. al-Mujadilah: She Who Pleaded
59. al-Hashr: The Exile
60. al-Mumtahanah: She Who is Tested
61. as-Saff: The Ranks
62. al-Jumu`ah: The Day of Congregation
63. al-Munafiqun: The Hypocrites
64. at-Taghabun: The Cheating
65. at-Talaq: The Divorce
66. at-Tahrim: The Prohibition
67. al-Mulk: The Kingdom
68. al-Qalam: The Pen
69. al-Haqqah: The Inevitable
70. al-Ma`arij: The Ladders
71. Nuh: Noah
72. al-Jinn: The Jinn
73. al-Muzammil: The Mantled One
74. al-Mudathir: The Clothed One
75. al-Qiyamah: The Resurrection
76. ad-Dahr: The Man
77. al-Mursalat: The Emissaries
78. an-Naba': The Tidings
79. an-Nazi`at: Those Who Pull Out
80. `Abasa: He Frowned
81. at-Takwir: The Cessation
82. al-Infitar: The Cleaving Asunder
83. at-Tatfif: The Defrauders
84. al-Inshiqaq: The Rending
85. al-Buruj: the Constellations
86. at-Tariq: The Night-Comer
87. al-A`la: The Most High
88. al-Ghashiya: The Overwhelming Calamity
89. al-Fajr: The Dawn
90. al-Balad: The City
91. ash-Shams: The Sun
92. al-Layl: The Night
93. ad-Duha: The Early Hours
94. al-Inshirah: The Expansion
95. at-Tin: The Fig
96. al-`Alaq: The Clot
97. al-qadr: The Majesty
98. al-Bayyinah: The Proof
99. al-Zilzal: The Shaking
100. al-`Adiyat: The Assaulters
101. al-Qari`ah: The Terrible Calamity
102. at-Takathur: Worldly Gain
103. al-`Asr: Time
104. al-Humazah: The Slanderer
105. al-Fil: The Elephant
106. al-Quraysh: The Quraish
107. al-Ma`un: The Daily Necessaries
108. al-Kauthar: Abundance
109. al-Kafirun: The Unbelievers
110. an-Nasr: The Help
111. al-Lahab: The Flame
112. al-Ikhlas: The Unity
113. al-Falaq: The Daybreak
114. an-Nas: The Men



Surah 1. Al Fatihah # Al Hamad

Surah 9. Al Tobah # Al Barat

Surah 17. Bani Israel # Al Isra

Surah 35. Al Malaika # Al Fatir

Surah 40. Al Mumin # Al Ghafir

Surah 41. Fusilat # Ha Mim Sajda

Surah 68. Al Qalam # Nun

Surah 76. Al Dahr # Al Insan

Surah 83. Al Tatfif # Al Mutafifin

Surah 96. Al Alaq # Al Iqra

Surah 97. Al Qadr # Ina an Zalna

Surah 106. Al Shita # Quraish

Surah 111. Al Masad # Lahab # Tabat

Surah 112. Al Tauhid # Al Ikhlas # Al Samad



# Mysterious Characters

2:1 Alif. Lam. Mim.
3:1 Alif. Lam.Mim.
7:1 Alif. Lam. Mim. Sad.
10:1 Alif. Lam. Ra. These are the verses of the Book of Wisdom.
11:1 Alif. Lam. Ra. Book with basic verses exapled by One who is Wise Aware.
12:1 Alif. Lam. Ra. These are the verses of the Perspicuous Book.

13:1 Alif. Lam. Mim. Ra. These are the verses of the Book which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord is the Truth; but most men believe not.

14:1 Alif. Lam. Ra. A Book which We have revealed to you so that you may lead mankind from the depths of darkness into light by the leave of their Lord to the Way Exalted in Power, Worthy of all Praise.

15:1 Alif. Lam. Ra. These are the verses sent down of a Quran that makes things clear.

19:1 Kaf. Ha. Ya. Ain. Sad.
20:1 Ta. Ha.
26:1 Ta. Sin. Mim.
27:1 Ta. Sin. These are verses of the Quran, a Book that makes clear.
28:1 Ta. Sin. Mim.
29:1 Alif. Lam. Mim.
30:1 Alif. Lam. Mim.
31:1 Alif. Lam. Mim.
32:1 Alif. Lam. Mim.
36:1 Ya. Sin.
38:1 Sad. By the Quran, full of Admonition.
40:1 Ha. Mim.
41:1 Ha. Mim.
42:1 Ha. Mim;
42:2 Ain. Sin. Qaf.
43:1 Ha. Mim.
44:1 Ha. Mim.
45:1 Ha. Mim.
46:1 Ha. Mim.
50:1 Qaf. By the Glorious Quran.
68:1 Nun. By the Pen and that by which they write.


Alternatives Titles:

* Al Fatihah - [The Opening] Start, Initiation
* Al Baqarah - [The Cow]
* Ale Imran - [Family of Imran] The Descendents of Imran
* Al Nisa - [The Women] The Females, The Ladies
* Al Maidah - [The Table Spread]
* Al Anam - [The Cattle] Livestock
* Al Araf - [The Heights] The Hill
* Al Anfall - [The Spoils of War] The War Booty
* Al Tobah - [Repentence]

* Yunus - [Jonah]
* Hud - [Hud]
* Yusuf - [Joseph]
* Al Rad - [The Thunder]
* Ibrahim - [Abraham]
* Al Hijr - [ Al Hijr]
* Al Nahl - [The Bee]
* Bani Israel - [Children of Israel] The Jews, Israelites
* Al Kahf - [The Cave]
* Maryam - [Mary]

* Ta Ha - [Ta Ha]
* Al Anbiya - [The Prophets]
* Al Hajj - [The Pilgrimage]
* Al Muminun - [The Believers] The Faithful
* Al Nur - [The Light]
* Al Furqan - [The Criterion] The Standard
* Al Shuara - [The Poets]
* Al Naml - [The Ant]
* Al Qasas - [The Story]
* Al Ankaboot - [The Spider]

* Al Rum - [The Romans]
* Luqman - [Luqman]
* Al Sajdah - [The Prostration]
* Al Ahzab - [The Clans] The Allies
* Saba - [Saba] Sheba
* Al Malaika - [The Angels]
* Al Ya Sin - [Ya Sin]
* Al Saffat - [Rank Setters]
* Saad - [Saad]
* Al Zumar - [The Troops] The Soldiers

* Al Mumin - [The Believer]
* Fusilat - [Fusilat]
* Al Shura - [The Council] The Cabinet
* Al Zukhruf - [Gold Ornaments] Jewellery
* Al Dukhan - [Smoke]
* Al Jathiya - [Crouching]
* Al Ahqaf - [Wind Curving Sandhills] Sand dunes
* Muhammad - [Muhammad]
* Al Fath - [The Victory] The Triumph
* Al Hujurat - [Private Apartments] The Bedrooms

* Qaf - [Qaf]
* Al Dhariyat - [Winnowing Winds]
* Al Tur - [The Mount] The Hill
* Al Najam - [The Star]
* Al Qamar - [The Moon]
* Al Rahman - [The Beneficent]
* Al Waqiah - [The Event] The Incident
* Al Hadid - [The Iron]
* Al Mujadila - [Disputing Women] Nagging Women
* Al Hashr - [Exile]

* Al Mutmahana - [Woman who needs Examining]
* Al Saff - [ The Ranks]
* Al Juma - [The Congregation] Friday
* Al Munafiqun - [The Hypocrites]
* Al Taghabun - [Mutual Dissillusion] Brainwashing
* Al Talaq - [The Divorce]
* Al Tahrim - [The Banning] The Prophibition
* Al Mulk - [The Sovereignty]
* Al Qalam - [The Pen]
* Al Haqah - [The Reality] The Fact

* Al Maarij - [The Ascending Stairways] Ladder Upwards
* Nuh - [Noah]
* Al Jin - [The Jin] The Spirits, Ghosts
* Al Muzammil - [The Enshrouded One] The Wrapped
* Al Mudassir - [The Cloaked One] The Hidden Invisible
* Al Qiyamah - [The Rising of Dead] Dawn of the Dead
* Al Dahr - [The Time]
* Al Mursalat - [The Emissaries] The Ambassadors, Envoys
* Al Naba - [The Tidings] The News
* Al Naziat [Those who Drag Forth]

* Abasa [He Frowned]
* Al Takwir [The Overthrowing] The Toppling
* Al Infitar [The Cleaving] The Tearing
* Al Tatfif [The Defrauding]
* Al Inshiqaq [The Sundering]
* Al Buruj [The Mansions of Stars] The Galaxies
* Al Ala [The Most High]
* Al Ghashiya [The Overwhelming]
* Al Fajr [The Dawn] Sunrise

* Al Balad [The City]
* Al Shams [The Sun]
* Al Leyl [The Night] The Darkness
* Al Duha [The Morning Hours] Dawn
* Al Inshira [The Solace]
* Al Tin [The Fig]
* Al Alaq [The Clot]
* Al Qadr [The Power] Destiny
* Al Bayyinah [The Clear Proof]
* Al Zilzal [The Earthquake]

* Al Adiyat [The Coursers]
* Al Qariya [The Calamity]
* Al Takasur [Rivalry in Worldy Increase] Material Competition
* Al Asr [The Declining Day] Final Period, End of Days
* Al Humaza [The Traducer]
* Al Feel [The Elephant]
* Al Shita [The Winter]
* Al Maun [Small Kindness] Little Generosity
* Al Kauthar [The Abundance] Fountain of Paradise
* Al Kafirun [The Disbelievers]

* Al Nasr [The Succour] Help, Assistance
* Al Masad [Palm Fibre]
* Al Tauhid [The Unity]
* Al Falaq [The Daybreak]
* Al Nas [The Mankind] Humanity, People


# Earliest Surahs of the Koran

This is a chronological order of the first chapters revealed in Mecca:

1 Alaq 96
2 Qalam 68
3 Muzammil 73
4 Mudathir 74
5 Fatiha 1
6 Masad 111
7 Takweer 81
8 Ala 87
9 Leyl 92
10 Fajer 89
11 Dhuha 93
12 Sharh 94
13 Asr 103
14 Adiyat 100
15 Kauthar 108
16 Takathur 102
17 Maon 107
18 Kafiroon 109
19 Feel 105
20 Falaq 113
21 Nas 114
22 Ikhlas 112
23 Najam 53
24 Abasa 80
25 Qader 97
26 Shams 91
27 Bhruj 85
28 Teen 95
29 Quraish 106
30 Qariya 101
31 Qiyama 75
32 Humaza 104
33 Mursalat 77
34 Qaaf 50
35 Balad 90
36 Tariq 86
37 Qamer 54
38 Saad 38
39 Araf 7
40 Jinn 72
41 Yaseen 36
42 Furqan 25
43 Fatir 35
44 Maryam 19
45 Taha 20
46 Waqiah 56
47 Shuara 26
48 Namal 27
49 Qasas 28
50 Isra 17
51 Yunus 10
52 Hood 11
53 Yusaf 12
54 Hijer 15
55 Anam 6
56 Saffat 37
57 Luqman 31
58 Saba 34
59 Zamar 39
60 Ghafer a 40
61 Fazilat 41
62 Shura 42
63 Zukhruf 43
64 Dukhan 44
65 Jathiyah 45
66 Ahqaf 46
67 Dhariyat 51
68 Ghashiya 88
69 Kaf 18
70 Nahal 16
71 Noah 71
72 Ibhrahim 14
73 Anbiya 21
74 Mominoon 23
75 Sajda 32
76 Tur 52
77 Mulk 67
78 Haqa 69
79 Mareg 70
80 Naba 78
81 Naziat 79
82 Infitar 82
83 Inshiqaq 84
84 Room 30
85 Ankabut 29
86 Motafefin 83


Surah Titles by Muhammad Ali

Translation by Maulana Muhammad Ali (1917)

Al-Fatihah (The Opening)
Al-Baqarah (The Cow)
Al-Imran (The Family of Amran)
An-Nisa (The Women)
Maidah (The Food)
Al-Anam (The Cattle)
Al-Araf (The Elevated Places)
Al-Anfal (Voluntary Gifts)
Al-Baraat (The Immunity)
Al-Yunus (Jonah)
Al-Hud (Hud)
Al-Yusuf (Joseph)
Al-Rad (The Thunder)
Al-Ibrahim (Abraham)
Al-Hijr (The Rock)
Al-Nahl (The Bee)
Bani Israil (The Israelites)
Al-Kahf (The Cave)
Al-Maryam (Mary)
Ta Ha (Ta Ha)
Al-Anbiya (The Prophets)
Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage)
Al-Muminun (The Believers)
An-Nur (The Light)
Al-Furqan (The Discrimination)
Al-Shuara (The Poets)
Al-Naml (The Naml)
Al-Qasas (The Narrative)
Al-Ankabut (The Spider)
Ar-Rum (The Romans)
Luqman (Luqman)
Al-Sajdah (The Adoration)
Al-Ahzab (The Allies)
Al-Saba (The Saba)
Al-Fatir (The Originator)
Ya Sin (Ya Sin)
Al-Saffat (Those Ranging in Ranks)
Sad (Sad)
Az-Zumar (The Companies)
Al-Mumin (The Believer)
Ha Mim (Ha Mim)
Ash-Shura (Counsel)
Az-Zukhruf (Gold)
Ad-Dukhan (The Drought)
Al-Jathiyah (The Kneeling)
Al-Ahqaf (The Sandhills)
Muhammad (Muhammad)
Al-Fath (The Victory)
Al-Hujurat (The Apartments)
Qaf (Qaf)
Al-Dhariyat (The Scatterers)
At-Tur (The Mountain)
An-Najm (The Star)
Al-Qamar (The Moon)
Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent)
Al-Waqiah (The Event)
Al-Hadid (Iron)
Al-Mujadilah (The Pleading Woman)
Al-Hashr (The Banishment)
Al-Mumtahanah (The Woman who is Examined)
As-Saff (The Ranks)
Al-Jumuah (The Congregation)
Al-Munafiqun (The Hypocrites)
At-Taghabun (The Manifestation of Losses)
At-Talaq (Divorce)
At-Tahrim (The Prohibition)
Al-Mulk (The Kingdom)
Al-Qalam (The Pen)
Al-Haqqah (The Sure Truth)
Al-Maarij (The Ways of Ascent)
Nuh (Noah)
Al-Jinn (The Jinn)
Al-Muzzammil (The One Covering Himself)
Al-Muddaththir (The One Wrapping Himself Up)
Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection)
Al-Insan (The Man)
Al-Mursalat (Those Sent Forth)
An-Naba (The Announcement)
An-Naziat (Those Who Yearn)
Abasa (He Frowned)
At-Takwir (The Folding Up)
Al-Infitar (The Cleaving)
At-Tatfif (Default in Duty)
Al-Inshiqaq (The Bursting Asunder)
Al-Buruj (The Stars)
At-Tariq (The Comer by Night)
Al-Ala (The Most High)
Al-Ghashiyah (The Overwhelming Event)
Al-Fajr (The Daybreak)
Al-Balad (The City)
Ash-Shams (The Sun)
Al-Lail (The Night)
Ad-Duha (The Brightness of the Day)
Al-Inshirah (The Expansion)
At-Tin (The Fig)
Al-Alaq (The Clot)
Al-Qadr (The Majesty)
Al-Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence)
Al-Zilzal (The Shaking)
Al-Adiyat (The Assaulters)
Al-Qariah (The Calamity)
At-Takathur (The Abundance of Wealth)
Al-Asr (The Time)
Al-Humazah (The Slanderer)
Al-Fil (The Elephant)
Al-Quraish (The Quraish)
Al-Maun (Acts of Kindness)
Al-Kauthar (The Abundance of Good)
Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers)
An-Nasr (The Help)
Al-Lahab (The Flame)
Al-Ikhlas (The Unity)
Al-Falaq (The Dawn)
An-Nas (The Men)


Surah titles by Yusuf Ali (1934)

1. Al-Fatiha (The Opening)
2. Al-Baqara (The Heifer)
3. Al-i-Imran (The Family of 'Imran, The House of 'Imran)
4. An-Nisa (Women)
5. Al-Maeda (The Repast)
6. Al-Anaam (Cattle, Livestock)
7. Al-Araf (The Heights)
8. Al-Anfal (Spoils Of War, Booty)
9. At-Taubah (Repentance)
10. Yunus (Jonah)
11. Hud (Hud)
12. Yusuf (Joseph)
13. Ar-Rad (The Thunder)
14. Ibrahim (Abraham)
15. Al-Hijr (Stoneland, Rock City)
16. An-Nahl (The Bee)
17. Al-Isra (The Night Journey)
18. Al-Kahf (The Cave)
19. Maryam (Mary)
20. Taha (Ta-ha)
21. Al-Ambiya (The Prophets)
22. Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage)
23. Al-Mumenoon (The Believers)
24. An-Noor (Light)
25. Al-Furqan (The Criterion)
26. Ash-Shuara (The Poets)
27. An-Naml (The Ants)
28. Al-Qasas (The Story, Stories)
29. Al-Ankaboot (The Spider)
30. Ar-Room (The Romans)
31. Luqman (Luqman)
32. As-Sajda (The Prostration)
33. Al-Ahzab (The Clans)
34. Saba (Sheba)
35. Fatir (The Angels, Originator)
36. Ya-Sin (Ya-sin)
37. As-Saaffat (Those Who Set the Ranks)
38. Sad (The Letter Sad)
39. Az-Zumar (The Troops, Throngs)
40. Al-Ghafir (The Forgiver)
41. Fussilat (Signs Spelled Out)
42. Ash-Shura (Counsel)
43. Az-Zukhruf (Ornaments of Gold, Luxury)
44. Ad-Dukhan (Smoke)
45. Al-Jathiya (Crouching)
46. Al-Ahqaf (The Dunes)
47. Muhammad (Muhammad)
48. Al-Fath (Victory, Conquest)
49. Al-Hujraat (The Private Apartments)
50. Qaf (The Letter Qaf)
51. Adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds)
52. At-Tur (The Mount)
53. An-Najm (The Star)
54. Al-Qamar (The Moon)
55. Al-Rahman (The Beneficent)
56. Al-Waqia (The Inevitable)
57. Al-Hadid (Iron)
58. Al-Mujadila (She that Disputeth)
59. Al-Hashr (Exile, Banishment)
60. Al-Mumtahina (She that Is Examined)
61. As-Saff (The Ranks)
62. Al-Jumua (The Congregation)
63. Al-Munafiqoon (The Hypocrites)
64. At-Taghabun (Mutual Disillusion)
65. At-Talaq (Divorce)
66. At-Tahrim (Banning)
67. Al-Mulk (The Sovereignty)
68. Al-Qalam (The Pen)
69. Al-Haaqqa (The Reality)
70. Al-Maarij (The Ascending Stairways)
71. Nooh (Noah)
72. Al-Jinn (The Jinn)
73. Al-Muzzammil (The Enshrouded One)
74. Al-Muddathir (The Cloaked One)
75. Al-Qiyama (Resurrection)
76. Al-Insan (Man)
77. Al-Mursalat (The Emissaries)
78. An-Naba (The Tidings)
79. An-Naziat (Those Who Drag Forth)
80. Abasa (He Frowned)
81. At-Takwir (The Overthrowing)
82. Al-Infitar (The Cleaving)
83. Al-Mutaffifin (Defrauding)
84. Al-Inshiqaq (The Sundering)
85. Al-Burooj (The Constellations)
86. At-Tariq (The Morning Star)
87. Al-Ala (The Most High)
88. Al-Ghashiya (The Overwhelming)
89. Al-Fajr (The Dawn)
90. Al-Balad (The City)
91. Ash-Shams (The Sun)
92. Al-Lail (The Night)
93. Ad-Dhuha (The Morning Hours)
94. Al-Inshirah (Consolation)
95. At-Tin (The Fig)
96. Al-Alaq (The Clot)
97. Al-Qadr (Power, Fate)
98. Al-Bayyina (The Clear Evidence)
99. Al-Zalzala (The Earthquake)
100. Al-Adiyat (The Chargers)
101. Al-Qaria (The Calamity)
102. At-Takathur (Competition)
103. Al-Asr (The Declining Day)
104. Al-Humaza (The Gossipmonger)
105. Al-Fil (The Elephant)
106. Quraish (Winter, Quraysh)
107. Al-Maun (Small Kindnesses)
108. Al-Kauther (Abundance)
109. Al-Kafiroon (The Disbelievers)
110. An-Nasr (Divine Support)
111. Al-Masadd (The Twisted Rope, The Flame)
112. Al-Ikhlas (The Purity of Faith)
113. Al-Falaq (The Daybreak, Dawn)
114. An-Nas (Mankind)



Some chapters [BOLDED #] have alternative names.

[1.]# Al Fatihah - [The Opening] Start, Initiation. The Beginning.
Al Hamad – Glory. The Praise. Honour.

[2.] Al Baqarah - [The Cow]

[3.] Ale Imran - [Family of Imran] The Imrans. Descendents of Imran. Lineage of Imran. Clan of Imran. Tribe of Imran.

[4.] Al Nisa - [The Women] The Girls. The Females, The Ladies.

[5.] Al Maidah - [The Table Spread] The Dinner Table.

[6.] Al Anam - [The Cattle] Livestock.

[7.] Al Araf - [The Heights] The Hills. High Places.

[8.] Al Anfall - [The Spoils of War] The Booty. Loot.

[9.]# Al Tobah - [Repentence. Confession].
Al Barat – Immunity. The Amnesty.

[10.] Yunus - [Jonah]

[11.] Hud - [Hud]

[12.] Yusuf - [Joseph]

[13.] Al Rad - [The Thunder]. Rainstorm. Hurricane.

[14.] Ibrahim - [Abraham]

[15.] Al Hijr - [ Al Hijr] Stone. Rock.

[16.] Al Nahl - [The Bee]

[17.]# Bani Israel - [Children of Israel] The Jews, Israelites. Hebrews.
Al Isra – Night Travel. Night Ascension

[18.] Al Kahf - [The Cave]

[19.] Maryam - [Mary] Holy Mary.

[20.] Ta Ha - [Ta Ha] T.H.

[21.] Al Anbiya - [The Prophets]. Ambassadors. Envoys. Ministers. Representatives.

[22.] Al Hajj - [The Pilgrimage]

[23.] Al Muminun - [The Believers] The Faithful. Loyalists.

[24.] Al Nur - [The Light] Shinning.

[25.] Al Furqan - [The Criterion] The Standard. True Scale.

[26.] Al Shuara - [The Poets] Philosophers.

[27.] Al Naml - [The Ant]

[28.] Al Qasas - [The Story] Tale.

[29.] Al Ankaboot - [The Spider]

[30.] Al Rum - [The Romans] Greeks. Italians. Europeans. Caucasians.

[31.] Luqman - [Luqman]

[32.] Al Sajdah - [The Prostration] Bowing Down. Bending. Submitting. Surrendering to God. Submission.

[33.] Al Ahzab - [The Clans] The Allies. Coalition.

[34.] Saba - [Saba] Sheba. Yemen.

[35.]# Al Malaika - [The Angels]
Al Fatir – Originator. Creator. Designer. Shaper. Producer.

[36.] Ya Sin - [Ya Seen] Y.S.

[37.] Al Saffat - [Rank Setters] Rangers. Platoons.

[38.] Saad - [Saad] S.

[39.] Al Zumar - [The Troops] The Soldiers. Troops. Forces. Military. Army.

[40.]# Al Mumin - [The Believer] Faithful. Loyalist.
Al Ghafir – Forgiver. Lenient. Merciful. Kind.

[41.]# Fusilat - [Fusilat] Special. Distinguished.
Ha Mim Sajda – Ha Meem Bowing Down. H.M. Bending. HM Prostration. H.M. Submission to God.

[42.] Al Shura - [The Council] The Cabinet. Assembly.

[43.] Al Zukhruf - [Gold Ornaments] Jewellery. Makeup. Decorations.

[44.] Al Dukhan - [Smoke]

[45.] Al Jathiya - [Crouching] Bending. Hobbling.

[46.] Al Ahqaf - [Wind Curving Sand hills] Sand Dunes. Desert Sands. Dunes.

[47.] Muhammad - [Muhammad] Praised. Honoured.

[48.] Al Fath - [The Victory] The Triumph. Conquest.

[49.] Al Hujurat - [Private Apartments] The Bedrooms. Rooms. Quarters. Flats.

[50.] Qaf - [Qaf] K. Kaf. Q.

[51.] Al Dhariyat - [Winnowing Winds] Gusts. Gales. Tornado. Hurricanes.

[52.] Al Tur - [The Mount] The Hill. Mountain.

[53.] Al Najam - [The Star] Supernova.

[54.] Al Qamar - [The Moon] Crescent.

[55.] Al Rahman - [The Beneficent] Kind. Father. Rahman.

[56.] Al Waqiah - [The Event] The Incident. Situation. Horror. Happening.

[57.] Al Hadid - [The Iron] Metal. Alloy.

[58.] Al Mujadila - [Disputing Women] Nagging Women. Nag. Annoying Lady.

[59.] Al Hashr - [Exile] Bannishing

[60.] Al Mutmahana - [Woman who needs Examining] Safe Women. Checked Lady. Crying Female. Mourning Girl.

[61.] Al Saff - [ The Ranks] Files. Degrees. Hierarchy.

[62.] Al Juma - [The Congregation] Friday. Holy Day. Day of Gathering. Pray Day. Adoration Day.

[63.] Al Munafiqun - [The Hypocrites]. Liars. Two Faced. Deceivers. Politicians. Diplomats.

[64.] Al Taghabun - [Mutual Dissillusion] Brainwashing. Partners in Crime. Accomplices in Fraud. Fraudsters. Pack of Liars. Thieves.

[65.] Al Talaq - [The Divorce] Separation. Split. End of Marriage. End of Love.

[66.] Al Tahrim - [The Banning] The Prohibition. Outlawed. Illegal. Banned.

[67.] Al Mulk - [The Sovereignty] Empire. Reign. Control. Rule.

[68.]# Al Qalam - [The Pen] Pencil. Printer. Styles. Writing Material.
Nun – Noon. N.

[69.] Al Haqah - [The Reality] The Fact. Certainty. Reality. Inevitable. Unavoidable. Inescapable. Proof. Evidence. Surety. Real. The Truth. Guaranteed.

[70.] Al Maarij - [The Ascending Stairways] Ladder Upwards. Elevators. Lifts. Upstairs. Roads of Ascension. Ways of Going up.

[71.] Nuh - [Noah]. Nu. Noo. Ship Builder. Ark Captain.

[72.] Al Jin - [The Jin] The Spirits, Ghosts. Creatures. Aliens. E.T. Jinns.

[73.] Al Muzammil - [The Enshrouded One] The Wrapped. Clothed. Shawl or Shroud Wearer. Chadared.

[74.] Al Mudassir - [The Cloaked One] The Hidden Invisible. Robe Wearer. Mantled. Veiled.

[75.] Al Qiyamah - [The Rising of Dead] Dawn of the Dead. Judgement Day. Dead Rising. Returning. Reincarnation.

[76.]# Al Dahr - [The Time] Age. Period. Era.
Al Insan – Human. Person. Man. Homo sapiens

[77.] Al Mursalat - [The Emissaries] The Ambassadors, Envoys. Representatives. News Bearers. Reporters.

[78.] Al Naba - [The Tidings] The News. Report. Pronouncement. Proclamation. Declaration.

[79.] Al Naziat [Those who Drag Forth]. Pullers. Extractors.

[80.] Abasa [He Frowned] Sneerer. Frowner. Looked Down upon. Critic.

[81.] Al Takwir [The Overthrowing] The Toppling. Closing Down. Replacement. Shutting. Locking up. Ending.

[82.] Al Infitar [The Cleaving] The Tearing. Smashing.

[83.]# Al Tatfif [The Defrauding].
Al Mutafifin - Fraudsters. Conmen. Thieves.

[84.] Al Inshiqaq [The Sundering] Exploding. Detonating. Blowing Up. Big Bang.

[85.] Al Buruj [The Mansions of Stars] The Galaxies. Nebula. Group of Stars.

[86.] Al Tariq [Bright Star.] Night Star. Dawn Star. Visiting Star.

[87.] Al Ala [The Most High] Supreme. Highest. Greatest. Mightiest. King.

[88.] Al Ghashiya [The Overwhelming] Over taker. Defeater. Crusher.

[89.] Al Fajr [The Dawn] Sunrise. Morning. New Day.

[90.] Al Balad [The City] Town. Area. Village. Estate. Land.

[91.] Al Shams [The Sun] Star.

[92.] Al Leyl [The Night] The Darkness.

[93.] Al Duha [The Morning Hours] Dawn. Sun up. Morn.

[94.] Al Inshira [The Solace] Inflate. Comfort. Support. Help.

[95.] Al Tin [The Fig] Fig tree.

[96.]# Al Alaq [The Clot] Clinger. Sticker. Bonder.
Al Iqra – Read. Recite. Utter.

[97.]# Al Qadr [The Power] Sovereignty. Majesty. Destiny. Fate. Measure. Decision. Control. Force.
Inna An Zalna – Revelation. Sent Down. Given. Granted.

[98.] Al Bayyinah [The Clear Proof] Proof. Sign. Clue. Evidence. Guarantee.

[99.] Al Zilzal [The Earthquake] Trembling. Shaking. Quake.

[100.] Al Adiyat [The Coursers] Smashers. Runners. Strikers.

[101.] Al Qariya [The Calamity] Horror. Terror. Massacre.

[102.] Al Takasur [Rivalry in Worldy Increase] Material Competition. Rat Race. Hoarding. Capitalism. Materialism. Secularism. Worldliness. Competition.

[103.] Al Asr [The Declining Day] Final Period, End of Days. Period. Afternoon. Time. End Time.

[104.] Al Humaza [The Traducer] Gossiper. Envier. Accuser. Liar.

[105.] Al Feel [The Elephant]

[106.]# Al Shita [The Winter] Freezing.
Quraish – Tribe. Korash. Pagans.

[107.] Al Maun [Small Kindness] Little Generosity. No Kindness. Scrooges. No Giving.

[108.] Al Kauthar [The Abundance] Fountain of Paradise. Lady Coser. Fountain. Spring. Plenty. Richness. Wealth. Treasure.

[109.] Al Kafirun [The Disbelievers] Rejecters. Deniers. Liars. Kafirs. Unbelievers.

[110.] Al Nasr [The Succour] Help, Assistance. Aid. Support. Intervention.

[111.]# Al Masad [Palm Fibre] Rope. Noose.
Lahab – Flame.
Tabat - Die Perish. Destroyed.

[112.]# Al Tauhid [The Unity] One. Monotheism. Oneness.
Al Ikhlas – Purity. Sincerity. Cleanliness.
Al Samad – Absolute. Eternal.

[113.] Al Falaq [The Daybreak] Dawn. Sky. Heavens. Atmosphere.

[114.] Al Nas [The Mankind] Humanity, People. Males. Humans. Men. World. Societies. Civilisations.


Chapters of Quran

Palmer edition [1880]

I. The Opening Chapter
II. The Chapter of the Heifer
III. The Chapter of Imrân's Family
IV. The Chapter of Women
V. The Chapter of the Table
VI. The Chapter of Cattle
VII. The Chapter of Al Aarâf
VIII. The Chapter of the Spoils
IX. The Chapter of Repentance or Immunity
X. The Chapter of Jonah
XI. The Chapter of Hûd
XII. The Chapter of Joseph
XIII. The Chapter of Thunder
XIV. The Chapter of Abraham
XV. The Chapter of El ‘Hagr
XVI. The Chapter of the Bee
XVII. The Chapter of the Night Journey
XVIII. The Chapter of the Cave
XIX. The Chapter of Mary
XX. The Chapter of T. H.
XXI. The Chapter of the Prophets
XXII. The Chapter of the Pilgrimage
XXIII. The Chapter of Believers
XXIV. The Chapter of Light
The Chapter of the Discrimination
XXVI. The Chapter of the Poets
XXVII. The Chapter of the Ant
XXVIII. The Chapter of the Story
XXIX. The Chapter of the Spider
XXX. The Chapter of the Greeks
XXXI. The Chapter of Loqmân
XXXII. The Chapter of Adoration
XXXIII. The Chapter of the Confederates
XXXIV. The Chapter of Sebâ
XXXV. The Chapter of the Angels
XXXVI. The Chapter of Y. S.
XXXVII. The Chapter of the 'Ranged.'
XXXVIII. The Chapter of S
XXXIX. The Chapter of the Troops
XL. The Chapter Of The Believer
XLI. The Chapter 'Detailed.'
XLII. The Chapter of Counsel
XLIII. The Chapter of Gilding
XLIV. The Chapter of Smoke
XLV. The Chapter of the Kneeling
XLVI. The Chapter of El A‘hqâf
XLVII. The Chapter of Mohammed, Also Called Fight
XLVIII. The Chapter of Victory
XLIX. The Chapter of the Inner Chambers
L. The Chapter of Q
LI. The Chapter of the Scatterers
LII. The Chapter of the Mount
LIII. The Chapter of the Star
LIV. The Chapter of the Moon
LV. The Chapter of the Merciful
LVI. The Chapter of the Inevitable
LVII. The Chapter of Iron
LVIII. The Chapter of the Wrangler
LIX. The Chapter of the Emigration
LX. The Chapter of the Tried
LXI. The Chapter of the Ranks
LXII. The Chapter of the Congregation
LXIII. The Chapter of the Hypocrites
LXIV. The Chapter of Cheating
LXV. The Chapter of Divorce
LXVI. The Chapter of Prohibition
LXVII. The Chapter of the Kingdom
LXVIII. The Chapter of the Pen
LXIX. The Chapter of the Infallible
LXX. The Chapter of the Ascents
LXXI. The Chapter of Noah
LXXII. The Chapter of the Ginn
LXXIII. The Chapter of the Enwrapped
LXXIV. The Chapter of the 'Covered'
LXXV. The Chapter of the Resurrection
LXXVI. The Chapter of Man
LXXVII. The Chapter of Those Sent
LXXVIII. The Chapter of the Information
LXXIX. The Chapter of Those Who Tear Out
LXXX. The Chapter 'He Frowned.'
LXXXI. The Chapter of the Folding Up
LXXXII. The Chapter of the Cleaving Asunder
LXXXIII. The Chapter of Those Who Give Short Weight
LXXXIV. The Chapter of the Rending Asunder
LXXXV. The Chapter of the Zodiacal Signs
LXXXVI. The Chapter of the Night Star
LXXXVII. The Chapter of the Most High
LXXXVIII. The Chapter of the Overwhelming
LXXXIX. The Chapter of the Dawn
XC. The Chapter of the Land
XCI. The Chapter of the Sun
XCII. The Chapter of the Night
XCIII. The Chapter of the Forenoon
Chapter XCIV. The Chapter of 'Have We Not Expanded?'
XCV. The Chapter of the Fig
XCVI. The Chapter of Congealed Blood
XCVII. The Chapter of Power
XCVIII. The Chapter of the Manifest Sign
XCIX. The Chapter of the Earthquake
C. The Chapter of the Chargers
CI. The Chapter of the Smiting
CII. The Chapter of the Contention about Numbers
CIII. The Chapter of the Afternoon
CIV. The Chapter of the Backbiter
CV. The Chapter of the Elephant
CVI. The Chapter of the Qurâis
CVII. The Chapter Of 'Necessaries.'
CVIII. The Chapter of El KâuTHar
CIX. The Chapter of Misbelievers
CX. The Chapter of Help
CXI. The Chapter of Abu Laheb
CXII. The Chapter of Unity
CXIII. The Chapter of the Daybreak
CXIV. The Chapter of Men


Chapter Titles by George Sale [1734]

Chapter I - Preface

Chapter II - the Cow

Chapter III - the Family of Imran

Chapter IV - Women

Chapter V - the Table

Chapter VI - Cattle

Chapter VII - Al Araf

Chapter VIII - the Spoils

Chapter IX - Declaration of Immunity

Chapter X - Jonas

Chapter XI - Hud

Chapter XII - Joseph

Chapter XIII - Thunder

Chapter XIV - Abraham

Chapter XV - Al Hejr

Chapter XVI - the Bee

Chapter XVII - the Night-Journey

Chapter XVIII - the Cave

Chapter XIX - Mary

Chapter XX - T.H.

Chapter XXI - the Prophets

Chapter XXII - the Pilgrimage

Chapter XXIII - the True Believers

Chapter XXIV - Light

Chapter XXV - al Forkan

Chapter XXVI - the Poets

Chapter XXVII - the Ant

Chapter XXVIII - the Story

Chapter XXIX - the Spider

Chapter XXX - the Greeks

Chapter XXXI - Lokman

Chapter XXXII - Adoration

Chapter XXXIII - the Confederates

Chapter XXXIV - Saba

Chapter XXXV - the Creator

Chapter XXXVI - Y. S.

Chapter XXXVII - Those who Rank

Chapter XXXVIII - S

Chapter XXXIX - the Troops

Chapter XL - the True Believer

Chapter XLI - Are Distinctly Explained

Chapter XLII - Consultation

Chapter XLIII - Ornaments of Gold

Chapter XLIV - Smoke

Chapter XLV - the Kneeling

Chapter XLVI - Al Ahkaf

Chapter XLVII - Mohammed

Chapter XLVIII - the Victory

Chapter XLIX - the Inner Apartments

Chapter L - K

Chapter LI - the Dispersing

Chapter LII - the Mountain

Chapter LIII - the Star

Chapter LIV - the Moon

Chapter LV - the Merciful

Chapter LVI - the Inevitable

Chapter LVII - Iron

Chapter LVIII - She Who Disputed

Chapter LIX - the Emigration

Chapter LX - She who is Tried

Chapter LXI - Battle Array

Chapter LXII - the Assembly

Chapter LXIII - the Hypocrites

Chapter LXIV - Mutual Deceit

Chapter LXV - Divorce

Chapter LXVI - Prohibition

Chapter LXVII - the Kingdom

Chapter LXVIII - the Pen

Chapter LXIX - the Infallible

Chapter LXX - the Steps

Chapter LXXI - Noah

Chapter LXXII - the Genii

Chapter LXXIII - the Wrapped Up

Chapter LXXIV - the Covered

Chapter LXXV - the Resurrection

Chapter LXXVI - Man

Chapter LXXVII - Those Sent

Chapter LXXVIII - the News

Chapter LXXIX - Those who Tear Forth

Chapter LXXX - He Frowned

Chapter LXXXI -The Folding Up

Chapter LXXXII - the Cleaving

Chapter LXXXIII - Short Weight

Chapter LXXXIV - Rending in Sunder

Chapter LXXXV - the Celestial Signs

Chapter LXXXVI - the Star

Chapter LXXXVII - the Most High

Chapter LXXXVIII - the Overwhelming

Chapter LXXXIX - the Daybreak

Chapter XC - the Territory

Chapter XCI - the Sun

Chapter XCII - the Night

Chapter XCIII - the Brightness

Chapter XCIV - Have we not Opened

Chapter XCV - the Fig

Chapter XCVI - Congealed Blood

Chapter XCVII - Al Kadr

Chapter XCVIII - the Evidence

Chapter XCIX - the Earthquake

Chapter C - the War-horses

Chapter CI. - the Striking

Chapter CII - the Emulous Desire

Chapter CIII - the Afternoon

Chapter CIV - the Slanderer

Chapter CV - the Elephant

Chapter CVI - Koreish

Chapter CVII - Necessaries

Chapter CVIII - Al Cawthar

Chapter CIX - the Unbelievers

Chapter CX - Assistance

Chapter CXI - Abu Laheb

Chapter CXII - God's Unity

Chapter CXIII - the Daybreak

Chapter CXIV - Men


Chapter names by J.M. Rodwell [1861]

1 I
2 The Cow
3 Family of Imran
4 Women
5 The Table
6 Cattle
7 Al Araf
8 The Spoils
9 Immunity
10 Jonah, PUBH
11 Houd
12 Joseph, PUBH
13 Thunder
14 Abraham, PUBH
15 Hedjr
16 The Bee
17 The Night Journey
18 The Cave
19 Mary
20 TA. HA
21 The Prophets
22 The Pilgrimage
23 The Believers
24 Light
25 Al Furkan
26 The Poets
27 The Ant
28 The Story
29 The Spider
30 The Greeks
31 Lokman
32 Adoration
33 The Confederates
34 Saba
35 The Creator
36 YA. SIN.
37 The Ranks
38 SAD
39 The Troops
40 The Believer
41 The Made Plain
42 Counsel
43 Ornaments of Gold
44 Smoke
45 The Kneeling
46 Al Ahkaf
47 Muhammed
48 The Victory
49 The Apartments
50 Kaf
51 The Scattering
52 The Mountain
53 The Star
54 The Moon
55 The Merciful
56 The Event
57 Iron
58 She Who Pleaded
59 The Emigration
60 She Who is Tried
61 Battle Array
62 The Assembly
63 The Hypocrites
64 Mutual Deceit
65 Divorce
66 Forbidding
67 The Kingdom
68 The Pen
69 The Inevitable
70 The Steps
71 Noah
72 Djinn
73 The Enfolded
74 The Enwrapped
75 The Resurrection
76 Man
77 The Sent
78 The News
79 Those Who Drag
80 The Frowned
81 The Folded Up
82 The Cleaving
83 Those Who Stint
84 The Splitting
85 The Starry
86 The Night Comer
87 The Most High
88 The Overshadow
89 The Daybreak
90 The Soil
91 The Sun
92 The Night
93 The Brightnetss
94 The Opening
95 The Fig
96 Clots of Blood
97 Power
98 Clear Evidence
99 The Earthquake
100 The Chargers
101 The Blow
102 Desire
103 The Afternoon
104 The Backbiter
105 The Elephant
106 The Koreisch
107 Religion
108 Abundance
109 Unbelievers
110 Help
111 Abu Lahab
112 The Unity
113 The Daybreak
114 Men