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This internet page gives different English translations of the holy book of Islam.
What is the Quran, and what do Muslims believe about the Quran?

Koran, or Quran, is the very word of God that was spoken to Prophet Muhammad via Angel Gabriel. The Prophet told his scribes to write down the verses as they came down from Heaven. The Prophet began receiving the Koran at Mecca in AD 610. The final verses were given in the year 632. Prophet Mohammad died 3 months later. The whole book was sent down slowly to the Prophet; and it was completed after 23 years.

The Koran is a perfect word of God. It is the only book in existence that is pure and uncorrupted. The translations are not considered an exact word of God. Only true Quran is the one in the Arabic language. Translations convey only nearest meaning of the Divine Book.

Koran should be read regularly and properly. In words of one of its English translators, "Read, study, and digest the Holy Book. Read slowly, and let it sink into your heart and soul. Such study will, like virtue, be its own reward." - [Yusuf Ali, from the preface to the First Edition, 4 April, 1934]

On this website, we present the famous English translations of the Koran, such as Pickthall and Arberry. We also include other articles about the Holy Book.  

Words of the Quran are powerful. God Himself is speaking. His words have great effect on the readers. Many famous people have admired the Koran.

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2017 A.D. / 1438 A.H.

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