Yusuf Ali 3



By Abdullah Yusuf Ali [1934]

p. 1410

# Sūra L.


In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Qāf.
By the Glorious Qur-ān
(Thou art God's Apostle).
2. But they wonder that
There has come to them
A Warner from among
So the Unbelievers say:
"This is a wonderful thing!
3. "What! When we die
And become dust, (shall we
Live again?) That is
A (sort of) Return
Far (from our understanding)."
4. We already know
How much of them
The earth takes away:
With Us is a Record
Guarding (the full account).
5. But they deny the truth
When it comes to them:
So they are in
A confused state.
6. Do they not look
At the sky above them?—
How We have made it
And adorned it,
And there are no
Flaws in it?
7. And the earth—
We have spread it out,
And set thereon mountains
Standing firm, and produced
Therein every kind of
Beautiful growth (in pairs)—
8. To be observed
And commemorated
By every devotee
Turning (to God).
9. And We send down
From the sky Rain
Charged with blessing,
And We produce therewith
Gardens and Grain for harvests;
10. And tall (and stately)
Palm-trees, with shoots
Of fruit-stalks, piled
One over another;—
11, As sustenance for
(God's) Servants;—
And We give (new) life
Therewith to land that is
Dead: thus will be
The Resurrection.
12. Before them was denied
(The Hereafter) by the People
Of Noah, the Companions
Of the Rass, the Thamūd,
13. The ‘Ād, Pharaoh,
The Brethren of Lū,
14. The Companions of the Wood,
And the People of Tubba‘;
Each one (of them) rejected
The apostles, and My warning
Was duly fulfilled (in them).
15. Were We then weary
With the first Creation,
That they should be
In confused doubt
About a new Creation?
16. It was We Who
Created man, and We know
What dark suggestions his soul
Makes to him: for We
Are nearer to him
Than (his) jugular vein.
17. Behold, two (guardian angels)
Appointed to learn (his doings)
Learn (and note them),
One sitting on the right
And one on the left.
18. Not a word does he
Utter but there is
A sentinel by him,
Ready (to note it).
19. And the stupor of death
Will bring truth (before
His eyes): "This was
The thing which thou
Wast trying to escape!"
20. And the Trumpet
Shall be blown:
That will be the Day
Whereof Warning (had been given).
21. And there will come forth
Every soul: with each
Will be an (angel) to drive,
And an (angel) to
Bear witness.
22. (It will be said:)
"Thou wast heedless
Of this; now have We
Removed thy veil,
And sharp is thy sight
This Day!"
23. And his Companion will say:
"Here is (his Record) ready
With me!"
24. (The sentence will be:)
"Throw, throw into Hell
Every contumacious Rejecter
(Of God)!—
25. "Who forbade what was good,
Transgressed all bounds,
Cast doubts and suspicions;
26. "Who set up another god
Beside God: throw him
Into a severe Penalty."
27. His Companion will say:
"Our Lord! I did not
Make him transgress,
But he was (himself)
Far astray."
28. He will say: "Dispute not
With each other
In My Presence:
I had already in advance
Sent you Warning.
29. "The Word changes not
Before Me, and I do not
The least injustice
To My Servants."
30. One Day We will
Ask Hell, "Art thou
Filled to the full?"
It will say, "Are there
Any more (to come)?"
31. And the Garden
Will be brought nigh
To the Righteous,—no more
A thing distant.
32. (A voice will say:)
"This is what was
Promised for you,
For every one who turned
(To God) in sincere repentance,
Who kept (His Law),
33. "Who feared (God)
Most Gracious unseen,
And brought a heart
Turned in devotion (to Him):
34. "Enter ye therein
In Peace and Security;
This is a Day
Of Eternal Life!"
35. There will be for them
Therein all that they wish,—
And more besides
In Our Presence,
36. But how many
Generations before them
Did We destroy (for their
Sins),—stronger in power
Than they? Then did they
Wander through the land:
Was there any place
Of escape (for them)?
37. Verily in this
Is a Message
For any that has
A heart and understanding
Or who gives ear and
Earnestly witnesses (the truth).
38. We created the heavens
And the earth and all
Between them in Six Days,
Nor did any sense
Of weariness touch Us.
39. Bear, then, with patience,
All that they say,
And celebrate the praises
Of thy Lord, before
The rising of the sun
And before (its) setting,
40. And during part
Of the night, (also,)
Celebrate His praises,
And (so likewise)
After the postures
Of adoration.
41. And listen for the Day
When the Caller will call
Out from a place
Quite near,—
42. The Day when they will
Hear a (mighty) Blast
In (very) truth: that
Will be the Day
Of Resurrection.
43. Verily it is We Who
Give Life and Death;
And to Us is
The Final Goal—
44. The Day when
The Earth will be
Rent asunder, from (men)
Hurrying out: that will be
A gathering together,—
Quite easy for Us.
45. We know best what they
Say; and thou art not
One to overawe them
By force. So admonish
With the Qur-ān such
As fear My Warning!

# Sūra LI.

Zāriyāt, or the Winds That Scatter.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By the (Winds)
That scatter broadcast;
2. And those that
Lift and bear away
Heavy weights;
3. And those that
Flow with ease
And gentleness;
4. And those that
Distribute and apportion
By Command;—
5. Verily that which ye
Are promised is true;
6. And verily Judgment
And Justice must
Indeed come to pass.
7. By the Sky
With (its) numerous Paths,
8. Truly ye are in
A doctrine discordant,
9. Through which are deluded (away
From the Truth) such
As would be deluded.
10. Woe to the falsehood-mongers,—
11. Those who (flounder) heedless
In a flood of confusion:
12. They ask, "When will be
The Day of Judgment
And Justice?"
13. (It will be) a Day
When they will be tried
(And tested) over the Fire!
14. "Taste ye your trial!
This is what ye used
To ask to be hastened!
15. As to the Righteous,
They will be in the midst
Of Gardens and Springs,
16. Taking joy in the things
Which their Lord gives them,
Because, before then, they
Lived a good life.
17. They were in the habit
Of sleeping but little
By night,
18. And in the hours
Of early dawn,
They (were found) praying
For Forgiveness;
19. And in their wealth
And possessions (was remembered)
The right of the (needy,)
Him who asked, and him
Who (for some reason) was
Prevented (from asking).
20. On the earth
Are Signs for those
Of assured Faith,
21. As also in your, own
Selves: will ye not
Then see?
22. And in heaven is
Your Sustenance, as (also)
That which ye are promised.
23. Then, by the Lord
Of heaven and earth,
This is the very Truth,
As much as the fact
That ye can speak
Intelligently to each other.
24. Has the story
Reached thee, of the honoured
Guests of Abraham?
25. Behold, they entered
His presence, and said:
"Peace!" He said, "Peace"
(And thought, "These seem)
Unusual people."
26. Then he turned quickly
To his household, brought
Out a fatted calf,
27. And placed it before them…
He said, "Will ye not
28. (When they did not eat),
He conceived a fear of them.
They said, "Fear not,"
And they gave him
Glad tidings of a son
Endowed with knowledge.
29. But his wife came forward
(Laughing) aloud: she smote
Her forehead and said:
"A barren old woman!"
30. They said, "Even so
Has thy Lord spoken:
And He is full
Of Wisdom and Knowledge."
31. (Abraham) said: "And what,
O ye Messengers,
Is your errand (now)?"
32. They said, "We have
Been sent to a people
(Deep) in sin;—
33. "To bring on, on them,
(A shower of) stones
Of clay (brimstone),
34. "Marked as from thy Lord
For those who trespass
Beyond bounds."
35. Then We evacuated
Those of the Believers
Who were there,
36. But We found not there
Any just (Muslim) persons
Except in one house:
37. And We left there
A Sign for such as
Fear the Grievous Penalty.
38. And in Moses
(Was another Sign):
Behold, We sent him
To Pharaoh, with authority
39. But (Pharaoh) turned back
With his Chiefs, and said,
"A sorcerer, or
One possessed!"
40. So We took him
And his forces, and
Threw them into the sea;
And his was the blame:
41. And in the ‘Ād (people)
(Was another Sign):
Behold, We sent against them
The devastating Wind:
42. It left nothing whatever
That it came up against,
But reduced it to ruin
And rottenness.
43. And in the Thamūd
(Was another Sign):
Behold, they were told,
"Enjoy (your brief day)
For a little while!"
44. But they insolently defied
The Command of their Lord:
So the stunning noise
(Of an earthquake) seized
Them, even while they
Were looking on.
45. Then they could not
Even stand (on their feet),
Nor could they help themselves.
46. So were the People
Of Noah before them:
For they wickedly transgressed.
47. With power and skill
Did We construct
The Firmament:
For it is We Who create
The vastness of Space.
48. And We have spread out
The (spacious) earth:
How excellently
We do spread out!
49. And of every thing
We have created pairs
That ye may receive
50. Hasten ye then (at once)
To God: I am from Him
A Warner to you,
Clear and open!
51. And make not another
An object of worship
With God:
I am from Him
A Warner to you,
Clear and open!
52. Similarly, no apostle came
To the Peoples before them,
But they said (of him)
In like manner,
"A sorcerer, or
One possessed"!
53. Is this the legacy
They have transmitted,
One to another
Nay, they are themselves
A people transgressing
Beyond bounds!
54. So turn away
From them: not thine
Is the blame.
55. But teach (thy Message):
For teaching benefits
The Believers.
56. I have only created
Jinns and men, that
They may serve Me.
57. No Sustenance do I require
Of them, nor do I
Require that they should
Feed Me.
58. For God is He Who
Gives (all) Sustenance,—
Lord of Power,—
Steadfast (for ever).
59. For the wrong-doers,
Their portion is like
Unto the portion of their
Fellows (of earlier generations):
Then let them not ask Me
To hasten (that portion)!
60. Woe, then, to the Unbelievers,
On account of that Day
Of theirs which they
Have been promised!

# Sūra LII.

ūr, or the Mount.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By the Mount (of Revelation);
2. By a Decree Inscribed
3. In a Scroll unfolded;
4. By the much-frequented Fane;
5. By the Canopy Raised High;
6. And by the Ocean
Filled with Swell;—
7. Verily, the Doom of thy Lord
Will indeed come to pass;—
8. There is none
Can avert it;—
9. On the Day when
The firmament will be
In dreadful commotion.
10. And the mountains will fly
Hither and thither.
11. Then woe that Day
To those that treat
(Truth) as Falsehood;—
12. That play (and paddle)
In shallow trifles.
13. That Day shall they be
Thrust down to the Fire
Of Hell, irresistibly.
14. "This", it will be said,
"Is the Fire,—which ye
Were wont to deny!
15. "Is this then a fake,
Or is it ye that
Do not see?
16. "Burn ye therein:
The same is it to you
Whether ye bear it
With patience, or not:
Ye but receive the recompense
Of your (own) deeds."
17. As to the Righteous,
They will be in Gardens,
And in Happiness,—
18. Enjoying the (Bliss) which
Their Lord hath bestowed
On them, and their Lord
Shall deliver them from
The Penalty of the Fire.
19. (To them will be said:)
"Eat and drink ye,
With profit and health,
Because of your (good) deeds."
20. They will recline (with ease)
On Thrones (of dignity)
Arranged in ranks;
And We shall join them
To Companions, with beautiful
Big and lustrous eyes.
21. And those who believe
And whose families follow
Them in Faith,— to them
Shall We join their families:
Nor shall We deprive them
(Of the fruit) of aught
Of their works:
(Yet) is each individual
In pledge for his deeds.
p. 1436
22. And We shall bestow
On them, of fruit and meat,
Anything they shall desire.
23. They shall there exchange,
One with another,
A (loving) cup
Free of frivolity,
Free of all taint
Of ill.
24. Round about them will serve,
(Devoted) to them,
Youths (handsome) as Pearls
25. They will advance
To each other, engaging
In mutual enquiry.
26. They will say: "Aforetime,
We were not without fear
For the sake of our people.
27. "But God has been good
To us, and has delivered us
From the Penalty
Of the Scorching Wind.
28. "Truly, we did call
Unto Him from of old:
Truly it is He,
The Beneficent, the Merciful!
29. Wherefore proclaim thou
The praises (of thy Lord):
For by the Grace
Of thy Lord, thou art
No (vulgar) soothsayer, nor
Art thou one possessed.
30. Or do they say:—
"A Poet! we await
For him some calamity
(Hatched) by Time!"
31. Say thou: "Await ye!—
I too will wait
Along with you!"
32. Is it that their faculties
Of understanding urge them
To this, or are they
But a people transgressing
Beyond bounds?
33. Or do they say,
"He fabricated the (Message)"?
Nay, they have no faith!
34. Let them then produce
A recital like unto it,—
If (it be) they speak
The Truth!
35. Were they created of
Or were they themselves
The creators?
36. Or did they create
The heavens and the earth?
Nay, they have
No firm belief.
37. Or are the Treasures
Of thy Lord with them,
Or are they the managers
(Of affairs)?
38. Or have they a ladder,
By which they can (climb
Up to heaven and) listen
(To its secrets)? Then let
(Such a) listener of theirs
Produce a manifest proof.
39. Or has He only daughters
And ye have sons?
40. Or is it that thou
Dost ask for a reward,
So that they are burdened
With a load of debt?—
41. Or that the Unseen
Is in their hands,
And they write it down?
42. Or do they intend
A plot (against thee)?
But those who defy God
Are themselves involved
In a Plot!
43. Or have they a god
Other than God?
Exalted is God
Far above the things
They associate with Him!
44. Were they to see
A piece of the sky
Falling (on them), they
Would (only) say: "Clouds
Gathered in heaps!"
45. So leave them alone
Until they encounter
That Day of theirs,
Wherein they shall (perforce)
Swoon (with terror),—
46. The Day when their plotting
Will avail them nothing
And no help shall be
Given them.
47. And verily, for those
Who do wrong, there is
Another punishment besides this:
But most of them
Understand not.
48. Now await in patience
The command of thy Lord:
For verily thou art
In Our eyes:
And celebrate the praises
Of thy Lord the while
Thou standest forth,
49. And for part of the night
Also praise thou Him,—
And at the retreat
Of the stars!

# Sūra LIII.

Najm, or the Star.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By the Star
When it goes down,—
2. Your Companion is neither
Astray nor being misled,
3. Nor does he say (aught)
Of (his own) Desire.
4. It is no less than
Inspiration sent down to him:
5. He was taught by one
Mighty in Power,
6. Endued with Wisdom:
For he appeared
(In stately form)
7. While he was in
The highest part
Of the horizon:
8. Then he approached
And came closer,
9. And was at a distance
Of but two bow-lengths
Or (even) nearer;
10. So did (God) convey
The inspiration to His Servant—
(Conveyed) what He (meant)
To convey.
11. The (Prophet's) (mind and) heart
In no way falsified
That which he saw.
12. Will ye then dispute
With him concerning
What he saw?
13. For indeed he saw him
At a second descent,
14. Near the Lote-tree
Beyond which none may pass:
15. Near it is the Garden
Of Abode
16. Behold, the Lote-tree
Was shrouded
(In mystery unspeakable!)
17. (His) sight never swerved,
Nor did it go wrong!
18. For truly did he see,
Of the Signs of his Lord,
The Greatest!
19. Have ye seen
Lāt, and ‘Uzzā,
20. And another,
The third (goddess), Manāt?
21. What! For you
The male sex,
And for Him, the female?
22. Behold, such would be
Indeed a division
Most unfair!
p. 1446
23. These are nothing but names
Which ye have devised,—
Ye and your fathers,
For which God has sent
Down no authority (whatever).
They follow nothing but
Conjecture and what
Their own souls desire!—
Even though there has already
Come to them Guidance
From their Lord!
24. Nay, shall man have (just)
Anything he hankers after?
25. But it is to God
That the End and
The Beginning (of all things)
26. How many-so-ever be
The angels in the heavens,
Their intercession will avail nothing
Except after God has given
Leave for whom He pleases
And that he is acceptable
To Him.
27. Those who believe not
In the Hereafter, name
The angels with female names.
28. But they have no knowledge
Therein. They follow nothing
But conjecture; and conjecture
Avails nothing against Truth.
29. Therefore shun those who
Turn away from Our Message
And desire nothing but
The life of this world.
30. That is as far as
Knowledge will reach them.
Verily thy Lord knoweth best
Those who stray from
His Path, and He knoweth
Best those who receive guidance.
31. Yea, to God belongs all
That is in the heavens
And on earth: so that
He rewards those who do
Evil, according to their deeds,
And He rewards those who
Do good, with what is best.
32. Those who avoid
Great sins and shameful deeds,
p. 1448
Only (falling into) small faults,
Verily thy Lord is ample
In forgiveness. He knows
You well when He brings
You out of the earth,
And when ye are hidden
In your mothers’ wombs.
Therefore justify not yourselves;
He knows best who it is
That guards against evil.
33. Seest thou one
Who turns back,
34. Gives a little,
Then hardens (his heart)?
35. What! Has he knowledge
Of the unseen
So that he can see?
36. Nay, is he not acquainted
With what is in the books
Of Moses—
37. And of Abraham
Who fulfilled his
38. Namely, that no bearer
Of burdens can bear
The burden of another;
39. That man can have nothing
But what he strives for;
40. That (the fruit of) his striving
Will soon come in sight;
41. Then will he be rewarded
With a reward complete;
42. That to thy Lord
Is the final Goal;
43. That it is He Who
Granteth Laughter and Tears;
44. That it is He Who
Granteth Death and Life;
45. That He did create
In pairs,—male and female,
46. From a seed when lodged
(In its place);
47. That He hath promised
A Second Creation
(Raising of the Dead);
48. That it is He Who
Giveth wealth and satisfaction;
49. That He is the Lord
Of Sirius (the Mighty Star);
50. And that it is He
Who destroyed the (powerful)
Ancient ‘Ād (people),
51. And the Thamūd,
Nor gave them a lease
Of perpetual life.
52. And before them,
The people of Noah,
For that they were (all)
Most unjust
And most insolent transgressors,
53. And He destroyed
The Overthrown Cities
(Of Sodom and Gomorrah),
54. So that (ruins unknown)
Have covered them up.
55. Then which of the gifts
Of thy Lord, (O man,)
Wilt thou dispute about?
56. This is a Warner,
Of the (series of) Warners
Of old!
57. The (Judgment) ever approaching
Draws nigh:
58. No (soul) but God
Can lay it bare.
59. Do ye then wonder
At this recital?
60. And will ye laugh
And not weep,—
61. Wasting your time
In vanities?
62. But fall ye down in prostration
To God, and adore (Him)!

# Sūra LIV.

Qamar, or the Moon.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful

1. The Hour (of Judgment)
Is nigh, and the moon
Is cleft asunder.
2. But if they see
A Sign, they turn away,
And say, "This is
(But) transient magic."
3. They reject (the warning)
And follow their (own) lusts
But every matter has
Its appointed time.
4. There have already come
To them Recitals wherein
There is (enough) to check (them),
5. Mature wisdom;—but
(The preaching of) Warners
Profits them not.
6. Therefore, (O Prophet,)
Turn away from them.
The Day that the Caller
Will call (them)
To a terrible affair,
7. They will come forth,
Their eyes humbled—
From (their) graves, (torpid)
Like locusts scattered abroad,
8. Hastening, with eyes transfixed,
Towards the Caller!—
"Hard is this Day!",
The Unbelievers will say.
9. Before them the People
Of Noah rejected (their apostle):
They rejected Our servant,
And said, "Here is
One possessed!", and he
Was driven out.
10. Then he called on his Lord:
"I am one overcome:
Do Thou then help (me)!
11. So We opened the gates
Of heaven, with water
Pouring forth.
12. And We caused the earth
To gush forth with springs.
So the waters met (and rose)
To the extent decreed.
13. But We bore him
On an (Ark) made of
Broad planks and caulked
With palm-fibre:
14. She floats under our eyes
(And care): a recompense
To one who had been
Rejected (with scorn)!
15. And We have left
This as a Sign
(For all time): then
Is there any that will
Receive admonition?
16. But how (terrible) was
My Penalty and My Warning?
17. And We have indeed
Made the Qur-ān easy
To understand and remember:
Then is there any that
Will receive admonition?
18. The ‘Ād (people) (too)
Rejected (Truth): then
How terrible was
My Penalty and My Warning?
19. For We sent against them
A furious wind, on a Day
Of violent Disaster,
20. Plucking out men as if
They were roots of palm-trees
Torn up (from the ground).
21. Yea, how (terrible) was
My Penalty and My Warning!
22. But We have indeed
Made the Qur-ān easy
To understand and remember:
Then is there any that
Will receive admonition?
23. The Thamūd (also)
Rejected (their) Warners.
24. For they said: "What!
A man! a solitary one
From among ourselves!
Shall we follow such a one?
Truly should we then be
Straying in mind, and mad!
25. "Is it that the Message
Is sent to him,
Of all people amongst us?
Nay, he is a liar,
An insolent one!"
26. Ah! they will know
On the morrow, which is
The liar, the insolent one!
27. For We will send
The she-camel
By way of trial for them.
So watch them, (O āli),
And possess thyself in patience!
28. And tell them that
The water is to be
Divided between them:
Each one's right to drink
Being brought forward
(By suitable turns).
29. But they called
To their companion,
And he took a sword
In hand, and hamstrung (her).
30. Ah! how (terrible) was
My Penalty and My Warning!
31. For We sent against them
A single Mighty Blast,
And they became
Like the dry stubble used
By one who pens cattle.
32. And we have indeed
Made the Qur-ān easy
To understand and remember:
Then is there any that
Will receive admonition?
33. The People of Lū
Rejected (his) Warning.
34. We sent against them
A violent tornado
With showers of stones,
(Which destroyed them), except
's household: them We
Delivered by early Dawn,—
35. As a Grace from Us:
Thus do We reward
Those who give thanks.
36. And (Lū) did warn them
Of Our Punishment, but
They disputed about the Warning.
37. And they even sought
To snatch away his guests
From him, but We blinded
Their eyes. (They heard:)
"Now taste ye My Wrath
And My Warning."
38. Early on the morrow
An abiding Punishment
Seized them:
39. "So taste ye My Wrath
And My Warning."
40. And We have indeed
Made the Qur-ān easy
To understand and remember:
Then is there any that
Will receive admonition?
41. To the People
Of Pharaoh, too, aforetime,
Came Warners (from God).
42. The (people) rejected all
Our Signs; but We
Seized them with such Penalty
(As comes) from One
Exalted in Power,
Able to carry out His Will.
43. Are your Unbelievers,
(O Quraish), better than they?
Or have ye an immunity
In the Sacred Books?
44. Or do they say:
"We acting together
Can defend ourselves"?
45. Soon will their multitude
Be put to flight,
And they will show
Their backs.
46. Nay, the Hour (of Judgment)
Is the time promised them
(For their full recompense):
And that Hour will be
Most grievous and most bitter.
47. Truly those in sin
Are the ones
Straying in mind, and mad.
48. The Day they will be
Dragged through the Fire
On their faces, (they
Will hear:) "Taste ye
The touch of Hell!"
49. Verily, all things
Have We created
In proportion and measure.
50. And Our Command
Is but a single (Act),—
Like the twinkling
Of an eye.
51. And (oft) in the past,
Have We destroyed gangs
Like unto you: then
Is there any that
Will receive admonition?
52. All that they do
Is noted in (their)
Books (of Deeds):
53. Every matter, small and great,
Is on record.
54. As to the Righteous,
They will be in the midst
Of Gardens and Rivers,
55. In an Assembly of Truth,
In the Presence of
A Sovereign Omnipotent.

# Sūra LV.

Ramān, or (God) Most Gracious.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. (God) Most Gracious!
2. It is He Who has
Taught the Qur-ān.
3. He has created man:
4. He has taught him speech
(And Intelligence).
5. The sun and the moon
Follow courses (exactly) computed;
6. And the herbs and the trees—
Both (alike) bow in adoration.
7. And the Firmament has He
Raised high, and He has set up
The Balance (of Justice),
8. In order that ye may
Not transgress (due) balance.
9. So establish weight with justice
And fall not short
In the balance.
10. It is He Who has
Spread out the earth
For (His) creatures:
11. Therein is fruit
And date-palms, producing
Spathes (enclosing dates);
12. Also corn, with (its)
Leaves and stalk for fodder,
And sweet-smelling plants.
13. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
14. He created man
From sounding clay
Like unto pottery,
15. And He created Jinns
From fire free of smoke:
16. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
17. (He is) Lord
Of the two Easts
And Lord
Of the two Wests:
18. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
19. He has let free
The two bodies
Of flowing water,
Meeting together:
20. Between them is a Barrier
Which they do not transgress:
21. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
22. Out of them come
Pearls and Coral:
23. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
24. And His are the Ships
Sailing smoothly through the seas,
Lofty as mountains:
25. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
26. All that is on earth
Will perish:
27. But will abide (for ever)
The Face of thy Lord,—
Full of Majesty,
Bounty and Honour.
28. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
29. Of Him seeks (its need)
Every creature in the heavens
And on earth:
Every day in (new) Splendour
Doth He (shine)!
30. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
31. Soon shall We
Settle your affairs,
O both ye worlds!
32. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
33. O ye assembly of Jinns,
And men! If it be
Ye can pass beyond
The zones of the heavens
And the earth, pass ye!
Not without authority
Shall ye be able to pass!
34. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
35. On you will be sent
(O ye evil ones twain!)
A flame of fire (to burn)
And a smoke (to choke):
No defence will ye have:
36. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
37. When the sky is rent
Asunder, and it becomes red
Like ointment:
38. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
39. On that Day
No question will be asked
Of man or Jinn
As to his sin,
40. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
41. (For) the sinners will be
Known by their Marks:
And they will be seized
By their forelocks and
Their feet.
42. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
43. This is the Hell which
The Sinners deny:
44. In its midst
And in the midst
Of boiling hot water
Will they wander round!
45. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
46. But for such as fear
The time when they will
Stand before (the Judgment Seat
Of) their Lord,
There will be two Gardens—
47. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?—
48. Containing all kinds
(Of trees and delights);—
49. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?—
50. In them (each) will be
Two Springs flowing (free);
51. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?—
52. In them will be Fruits
Of every kind, two and two.
53. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
54. They will recline on Carpets,
Whose inner linings will be
Of rich brocade: the Fruit
Of the Gardens will be
Near (and easy of reach).
55. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
56. In them will be (Maidens),
Chaste, restraining their glances,
Whom no man or Jinn
Before them has touched;—
57. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?—
58. Like unto rubies and coral.
59. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
60. Is there any Reward
For Good-other than Good?
61. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
62. And besides these two,
There are two other Gardens,—
63. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?—
64. Dark-green in colour
(From plentiful watering).
65. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
66. In them (each) will be
Two Springs pouring forth water
In continuous abundance:
67. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
68. In them will be Fruits,
And dates and pomegranates:
69. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
70. In them will be
Fair (Companions), good,
71. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?—
72. Companions restrained (as to
Their glances), in (goodly)
73. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?—
74. Whom no man or Jinn
Before them has touched;—
75. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?—
76. Reclining on green Cushions
And rich Carpets of beauty.
77. Then which of the favours
Of your Lord will ye deny?
78. Blessed be the name
Of thy Lord,
Full of Majesty,
Bounty and Honour.

# Sūra LVI.

Wāqi‘a, or The Inevitable Event.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. When the Event Inevitable
Cometh to pass,
2. Then will no (soul)
Entertain falsehood
Concerning its coming.
3. (Many) will it bring low;
(Many) will it exalt;
4. When the earth shall be
Shaken to its depths,
5. And the mountains shall
Be crumbled to atoms,
6. Becoming dust scattered abroad,
7. And ye shall be sorted out
Into three classes.
8. Then (there will be)
The Companions of
The Right Hand;—
What will be
The Companions of
The Right Hand?
9. And the Companions of
The Left Hand,—
What will be
The Companions of
The Left Hand?
10. And those Foremost
(In Faith) will be
Foremost (in the Hereafter).
11. These will be
Those Nearest to God:
12. In Gardens of Bliss:
13. A number of people
From those of old,
14. And a few from those
Of later times.
15. (They will be) on Thrones
Encrusted (with gold
And precious stones),
16. Reclining on them,
Facing each other.
17. Round about them will (serve)
Youths of perpetual (freshness),
18. With goblets, (shining) beakers,
And cups (filled) out of
Clear-flowing fountains:
19. No after-ache will they
Receive therefrom, nor will they
Suffer intoxication:
20. And with fruits,
Any that they may select;
21. And the flesh of fowls,
Any that they may desire.
22. And (there will be) Companions
With beautiful, big,
And lustrous eyes,—
23. Like unto Pearls
24. A Reward for the Deeds
Of their past (Life).
25. No frivolity will they
Hear therein, nor any
Taint of ill,—
26. Only the saying,
"Peace! Peace".
27. The Companions of
The Right Hand,—
What will be
The Companions of
The Right Hand?
28. (They will be) among
Lote-trees without thorns,
29. Among al trees
With flowers (or fruits)
Piled one above another,—
30. In shade long-extended,
31. By water flowing constantly,
32. And fruit in abundance.
33. Whose season is not limited,
Nor (supply) forbidden,
34. And on Thrones (of Dignity),
Raised high.
35. We have created
(their Companions)
Of special creation.
36. And made them
Virgin-pure (and undefiled),—
37. Beloved (by nature),
Equal in age,—
38. For the Companions
Of the Right Hand.
39. A (goodly) number
From those of old,
40. And a (goodly) number
From those of later times.
41. The Companions of
The Left Hand,—
What will be
The Companions of
The Left Hand?
42. (They will be) in the midst
Of a fierce Blast of Fire
And in Boiling Water,
43. And in the shades
Of Black Smoke:
44. Nothing (will there be)
To refresh, nor to please:
45. For that they were wont
To be indulged, before that,
In wealth (and luxury),
46. And persisted obstinately
In wickedness supreme!
47. And they used to say,
"What! when we die
And become dust and bones,
Shall we then indeed
Be raised up again?—
48. "(We) and our fathers of old?"
49. Say: "Yea, those of old
And those of later times,
50. "All will certainly be
Gathered together for the meeting
Appointed for a Day
51. "Then will ye truly,—
O ye that go wrong,
And treat (Truth) as Falsehood!—
52. "Ye will surely taste
Of the Tree of Zaqqūm.
53. "Then will ye fill
Your insides therewith,
54. "And drink Boiling Water
On top of it:
p. 1490
55. "Indeed ye shall drink
Like diseased camels
Raging with thirst!"
56. Such will be their entertainment
On the Day of Requital!
57. It is We Who have
Created you: why will ye
Not witness the Truth?
58. Do ye then see?—
The (human Seed) that
Ye throw out,—
59. Is it ye who create it,
Or are We the Creators?
60. We have decreed Death
To be your common lot,
And We are not
To be frustrated
61. From changing your Forms
And creating you (again)
In (Forms) that ye know not.
62. And ye certainly know already
The first form of creation:
Why then do ye not
Celebrate His praises?
63. See ye the seed that
Ye sow in the ground?
64. Is it ye that cause it
To grow, or are We
The Cause?
65. Were it Our Will,
We could crumble it
To dry powder, and ye would
Be left in wonderment,
66. (Saying), "We are indeed
Left with debts (for nothing):
67. "Indeed are we shut out
(Of the fruits of our labour)",
68. See ye the water
Which ye drink?
69. Do ye bring it Down
(In rain) from the Cloud
Or do We?
70. Were it Our Will,
We could make it
Salt (and unpalatable):
Then why do ye not
Give thanks?
71. See ye the Fire
Which ye kindle?
72. Is it ye who grow
The tree which feeds
The fire, or do We
Grow it?
73. We have made it
A memorial (of Our handiwork),
And an article of comfort
And convenience for
The denizens of deserts.
74. Then celebrate with praises,
The name of thy Lord,
The Supreme!
75. Furthermore I call
To witness the setting
Of the Stars,—
76. And that is indeed
A mighty adjuration
If ye but knew,—
77. That this is indeed
A Qur-ān most honourable,
78. In a Book well-guarded,
79. Which none shall touch
But those who are clean:
80. A Revelation from the Lord
Of the Worlds.
81. Is it such a Message
That ye would hold
In light esteem?
82. And have ye made it
Your livelihood that ye
Should declare it false?
83. Then why do ye not
(Intervene) when (the soul
Of the dying man)
Reaches the throat,—
84. And ye the while
(Sit) looking on,—
85. But We are nearer
To him than ye,
And yet see not,—
86. Then why do ye not,—
If you are exempt
From (future) account,—
87. Call back the soul,
If ye are true
(In your claim of Independence)?
88. Thus, then, if he
Be of those Nearest to God,
89. (There is for him) Rest
And Satisfaction, and
A Garden of Delights.
90. And if he be
Of the Companions of
The Right Hand,
91. (For him is the salutation),
"Peace be unto thee",
From the Companions
Of the Right Hand.
92. And if he be
Of those who treat
(Truth) as Falsehood,
Who go wrong,
93. For him is Entertainment
With Boiling Water,
94. And burning in Hell-Fire.
95. Verily, this is
The Very Truth
And Certainty.
96. So celebrate with praises
The name of thy Lord,
The Supreme.

# Sūra LVII.

adīd, or Iron.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Whatever is in
The heavens and on earth,—
Let it declare
The Praises and Glory of God:
For He is the Exalted
In Might, the Wise.
2. To Him belongs the dominion
Of the heavens and the earth:
It is He Who gives
Life and Death; and He
Has Power over all things.
3. He is the First
And the Last,
The Evident
And the Immanent:
And He has full knowledge
Of all things.
4. He it is Who created
The heavens and the earth
In six Days, and is moreover
Firmly established on the Throne
(Of authority). He knows
What enters within the earth
And what comes forth out
Of it, what comes down
From heaven and what mounts
Up to it. And He is
With you wheresoever ye
May be. And God sees
Well all that ye do.
5. To Him belongs the dominion
Of the heavens and the earth:
And all affairs are
Referred back to God.
6. He merges Night into Day,
And He merges Day into Night;
And He has full knowledge
Of the secrets of (all) hearts.
7. Believe in God
And His Apostle,
And spend (in charity)
Out of the (substance)
Whereof He has made you
Heirs. For, those of you
Who believe and spend
(In charity),—for them
Is a great Reward.
8. What cause have ye
Why ye should not believe
In God?—And the Apostle
Invites you to believe
In your Lord, and has
Indeed taken your Covenant,
If ye are men of faith.
9. He is the One Who
Sends to His Servant
Manifest Signs, that He
May lead you from
The depths of Darkness
Into the Light And verily,
God is to you
Most kind and Merciful.
10. And what cause have ye
Why ye should not spend
In the cause of God?—
For to God belongs
The heritage of the heavens
And the earth.
Not equal among you
Are those who spent (freely)
And fought, before the Victory,
(With those who did so later).
Those are higher in rank
Than those who spent (freely)
And fought afterwards.
But to all has God promised
A goodly (reward). And God
Is well acquainted
With all that ye do.
11. Who is he that will
Loan to God a beautiful
Loan? For (God) will
Increase it manifold
To his credit,
And he will have (besides)
A liberal reward.
12. One Day shalt thou see
The believing men and
The believing women—
How their Light runs
Forward before them
And by their right hands:
(Their greeting will be):
"Good News for you this Day!
Gardens beneath which How rivers!
To dwell therein for aye!
This is indeed
The highest Achievement!
13. One Day will the Hypocrites
Men and women—say
To the Believers: "Wait
For us! Let us borrow
(A light) from your Light!"
It will be said: "Turn
Ye back to your rear!
Then seek a light (where
Ye can)!" So a wall
Will be put up betwixt them,
With a gate therein.
Within it will be Mercy
Throughout, and without it,
All alongside, will be
(Wrath and) Punishment!
14. (Those without) will call out,
"Were we not with you?
(The others) will reply, "True!
But ye led yourselves
Into temptation; ye looked forward
(To our ruin); ye doubted
(God's Promise); and (your false)
Desires deceived you; until
There issued the Command
Of God. And the Deceiver
Deceived you in respect of God.
15. "This Day shall no ransom
Be accepted of you, nor
Of those who rejected God.
Your abode is the Fire:
That is the proper place .
To claim you: and an evil
Refuge it is!"
16. Has not the time arrived
For the Believers that
Their hearts in all humility
Should engage in the remembrance
Of God and of the Truth
Which has been revealed (to them),
And that they should not
Become like those to whom
Was given Revelation aforetime,
But long ages passed over them
And their hearts grew hard?
For many among them
Are rebellious transgressors.
17. Know ye (all) that
God giveth life
To the earth after its death
Already have We shown
The Signs plainly to you,
That ye may learn wisdom.
18. For those who give
In Charity, men and women,
And loan to God
A Beautiful Loan,
It shall be increased manifold
(To their credit),
And they shall have (besides)
A liberal reward.
19. And those who believe
In God and His apostles—
They are the Sincere
(Lovers of Truth), and
The Witnesses (who testify),
In the eyes of their Lord:
They shall have their Reward
And their Light,
But those who reject God
And deny Our Signs,—
They are the Companions
Of Hell-Fire.
20. Know ye (all), that
The life of this world
Is but play and amusement,
Pomp and mutual boasting
And multiplying, (in rivalry)
Among yourselves, riches
And children.
Here is a similitude:
How rain and the growth
Which it brings forth, delight
(The hearts of) the tillers;
Soon it withers; thou
Wilt see it grow yellow;
Then it becomes dry
And crumbles away.
But in the Hereafter
Is a Penalty severe
(For the devotees of wrong).
And Forgiveness from God
And (His) Good Pleasure
 (For the devotees of God).
And what is the life
Of this world, but
Goods and chattels
Of deception?
21. Be ye foremost (in seeking)
Forgiveness from your Lord,
And a Garden (of Bliss),
The width whereof is
As the width of
Heaven and earth,
Prepared for those who believe
In God and His apostles:
That is the Grace of God,
Which He bestows on whom
He pleases: and God is
The Lord of Grace abounding.
22. No misfortune can happen
On earth or in your souls
But is recorded in
A decree before We bring
It into existence:
That is truly easy for God:
23. In order that ye may
Not despair over matters
That pass you by,
Nor exult over favours
Bestowed upon you.
For God loveth not
Any vainglorious boaster,—
24. Such persons as are
Covetous and commend
Covetousness to men.
And if any turn back
(From God's Way), verily
God is free of all needs,
Worthy of all praise.
25. We sent aforetime
Our apostles with Clear Signs
And sent down with them
The Book and the Balance
(Of Right and Wrong), that men
May stand forth in justice;
And We sent down Iron
In which is (material for)
Mighty war, as well as
Many benefits for mankind,
That God may test who
It is that will help,
Unseen, Him and His apostles:
For God is Full of Strength,
Exalted in Might
(And able to enforce His Will).
26. And We sent Noah
And Abraham, and established
In their line Prophethood
And Revelation: and some of them!
Were on right guidance,
But many of them
Became rebellious transgressors.
27. Then, in their wake,
We followed them up
With (others of) Our apostles:
We sent after them
Jesus the son of Mary,
And bestowed on him
The Gospel; and We ordained
In the hearts of those
Who followed him
Compassion and Mercy.
But the Monasticism
Which they invented
For themselves, We did not
Prescribe for them:
(We commanded) only
The seeking for the Good
Pleasure of God; but that
They did not foster
As they should have done.
Yet We bestowed, on those
Among them who believed,
Their (due) reward, but
Many of them are
Rebellious transgressors.
28. O ye that believe!
Fear God, and believe
In His Apostle, and He will
Bestow on you a double
Portion of His Mercy:
He will provide for you
A Light by which ye
Shall walk (straight
In your path), and He
Will forgive you (your past):
For God is Oft-Forgiving,
Most Merciful:
29. That the People of
The Book may know
That they have no power
Whatever over the Grace
Of God, that (His) Grace
Is (entirely) in his hand,
To bestow it on
Whomsoever He wills.
For God is the Lord.
Of Grace abounding.

# Sūra LVIII.

Mujādila, or The Woman who Pleads.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. God has indeed
Heard (and accepted) the statement
Of the woman who pleads
With thee concerning her husband
And carries her complaint
(In prayer) to God:
And God (always) hears
The arguments between both
Sides among you: for God
Hears and sees (all things).
2. If any men among you
Divorce their wives by
(Calling them mothers),
They cannot be their mothers:
None can be their mothers
Except those who gave them
Birth. And in fact
They use words (both) iniquitous
And false: but truly
God is One that blots out
 (Sins), and forgives
(Again and again).
3. But those who divorce
Their wives by Zihār,Then wish to go back
On the words they uttered,—
(It is ordained that
Such a one)
Should free a slave
Before they touch each other:
This are ye admonished
To perform: and God is
Well-acquainted with (all)
That ye do.
4. And if any has not
(The wherewithal),
He should fast for
Two months consecutively
Before they touch each other.
But if any is unable
To do so, he should feed
Sixty indigent ones.
This, that ye may show
Your faith in God
And His Apostle.
Those are limits (set
By) God. For those who
Reject (Him), there is
A grievous Penalty.
5. Those who resist God
And His Apostle will be
Humbled to dust, as were
Those before them: for We
Have already sent down
Clear Signs. And the Unbelievers
(Will have) a humiliating Penalty,—
6. On the Day that
God will raise them
All up (again) and show
Them the truth (and meaning)
Of their conduct. God has
Reckoned its (value), though
They may have forgotten it,
For God is Witness
To all things.
7. Seest thou not that
God doth know (all) that is
In the heavens and
On earth? There is not
A secret consultation
Between three, but He
Makes the fourth among them,—
Nor between five but
He makes the sixth,—
Nor between fewer nor more,
But He is in their midst,
Wheresoever they be:
In the end will He
Tell them the truth
Of their conduct, on the Day
Of Judgment. For God
Has full knowledge
Of all things.
8. Turnest thou not thy sight
Towards those who were
Forbidden secret counsels
Yet revert to that which
They were forbidden (to do)?
And they hold secret counsels
Among themselves for iniquity
And hostility, and disobedience
To the Apostle. And when
They come to thee,
They salute thee,
Not as God salutes thee,
(But in crooked ways):
And they say to themselves,
"Why does not God
Punish us for our words?"
Enough for them is Hell:
In it will they burn,
And evil is that destination!
9. O ye who believe!
When ye hold secret counsel,
Do it not for iniquity
And hostility, and disobedience
To the Prophet; but do it
For righteousness and self-restraint;
And fear God, to Whom
Ye shall be brought back.
10. Secret counsels are only
(Inspired) by the Evil One,
In order that he may
Cause grief to the Believers;
But he cannot harm them
In the least, except as
God permits; and on God
Let the Believers
Put their trust.
11. O ye who believe!
When ye are told
To make room
In the assemblies,
(Spread out and) make room:
(Ample) room will God provide
For you. And when
Ye are told to rise up,
Rise up: God will
Raise up, to (suitable) ranks
(And degrees), those of you
Who believe and who have
Been granted (mystic) Knowledge.
And God is well-acquainted
With all ye do.
12. O ye who believe
When ye consult
The Apostle in private,
Spend something in charity
Before your private consultation.
That will be best for you,
And most conducive
To purity (of conduct).
But if ye find not
(The wherewithal), God is
Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
13. Is it that ye are
Afraid of spending sums
In charity before your
Private consultation (with him)
If, then, ye do not so,
And God forgives you,
Then (at least) establish
Regular prayer; practise
Regular charity; and obey
God and His Apostle.
And God is well-acquainted
With all that ye do.
14. Turnest thou not
Thy attention to those
Who turn (in friendship)
To such as have the Wrath
Of God upon them?
They are neither of you
Nor of them, and they
Swear to falsehood knowingly.
15. God has prepared for them
A severe Penalty: evil
Indeed are their deeds.
16. They have made their oaths
A screen (for their misdeeds):
Thus they obstruct (men)
From the Path of God:
Therefore shall they have
A humiliating Penalty.
17. Of no profit whatever
To them, against God,
Will be their riches
Nor their sons:
They will be Companions
Of the Fire, to dwell
Therein (for aye)!
18. One Day will God
Raise them all up
(For Judgment): then
Will they swear to Him
As they swear to you:
And they think that they
Have something (to stand upon).
No, indeed! they are
But liars!
19. The Evil One has
Got the better of them:
So he has made them
Lose the remembrance
Of God. They are the Party
Of the Evil One. Truly,
It is the Party
Of the Evil One
That will perish!
20. Those who resist
God and His Apostle
Will be among those
Most humiliated.
21. God has decreed:
"It is I and My apostles
Who must prevail":
For God is One
Full of strength,
Able to enforce His Will.
22. Thou wilt not find
Any people who believe
In God and the Last Day,
Loving those who resist
God and His Apostle,
Even though they were
Their fathers or their sons,
Or their brothers, or
Their kindred. For such
He has written Faiths
In their hearts, and strengthened
Them with a spirit
From Himself. And He
Will admit them to Gardens
Beneath which Rivers flow,
To dwell therein (for ever).
God will be well pleased
With them, and they with Him.
They are the Party
Of God. Truly it is
The Party of God that
Will achieve Felicity.

# Sūra LIX.

ashr, or The Gathering

(or Banishment, lix. 2-3).
In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Whatever is
In the heavens and
On earth, let it declare
The Praises and Glory
Of God: for He is
The Exalted in Might,
The Wise.
2. It is He Who got out
The Unbelievers among
The People of the Book
From their homes
At the first gathering
(Of the forces).
Little did ye think
That they would get out:
And they thought
That their fortresses
Would defend them from God!
But the (Wrath of) God
Came to them from quarters
From which they little
Expected (it), and cast
Terror into their hearts,
So that they destroyed
Their dwellings by their own
Hands and the hands
Of the Believers.
Take warning, then,
O ye with eyes (to see)!
3. And had it not been
That God had decreed
Banishment for them,
He would certainly have
Punished them in this world:
And in the Hereafter
They shall (certainly) have
The Punishment of the Fire.
4. That is because they
Resisted God and His Apostle:
And if any one resists God,
Verily God is severe
In Punishment.
p. 1522
5. Whether ye cut down
(O ye Muslims!)
The tender palm-trees,
Or ye left them standing
On their roots, it was
By leave of God, and
In order that He might
Cover with shame
The rebellious transgressors.
6. What God has bestowed
On His Apostle (and taken
Away) from them—for this
Ye made no expedition
With either cavalry or camelry:
But God gives power
To His apostles over
Any He pleases: and God
Has power over all things.
7. What God has bestowed
On His Apostle (and taken
Away) from the people
Of the townships,—belongs
To God,—to His Apostle
And to kindred and orphans,
The needy and the wayfarer;
In order that it may not
(Merely) make a circuit
Between the wealthy among you.
So take what the Apostle
Assigns to you, and deny
Yourselves that which he
Withholds from you.
And fear God; for God
Is strict in Punishment.
8. (Some part is due)
To the indigent Muhājirs,
Those who were expelled
From their homes and their property,
While seeking Grace from God
And (His) Good Pleasure,
And aiding God and His Apostle:
Such are indeed
The sincere ones;—
9. But those who
Before them, had homes
(In Medina)
And had adopted the Faith,—
Show their affection to such
As came to them for refuge,
And entertain no desire
In their hearts for things
Given to the (latter),
But give them preference
Over themselves, even though
Poverty was their (own lot).
And those saved from
The covetousness of their own
Souls,—they are the ones
That achieve prosperity.
10. And those who came
After them say: "Our Lord!
Forgive us, and our brethren
Who came before us
Into the Faith,
And leave not,
In our hearts,
Rancour (or sense of injury)
Against those who have believed.
Our Lord! Thou art
Indeed Full of Kindness,
Most Merciful."
11. Hast thou not observed
The Hypocrites say
To their misbelieving brethren
Among the People of the Book?—
"If ye are expelled,
We too will go out
With you, and we will
Never hearken, to any one
In your affair; and if
Ye are attacked (in fight)
We will help you".
But God is witness
That they are indeed liars.
12. If they are expelled,
Never will they go out
With them; and if they
Are attacked (in fight),
They will never help them;
And if they do help them,
They will turn their backs;
So they will receive no help.
13. Of a truth ye are
Stronger (than they)
Because of the terror
In their hearts,
(Sent) by God.
This is because they are
Men devoid of understanding.
14. They will not fight you
(Even) together, except
In fortified townships,
Or from behind walls.
Strong is their fighting (spirit)
Amongst themselves:
Thou wouldst think
They were united,
But their hearts are divided:
That is because they
Are a people devoid
Of wisdom.
15. Like those who lately
Preceded them, they have
Tasted the evil result
Of their conduct; and
(In the Hereafter there is)
For them a grievous Penalty;—
16. (Their allies deceived them),
Like the Evil One,
When he says to man,
"Deny God": but when
(Man) denies God,
(The Evil One) says,
"I am free of thee:
I do fear God,
The Lord of the Worlds!"
17. The end of both will be
That they will go
Into the Fire, dwelling
Therein for ever.
Such is the reward
Of the wrong-doers.
18. O ye who believe!
Fear God,
And let every soul look
To what (provision) he has
Sent forth for the morrow.
Yea, fear God:
For God is well-acquainted
With (all) that ye do.
19. And be ye not like
Those who forgot God;
And He made them forget
Their own souls! Such
Are the rebellious transgressors!
20. Not equal are
The Companions of the Fire
And the Companions
Of the Garden:
It is the Companions
Of the Garden,
That will achieve Felicity.
21. Had We sent down
This Qur-ān on a mountain,
Verily, thou wouldst have seen
It humble itself and cleave
Asunder for fear of God.
Such are the similitudes
Which We propound to men,
That they may reflect.
22. God is He, than Whom
There is no other god;—
Who knows (all things)
Both secret and open;
He, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.
23. God is He, than Whom
There is no other god;—
The Sovereign, the Holy One,
The Source of Peace
(and Perfection),
The Guardian of Faith,
The Preserver of Safety,
The Exalted in Might,
The Irresistible, the Supreme:
Glory to God!
(High is He)
Above the partners
They attribute to Him.
24. He is God, the Creator,
The Evolver,
The Bestower of Forms
(Or Colours).
To Him belongs
The Most Beautiful Names:
Whatever is in
The heavens and on earth,
Doth declare
His Praises and Glory:
And He is the Exalted
In Might, the Wise.

# Sūra LX.

Mumtaana, or the Woman to be Examined.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most, Merciful.

1. O ye who believe!
Take not My enemies
And yours as friends
(Or protectors),—offering them
(Your) love, even though
They have rejected the Truth
That has come to you,
And have (on the contrary)
Driven out the Prophet
And yourselves (from your homes),
(Simply) because ye believe
In God your Lord!
If ye have come out
To strive in My Way
And to seek My Good Pleasure,
(Take them not as friends),
Holding secret converse
Of love (and friendship)
With them: for I know
Full well all that ye
Conceal and all that ye
Reveal. And any of you
That does this has strayed
From the Straight Path.
2. If they were to get
The better of you,
They would behave to you
As enemies, and stretch forth
Their hands and their tongues
Against you for evil;
And they desire that ye
Should reject the Truth.
3. Of no profit to you
Will be your relatives
And your children
On the Day of Judgment:
He will judge between you:
For God sees well
All that ye do.
4. There is for you
An excellent example (to follow)
In Abraham and those with him,
When they said
To their people:
"We are clear of you
And of whatever ye worship
Besides God: we have rejected
You, and there has arisen,
Between us and you, enmity
And hatred for ever,—unless
Ye believe in God
And Him alone":
But not when Abraham
Said to his father:
"I will pray for forgiveness
For thee, though I have
No power (to get) aught
On thy behalf from God."
(They prayed): "Our Lord!
In Thee do we trust,
And to Thee do we turn
In repentance: to Thee
Is (our) final Goal.
5. "Our Lord! Make us not
A (test and) trial
For the Unbelievers,
But forgive us, our Lord!
For Thou art the Exalted
In Might, the Wise."
6. There was indeed in them
An excellent example for you
To follow,—for those
Whose hope is in God
And in the Last Day.
But if any turn away,
Truly God is Free of all
Wants, Worthy of all Praise.
7. It may be that God
Will grant love (and friendship)
Between you and those whom
Ye (now) hold as enemies.
For God has power
(Over all things); And God is
Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
8. God forbids you not,
With regard to those who
Fight you not for (your) Faith
Nor drive you out
Of your homes,
From dealing kindly and justly
With them: For God loveth
Those who are just.
9. God only forbids you,
With regard to those who
Fight you for (your) Faith,
And drive you out
Of your homes, and support
(Others) in driving you out,
From turning to them
(For friendship and protection).
It is such as turn to them
(In these circumstances),
That do wrong.
10. O ye who believe!
When there come to you
Believing women refugees,
Examine (and test) them:
God knows best as to
Their Faith: if ye ascertain
That they are Believers,
Then send them not back
To the Unbelievers.
They are not lawful (wives)
For the Unbelievers, nor are
The (Unbelievers) lawful (husbands)
For them. But pay
The Unbelievers what they
Have spent (on their dower).
And there will be no blame
On you if ye marry them
On payment of their dower
To them. But hold not
To the guardianship of
Unbelieving women: ask
For what ye have spent
On their dowers, and let
The (Unbelievers) ask for
What they have spent
(On the dowers of women
Who come over to you).
Such is the command
Of God: He judges
(With justice) between you.
And God is Full of
Knowledge and Wisdom.
11. And if any
Of your wives deserts you
To the Unbelievers,
And ye have an accession
(By the coming over of
A woman from the other side),
Then pay to those
Whose wives have deserted
The equivalent of what they
Had spent (on their dower).
And fear God,
In Whom ye believe.
12. O Prophet!
When believing women come
To thee to take the oath
Of fealty to thee, that they
Will not associate in worship
Any other thing whatever
With God, that they
Will not steal, that they
Will not commit adultery
(Or fornication), that they
Will not kill their children,
That they will not utter
Slander, intentionally forging
Falsehood, and that they
Will not disobey thee
In any just matter,
Then do thou receive
Their fealty, and pray to God
For the forgiveness (of
Their sins): for God is
Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
13. O ye who believe!
Turn not (for friendship)
To people on whom
Is the Wrath of God.
Of the Hereafter they are
Already in despair, just as
The Unbelievers are
In despair about those
(Buried) in graves.

# Sūra LXI.

aff, or Battle Array.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Whatever is
In the heavens and
On earth, let it declare
The Praises and Glory
Of God: for He is
The Exalted in Might,
The Wise.
2. O ye who believe!
Why say ye that
Which ye do not?
3. Grievously odious is it
In the sight of God
That ye say that
Which ye do not.
4. Truly God loves those
Who fight in His Cause
In battle array, as if
They were a solid
Cemented structure.
5. And remember, Moses said
To his people: "O my people!
Why do ye vex and insult
Me, though ye know
That I am the apostle
Of God (sent) to you?"
Then when they went wrong,
God let their hearts go wrong.
For God guides not those
Who are rebellious transgressors.
6. And remember, Jesus,
The son of Mary, said:
"O Children of Israel!
I am the apostle of God
(Sent) to you, confirming
The Law (which came)
Before me, and giving
Glad Tidings of an Apostle
To come after me,
Whose name shall be Amad."
But when he came to them
With Clear Signs,
They said, "This is
Evident sorcery!"
7. Who doth greater wrong
Than one who invents
Falsehood against God,
Even as he is being invited
To Islām? And God
Guides not those
Who do wrong.
8. Their intention is
To extinguish God's Light
(By blowing) with their mouths:
But God will complete
(The revelation of) His Light,
Even though the Unbelievers
May detest (it).
9. It is He Who has sent
His Apostle with Guidance
And the Religion of Truth,
That he may proclaim it
Over all religion,
Even though the Pagans
May detest (it).
10. O ye who believe!
Shall I lead you
To a bargain that will
Save you from
A grievous Penalty?—
11. That ye believe in God
And His Apostle, and that
Ye strive (your utmost)
In the Cause of God,
With your property
And your persons:
That will be best for you,
If ye but knew!
12. He will forgive you
Your sins, and admit you
To Gardens beneath which
Rivers flow, and to beautiful
Mansions in Gardens
Of Eternity: that is indeed
The supreme Achievement.
13. And another (favour
Will He bestow), which ye
Do love,—help from God
And a speedy victory.
So give the Glad Tidings
To the Believers.
14. O ye who believe!
Be ye helpers of God:
As said Jesus the son of Mary
To the Disciples, "Who will be
My helpers to (the work
Of) God?" Said the Disciples,
"We are God's helpers!"
Then a portion of the Children
Of Israel believed, and
A portion disbelieved:
But We gave power
To those who believed,
Against their enemies,
And they became
The ones that prevailed.

# Sūra LXII.

Jumu‘a, or the Assembly (Friday) Prayer.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful
1. Whatever is
In the heavens and
On earth, doth declare
The Praises and Glory
Of God,—the Sovereign,
The Holy One, the Exalted
In Might, the Wise.
2. It is He Who has sent
Amongst the Unlettered
An apostle from among
Themselves, to rehearse
To them His Signs,
To sanctify them, and
To instruct them in Scripture
And Wisdom,—although
They had been, before,
In manifest error;—
3. As well as (to confer
All these benefits upon)
Others of them, who
Have not already joined them:
And He is Exalted
In Might, Wise.
4. Such is the Bounty of God,
Which He bestows
On whom He will:
And God is the Lord
Of the highest bounty.
5. The similitude of those
Who were charged
With the (obligations
Of the) Mosaic Law,
But who subsequently failed
In those (obligations), is
That of a donkey
Which carries huge tomes
(But understands them not).
Evil is the similitude
Of people who falsify
The Signs of God:
And God guides not
People who do wrong.
6. Say: "O ye that
Stand on Judaism!
If ye think that ye
Are friends to God,
To the exclusion of
(Other) men, then express
Your desire for Death,
If ye are truthful!"
7. But never will they
Express their desire
(For Death), because of
The (deeds) their hands
Have sent on before them!
And God knows well
Those that do wrong!
8. Say: "The Death from which
Ye flee will truly
Overtake you: then will
Ye be sent back
To the Knower of things
Secret and open: and He
Will tell you (the truth
Of) the things that ye did!"
9. O ye who believe!
When the call is proclaimed
To prayer on Friday
(The Day of Assembly),
Hasten earnestly to the
Of God, and leave off
Business (and traffic):
That is best for you
If ye but knew!
10. And when the Prayer
Is finished, then may ye
Disperse through the land,
And seek of the Bounty
Of God: and celebrate
The Praises of God
Often (and without stint):
That ye may prosper.
11. But when they see
Some bargain or some
Amusement, they disperse
Headlong to it, and leave
Thee standing. Say:
"The (blessing) from the Presence
Of God is better than
Any amusement or bargain!
And God is the Best
To provide (for all needs)."

# Sūra LXIII.

Munāfiqūn, or the Hypocrites.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful

1. When the Hypocrites
Come to thee, they say,
"We bear witness that thou
Art indeed the Apostle
Of God." Yea, God
Knoweth that thou art
Indeed His Apostle,
And God beareth witness
That the Hypocrites are
Indeed liars.
2. They have made their oaths
A screen (for their misdeeds):
Thus they obstruct (men)
From the Path of God:
Truly evil are their deeds.
3. That is because they believed,
Then they rejected Faith:
So a seal was set
On their hearts: therefore
They understand not.
4. When thou lookest
At them, their exteriors
Please thee; and when
They speak, thou listenest
To their words. They are
As (worthless as hollow)
Pieces of timber propped up,
(Unable to stand on their own).
They think that every
Cry is against them.
They are the enemies;
So beware of them.
The curse of God be
On them! How are they
Deluded (away from the Truth)!
5. And when it is said
To them, "Come, the Apostle
Of God will pray for your
Forgiveness" they turn aside
Their heads, and thou wouldst
See them turning away
Their faces in arrogance.
6. It is equal to them
Whether thou pray for
Their forgiveness or not.
God will not forgive them.
Truly God guides not
Rebellious transgressors.
7. They are the ones who say,
"Spend nothing on those
Who are with God's Apostle,
To the end that they
May disperse (and quit Medina)."
But to God belong
The treasures of the heavens
And the earth; but
The Hypocrites understand not.
8. They say, "If we
Return to Medina, surely
The more honourable (element)
Will expel therefrom the meaner".
But honour belongs to God
And His Apostle, and
To the Believers; but
The Hypocrites know not.
9. O ye who believe!
Let not your riches
Or your children divert you
From the remembrance of God.
If any act thus,
The loss is their own.
10. And spend something (in charity)
Out of the substance
Which We have bestowed
On you, before Death
Should come to any of you
And he should say,
"O my Lord! Why didst
Thou not give me
Respite for a little while?
I should then have given
 (Largely) in charity, and I
Should have been one
Of the doers of good".
11. But to no soul
Will God grant respite
When the time appointed
(For it) has come; and God
Is well acquainted
With (all) that ye do.

# Sūra LXIV.

Tagābun, or Mutual Loss and Gain.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Whatever is
In the heavens and
On earth, doth declare
The Praises and Glory
Of God: to Him belongs
Dominion, and to Him belongs
Praise: and He has power
Over all things.
2. It is He Who has
Created you; and of you
Are some that are
Unbelievers, and some
That are Believers:
And God sees well
All that ye do.
3. He has created the heavens
And the earth
In just proportions,
And has given you shape,
And made your shapes
Beautiful: and to Him
Is the final Goal.
4. He knows what is
In the heavens
And on earth;
And He knows what
Ye conceal and what
Ye reveal: yea, God
Knows well the (secrets)
Of (all) hearts.
5. Has not the story
Reached you, of those
Who rejected Faith aforetime?
So they tasted the evil
Result of their conduct;
And they had
A grievous Penalty.
6. That was because there
Came to them apostles
With Clear Signs,
But they said:
"Shall (mere) human beings
Direct us?" So they rejected
(The Message) and turned away.
But God can do without (them):
And God is
Free of all needs,
Worthy of all praise.
7. The Unbelievers think
That they will not be
Raised up (for Judgment).
Say: "Yea, by my Lord,
Ye shall surely be
Raised up: then shall ye
Be told (the truth) of
All that ye did.
And that is easy for God."
8. Believe, therefore, in God
And His Apostle, and
In the Light which We
Have sent down. And God
Is well acquainted
With all that ye do.
9. The Day that He assembles
You (all) for a Day
Of Assembly,—that will be
A day of mutual loss
And gain (among you).
And those who believe
In God and work righteousness,—
He will remove from them
Their ills, and He will admit
Them to gardens beneath which
Rivers flow, to dwell therein
For ever: that will be
The Supreme Achievement.
10. But those who reject Faith
And treat Our Signs
As falsehoods, they will be
Companions of the Fire,
To dwell therein for aye:
And evil is that Goal.
11. No kind of calamity
Can occur, except
By the leave of God:
And if any one believes
In God, (God) guides his
Heart (aright): for God
Knows all things.
12. So obey God, and obey
His Apostle: but if
Ye turn back, the duty
Of Our Apostle is but
To proclaim (the Message)
Clearly and openly.
13. God! There is no god
But He: and on God,
Therefore, let the Believers
Put their trust.
14. O ye who believe!
Truly, among your wives
And your children are (some
That are) enemies to
Yourselves: so beware
Of them! But if ye
Forgive and overlook,
And cover up (their faults),
Verily God is
Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
15. Your riches and your children
May be but a trial:
But in the Presence of God,
Is the highest Reward.
16. So fear God
As much as ye can;
Listen and obey;
And spend in charity
For the benefit of
Your own souls.
And those saved from
The covetousness of their own
Souls,—they are the ones
That achieve prosperity.
17. If ye loan to God
A beautiful loan, He
Will double it to
Your (credit), and He
Will grant you Forgiveness:
For God is most Ready
To appreciate (service)
Most Forbearing,—
18. Knower of what is hidden
And what is open,
Exalted in Might,
Full of Wisdom.

# Sūra LXV.

alāq, or Divorce.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. O Prophet! When ye
Do divorce women,
Divorce them at their
Prescribed periods,
And count (accurately)
Their prescribed periods:
And fear God your Lord:
And turn them not out
Of their houses, nor shall
They (themselves) leave,
Except in case they are
Guilty of some open lewdness,
Those are limits
Set by God: and any
Who transgresses the limits
Of God, does verily
Wrong his (own) soul:
Thou knowest not if
Perchance God will
Bring about thereafter
Some new situation.
2. Thus when they fulfil
Their term appointed,
Either take them back
On equitable terms
Or part with them
On equitable terms;
And take for witness
Two persons from among you,
Endued with justice,
And establish the evidence
(As) before God. Such
Is the admonition given
To him who believes
In God and the Last Day.
And for those who fear
God, He (ever) prepares
A way out,
3. And He provides for him
From (sources) he never
Could imagine. And if
Any one puts his trust
In God, sufficient is (God)
For him. For God will
Surely accomplish His purpose:
Verily, for all things
Has God appointed
A due proportion.
4. Such of your women
As have passed the age
Of monthly courses, for them
The prescribed period, if ye
Have any doubts, is
Three months, and for those
Who have no courses
(It is the same):
For those who carry
(Life within their wombs),
Their period is until
They deliver their burdens:
And for those who
Fear God, He will
Make their path easy.
5. That is the Command
Of God, which He
Has sent down to you:
And if any one fears God,
He will remove his ills
From him, and will enlarge
His reward.
6. Let the women live
(In ‘iddat) in the same
Style as ye live,
According to your means:
Annoy them not, so as
To restrict them.
And if they carry (life
In their wombs), then
Spend (your substance) on them
Until they deliver
Their burden: and if
They suckle your (offspring),
Give them their recompense:
And take mutual counsel
Together, according to
What is just and reasonable.
And if ye find yourselves
In difficulties, let another
Woman suckle (the child)
On the (father's) behalf.
7. Let the man of means
Spend according to
His means: and the man
Whose resources are restricted,
Let him spend according
To what God has given him.
God puts no burden
On any person beyond
What He has given him.
After a difficulty, God
Will soon grant relief.
8. How many populations
That insolently opposed
The command of their Lord
And of His apostles,
Did We not then
Call to account,
To severe account?
And We imposed on them
An exemplary Punishment.
9. Then did they taste
The evil result of
Their conduct, and the End
Of their conduct
Was Perdition.
10. God has prepared for them
A severe Punishment
(In the Hereafter).
Therefore fear God,
O ye men of understanding—
Who have believed!
For God hath indeed
Sent down to you
A Message,—
11. An Apostle, who rehearses
To you the Signs of God
Containing clear explanations,
That he may lead forth
Those who believe
And do righteous deeds
From the depths of Darkness
Into Light. And those who
Believe in God and work
Righteousness, He will admit
To Gardens beneath which rivers
Flow, to dwell therein
For ever: God has indeed
Granted for them
A most excellent provision.
12. God is He Who
Created seven Firmaments
And of the earth
A similar number.
Through the midst
Of them (all) descends
His Command: that ye may
Know that God has power
Over all things, and that
God comprehends all things
In (His) Knowledge.

# Sūra LXVI.

Tarīm, or Holding (something) to be Forbidden.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. O Prophet! Why
Holdest thou to be forbidden
That which God has
Made lawful to thee?
Thou seekest to please
Thy consorts. But God
Is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
2. God has already ordained
For you, (O men),
The dissolution of your oaths
(In some cases): and God
Is your Protector, and He
Is Full of Knowledge
And Wisdom.
3. When the Prophet disclosed
A matter in confidence
To one of his consorts,
And she then divulged it
(To another), and God made it
Known to him, he confirmed
Part thereof and repudiated
A part. Then when he
Told her thereof, she said,
"Who told thee this?"
He said, "He told me
Who knows and is well-acquainted
(With all things)"
4. If ye two turn in repentance
To Him, your hearts
Are indeed so inclined;
But if ye back up
Each other against him,
Truly God is his Protector,
And Gabriel, and (every)
Righteous one among those
Who believe,—and furthermore,
The angels—will back (him) up.
5. It may be, if he
Divorced you (all)
That God will give him
In exchange Consorts
Better than you,
Who submit (their wills),
Who believe, who are devout,
Who turn to God in repentance,
Who worship (in humility),
Who travel (for Faith) and fast,—
Previously married or virgins.
6. O ye who believe!
Save yourselves and your
Families from a Fire
Whose fuel is Men
And Stones, over which
Are (appointed) angels
Stern (and) severe,
Who flinch not (from
Executing) the Commands
They receive from God,
But do (precisely) what
They are commanded.
7. (They will say),
"O ye Unbelievers!
Make no excuses
This Day! Ye are being
But requited for
All that ye did!"
8. O ye who believe!
Turn to God
With sincere repentance:
In the hope that
Your Lord will remove
From you your ills
And admit you to Gardens
Beneath which Rivers flow,—
The Day that God
Will not permit
To be humiliated
The Prophet and those
Who believe with him.
Their Light will run
Forward before them
And by their right hands,
While they say, "Our Lord!
Perfect our Light for us,
And grant us Forgiveness:
For Thou hast power
Over all things."
9. O Prophet! Strive hard
Against the Unbelievers
And the Hypocrites,
And be firm against them.
Their abode is Hell,—
An evil refuge (indeed).
10. God sets forth,
For an example
To the Unbelievers,
The wife of Noah
And the wife of Lū:
They were (respectively)
Under two of our righteous
Servants, but they were
False to their (husbands),
And they profited nothing
Before God on their account,
But were told: "Enter ye
The Fire along with
(Others) that enter!"
11. And God sets forth,
As an example
To those who believe,
The wife of Pharaoh:
Behold she said:
"O my Lord! build
For me, in nearness
To Thee, a mansion
In the Garden,
And save me from Pharaoh
And his doings,
And save me from
Those that do wrong";
12. And Mary the daughter
Of ‘Imrān, who guarded
Her chastity; and We
Breathed into (her body)
Of Our spirit; and she
Testified to the truth
Of the words of her Lord
And of his Revelations,
And was one of the
Devout (servants).

# Sūra LXVII.

Mulk, or Dominion.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Blessed be He
In Whose hands
Is Dominion;
And He over all things
Hath Power;—
2. He Who created Death
And Life, that He
May try which of you
Is best in deed:
And He is the Exalted
In Might, Oft-Forgiving;—
3. He Who created
The seven heavens
One above another:
No want of proportion
Wilt thou see
In the Creation
Of (God) Most Gracious.
So turn thy vision again:
Seest thou any flaw?
4. Again turn thy vision
A second time: (thy) vision
Will come back to thee
Dull and discomfited,
In a state worn out.
5. And We have,
(From of old),
Adorned the lowest heaven
With Lamps, and We
Have made such (Lamps)
(As) missiles to drive
Away the Evil Ones,
And have prepared for them
The Penalty
Of the Blazing Fire.
6. For those who reject
Their Lord (and Cherisher)
Is the Penalty of Hell:
And evil is (such) destination.
7. When they are cast therein,
They will hear
The (terrible) drawing in
Of its breath
Even as it blazes forth,
8. Almost bursting with fury:
Every time a Group
Is cast therein, its Keepers
Will ask, "Did no Warner
Come to you?"
9. They will say: "Yes indeed;
A Warner did come to us,
But we rejected him
And said, "God never
Sent down any (Message):
Ye are innothing but
An egregious delusion!"
10. They will further say:
"Had we but listened
Or used our intelligence,
We should not (now)
Be among the Companions
Of the Blazing Fire!"
11. They will then confess
Their sins: but far
Will be (Forgiveness)
From the Companions
Of the Blazing Fire!
12. As for those who
Fear their Lord unseen,
For them is Forgiveness
And a great Reward.
13. And whether ye hide
Your word or publish it,
He certainly has (full) knowledge,
Of the secrets of (all) hearts.
14. Should He not know,—
He that created?
And He is the One
That understands the finest
Mysteries (and) is
Well-acquainted (with them).
15. It is He Who has
Made the earth manageable
For you, so traverse
Ye through its tracts
And enjoy of the Sustenance
Which He furnishes: but
Unto Him is the Resurrection.
16. Do ye feel secure that
He Who is in Heaven
Will not cause you
To be swallowed up
By the earth when it
Shakes (as in an earthquake)?
17. Or do ye feel secure
That He Who is in Heaven
Will not send against you
A violent tornado
(With showers of stones),
So that ye shall
Know how (terrible)
Was My warning?
18. But indeed men before them
Rejected (My warning):
Then how (terrible) was
My rejection (of them)?
19. Do they not observe
The birds above them,
Spreading their wings
And folding them in?
None can uphold them
Except (God) Most Gracious:
Truly it is He
That watches over all things.
20. Nay, who is there
That can help you,
(Even as) an army,
Besides (God) Most Merciful?
In nothing but delusion
Are the Unbelievers.
21. Or who is there
That can provide you
With Sustenance if He
Were to withhold His provision?
Nay, they obstinately persist
In insolent impiety
And flight (from the Truth).
22. Is then one who
Walks headlong, with his face
Grovelling, better guided,—
Or one who walks
Evenly on a Straight Way?
23. Say: "It is He Who
Has created you (and made
You grow), and made
For you the faculties
Of hearing, seeing,
Feeling and understanding:
Little thanks it is ye give.
24. Say: "It is He Who
Has multiplied you
Through the earth,
And to Him shall ye
Be gathered together."
25. They ask: When will
This promise be (fulfilled)?—
If ye are telling
The truth.
26. Say: "As to the knowledge
Of the time, it is
With God alone:
I am (sent) only
To warn plainly in public."
27. At length, when they
See it close at hand,
Grieved will be the faces
Of the Unbelievers,
And it will be said
(To them): "This is
(The promise fulfilled),
Which ye were calling for!"
28. Say: "See ye?—
If God were
To destroy me,
And those with me,
Or if He bestows
His Mercy on us,—
Yet who can deliver
The Unbelievers from
A grievous Penalty?"
29. Say: "He is (God)
Most Gracious: we have
Believed in Him,
And on Him have we
Put our trust:
So, soon will ye know
Which (of us) it is
That is in manifest error."
30. Say: "See ye?—
If your stream be
Some morning lost
(In the underground earth),
Who then can supply you
With clear-flowing water?"

# Sūra LXVIII.

Qalam, or the Pen, or Nūn.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Nūn. By the Pen
And by the (Record)
Which (men) write,—
2. Thou art not,
By the grace of thy Lord,
Mad or possessed.
3. Nay, verily for thee
Is a Reward unfailing:
4. And thou (standest)
On an exalted standard
Of character.
5. Soon wilt thou see,
And they will see,
6. Which of you is
Afflicted with madness.
7. Verily it is thy Lord
That knoweth best,
Which (among men)
Hath strayed from His Path:
And He knoweth best
Those who receive
(True) Guidance.
8. So hearken not
To those who
Deny (the Truth),
9. Their desire is that
Thou shouldst be pliant:
So would they be pliant.
10. Heed not the type
Of despicable man,—
Ready with oaths,
11. A slanderer, going about
With calumnies,
12. (Habitually) hindering (all) good,
Transgressing beyond bounds,
Deep in sin,
13. Violent (and cruel),—
With all that, base-born,—
14. Because he possesses
Wealth and (numerous) sons.
15. When to him are rehearsed
Our Signs,
"Tales of the Ancients",
He cries!
16. Soon shall We brand
(The beast) on the snout!
17. Verily We have tried them
As We tried the People
Of the Garden,
When they resolved to gather
The fruits of the (garden)
In the morning,
18. But made no reservation,
("If it be God's Will").
19. Then there came
On the (garden)
A visitation from thy Lord,
(Which swept away) all around,
While they were asleep.
20. So the (garden) became,
By the morning, like
A dark and desolate spot,
(Whose fruit had been gathered).
21. As the morning broke,
They called out,
One to another,—
22. "Go ye to your tilth
(Betimes) in the morning,
If ye would gather
The fruits."
23. So they departed, conversing
In secret low tones, (saying)—
24. "Let not a single indigent
Person break in upon you
Into the (garden) this day."
25. And they opened the morning,
Strong in an (unjust) resolve.
26. But when they saw
The (garden), they said:
"We have surely lost our way:
27. "Indeed we are shut out
(Of the fruits of our labour)!"
28. Said one of them,
More just (than the rest):
"Did I not say to you,
"Why not glorify (God)?"
29. They said: "Glory
To our Lord! Verily we
Have been doing wrong!"
30. Then they turned, one
Against another, in reproach.
31. They said: "Alas for us!
We have indeed transgressed!
32. "It may be that our Lord
Will give us in exchange
A better (garden) than this:
For we do turn to Him
(In repentance)!"
33. Such is the Punishment
(In this life); but greater
Is the Punishment
In the Hereafter,—
If only they knew!
34. Verily, for the Righteous,
Are Gardens of Delight,
In the Presence
Of their Lord.
35. Shall We then treat
The People of Faith
Like the People of Sin?
36. What is the matter
With you? How judge ye?
37. Or have ye a Book
Through which ye learn—
38. That ye shall have,
Through it whatever
Ye choose?
39. Or have ye Covenants
With Us on oath,
Reaching to the Day
Of Judgment, (providing)
That ye shall have
Whatever ye shall demand?
40. Ask thou of them,
Which of them will stand
Surety for that!
41. Or have they some
"Partners" (in Godhead)?
Then let them produce
Their "partners",
If they are truthful!
42. The Day that the Shin
Shall be laid bare,
And they shall be summoned
To bow in adoration,
But they shall not be able,—
43. Their eyes will be
Cast down,—ignominy will
Cover them; seeing that
They had been summoned
Aforetime to bow in adoration,
While they were whole,
(And had refused).
44. Then leave Me alone
With such as reject
This Message: by degrees
Shall We punish them
From directions they perceive not.
45. A (long) respite will I
Grant them: truly
Powerful is My Plan.
46. Or is it that thou dost
Ask them for a reward,
So that they are burdened
With a load of debt?—
47. Or that the Unseen
Is in their hands, so that
They can write it down?
48. So wait with patience
For the Command
Of thy Lord, and be not
Like the Companion
Of the Fish,—when he
Cried out in agony.
49. Had not Grace
From His Lord
Reached him, he
Would indeed have been
Cast off on the naked
Shore, in disgrace.
50. Thus did his Lord
Choose him and make him
Of the company
Of the Righteous.
51. And the Unbelievers
Would almost trip thee up
With their eyes when they
Hear the Message; and they
Say: "Surely he is possessed!"
52. But it is nothing less
Than a Message
To all the worlds.

# Sūra LXIX.

āqqa, or the Sure Reality.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. The Sure Reality!
2. What is the Sure Reality?
3. And what will make
Thee realise what
The Sure Reality is?
4. The Thamūd
And the ‘Ād people
(Branded) as false
The Stunning Calamity!
5. But the Thamūd,—
They were destroyed
By a terrible Storm
Of thunder and lightning!
6. And the ‘Ād,—
They were destroyed
By a furious Wind,
Exceedingly violent;
7. He made it rage
Against them seven nights
And eight days in succession:
So that thou couldst see
The (whole) people lying
Prostrate in its (path),
As if they had been
Roots of hollow palm-trees
Tumbled down!
8. Then seest thou any
Of them left surviving?
9. And Pharaoh,
And those before him,
And the Cities Overthrown,
Committed habitual Sin,
10. And disobeyed (each)
The apostle of their Lord;
So He punished them
With an abundant Penalty.
11. We, when the water
(Of Noah's Flood) overflowed
Beyond its limits,
Carried you (mankind),
In the floating (Ark),
12. That We might
Make it a Message
Unto you, and that ears
(That should hear the tale
And) retain its memory
Should bear its (lessons)
In remembrance.
13. Then, when one
Blast is sounded
On the Trumpet,
14. And the earth is moved,
And its mountains,
And they are crushed to powder
At one stroke,—
15. On that Day
Shall the (Great) Event
Come to pass,
16. And the sky will be
Rent asunder, for it will
That Day be flimsy,
17. And the angels will be
On its sides,
And eight will, that Day,
Bear the Throne
Of thy Lord above them.
18. That Day shall ye be
Brought to Judgment:
Not an act of yours
That ye hide will be hidden.
19. Then he that will be
Given his Record
In his right hand
Will say: "Ah here!
Read ye my Record!
20. "I did really understand
That my Account would
(One Day) reach me!"
21. And he will be
In a life of Bliss,
22. In a Garden on high,
23. The Fruits whereof
(Will hang in bunches)
Low and near.
24. "Eat ye and drink ye,
With full satisfaction;
Because of the (good)
That ye sent before you,
In the days that are gone!"
25. And he that will
Be given his Record
In his left hand,
Will say: "Ah! would
That my record had not
Been given to me!
26. "And that I had never
Realised how
My account (stood)!
27. "Ah! would that (Death)
Had made an end of me!
28. "Of no profit to me
Has been my wealth!
29. "My power has
Perished from me!"…
30. (The stern command will say):
"Seize ye him,
And bind ye him,
31. "And burn ye him
In the Blazing Fire.
32. "Further, make him march
In a chain, whereof
The length is seventy cubits!
33. "This was he that
Would not believe
In God Most High,
34. "And would not encourage
The feeding of the indigent!
35. "So no friend hath he
Here this Day.
36. "Nor hath he any food
Except the corruption
From the washing of wounds,
37. "Which none do eat
But those in sin."
38. So I do
Call to witness
What ye see
39. And what ye see not,
40. That this is
Verily the word
Of an honoured apostle;
41. It is not the word
Of a poet:
Little it is
Ye believe!
42. Nor is it the word
Of a soothsayer:
Little admonition it is
Ye receive.
43. (This is) a Message
Sent down from the Lord
Of the Worlds.
44. And if the apostle
Were to invent
Any sayings in Our name,
45. We should certainly seize him
By his right hand,
46. And We should certainly
Then cut off the artery
Of his heart:
47. Nor could any of you
Withhold him
(From Our wrath).
48. But verily this
Is a Message for
The God-fearing.
49. And We certainly know
That there are amongst you
Those that reject (it).
50. But truly (Revelation)
Is a cause of sorrow
For the Unbelievers.
51. But verily it is Truth
Of assured certainty.
52. So glorify the name
Of thy Lord Most High.

# Sūra LXX.

Ma‘ārij, or the Ways of Ascent.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. A questioner asked
About a Penalty
To befall—
2. The Unbelievers,
The which there is none
To ward off,—
3. (A Penalty) from God,
Lord of the Ways
Of Ascent.
4. The angels and
The Spirit ascend
Unto Him in a Day
The measure whereof
Is (as) fifty thousand years:
5. Therefore do thou hold
Patience,—a Patience
Of beautiful (contentment).
6. They see the (Day) indeed
As a far-off (event):
7. But We see it
(Quite) near.
8. The Day that
The sky will be like
Molten brass,
9. And the mountains will be
Like wool,
10. And no friend will ask
After a friend,
11. Though they will be put
In sight of each other,—
The sinner's desire will be:
Would that he could
Redeem himself from
The Penalty of that Day
By (sacrificing) his children,
12. His wife and his brother,
13. His kindred who sheltered him,
14. And all, all that is
On earth,—so it could
Deliver him:
15. By no means!
For it would be
The Fire of Hell!—
16. Plucking out (his being)
Right to the skull!—
17. Inviting (all) such
As turn their backs
And turn away their faces
(From the Right),
18. And collect (wealth)
And hide it (from use)!
19. Truly man was created
Very impatient;—
20. Fretful when evil
Touches him;
21. And niggardly when
Good reaches him;—
22. Not so those devoted
To Prayer;—
23. Those who remain steadfast
To their prayer;
24. And those in whose wealth
Is a recognised right
25. For the (needy) who asks
And him who is prevented
(For some reason from asking);
26. And those who hold
To the truth of the Day
Of Judgment;
27. And those who fear
The displeasure of their Lord,—
28. For their Lord's displeasure
Is the opposite of Peace
And Tranquillity;—
29. And those who guard
Their chastity,
30. Except with their wives
And the (captives) whom
Their right hands possess,—
For (then) they are not
To be blamed,
31. But those who trespass
Beyond this are transgressors;—
32. And those who respect
Their trusts and covenants;
33. And those who stand firm
In their testimonies;
34. And those who guard
(The sacredness) of their
35. Such will be
The honoured ones
In the Gardens (of Bliss).
36. Now what is
The matter with the Unbelievers
That they rush madly
Before thee—
37. From the right
And from the left,
In crowds?
38. Does every man of them
Long to enter
The Garden of Bliss?
39. By no means!
For We have created them
Out of the (base matter)
They know!
40. Now I do
Call to witness
The Lord of all points
In the East and the West
That We can certainly—
41. Substitute for them
Better (men) than they;
And We are not
To be defeated
(In Our Plan).
42. So leave them
To plunge in vain talk
And play about,
Until they encounter
That Day of theirs which
They have been promised!—
43. The Day whereon
They will issue
From their sepulchres
In sudden haste
As if they were
Rushing to a goal-post
(Fixed for them),—
44. Their eyes lowered
In dejection,
Ignominy covering them
(All over)!
Such is the Day
The which they
Are promised!

# Sūra LXXI.

, or Noah.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. We sent Noah
To his People
(With the Command):
"Do thou warn thy People
Before there comes to them
A grievous Penalty."
2. He said: "O my People!
I am to you
A Warner, clear and open:
3. "That ye should worship
God, fear Him,
And obey me:
4. "So He may forgive you
Your sins and give you
Respite for a stated Term:
For when the Term given
By God is accomplished,
It cannot be put forward:
If ye only knew."
5. He, said: "O my Lord!
I have called to my People
Night and day:
6. "But my call only
Increases (their) flight
(From the Right).
7. "And every time I have
Called to them, that Thou
Mightest forgive them,
They have (only) thrust
Their fingers into their ears,
Covered themselves up with
Their garments, grown obstinate,
And given themselves up
To arrogance.
8. "So I have called to them
9. "Further I have spoken
To them in public
And secretly in private,
10. "Saying, "Ask forgiveness
From your Lord;
For He is Oft-Forgiving;
11. "He will send rain
To you in abundance;
12. Give you increase
In wealth and sons;
And bestow on you
Gardens and bestow on you
Rivers (of flowing water).
13. "What is the matter
With you, that ye
Place not your hope
For kindness and long-suffering
In God,—
14. "Seeing that it is He
That has created you
In diverse stages?
15. "See ye not
How God has created
The seven heavens
One above another,
16. "And made the moon
A light in their midst,
And made the sun
As a (Glorious) Lamp?
17. "And God has produced
You from the earth,
Growing (gradually),
18. "And in the End
He will return you
Into the (earth),
And raise you forth
(Again at the Resurrection)?
19. "And God has made
The earth for you
As a carpet (spread out),
20. "That ye may go about
Therein, in spacious roads."
21. Noah said: "O my Lord!
They have disobeyed me,
But they follow (men)
Whose wealth and children
Give them no Increase
But only Loss.
22. "And they have devised
A tremendous Plot.
23. "And they have said
(To each other),
"Abandon not your gods:
Abandon neither Wadd
Nor Suwā‘, neither
Yagūth nor Ya‘ūq,
Nor Nasr’;—
24. "They have already
Misled many; and
Grant Thou no increase
To the wrong-doers but in
Straying (from their mark)."
25. Because of their sins
They were drowned
(In the flood),
And were made to enter
The Fire (of Punishment):
And they found
In lieu of God
None to help them.
26. And Noah said:
"O my Lord! Leave not
Of the Unbelievers,
A single one on earth!
27. "For, if Thou dost leave
(Any of) them, they will
But mislead Thy devotees,
And they will breed none
But wicked ungrateful ones.
28. "O my Lord! Forgive me,
My parents, all who
Enter my house in Faith,
And (all) believing men
And believing women:
And to the wrong-doers
Grant Thou no increase
But in Perdition!"

# Sūra LXXII.

Jinn, or the Spirits.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Say: It has been
Revealed to me that
A company of Jinns
Listened (to the Qur-ān).
They said, 'We have
Really heard a wonderful Recital!
2. 'It gives guidance
To the Right,
And we have believed therein:
We shall not join (in worship)
Any (gods) with our Lord.
3. 'And exalted is the Majesty
Of our Lord: He has
Taken neither a wife
Nor a son.
4. 'There were some foolish ones
Among us, who used
To utter extravagant lies
Against God;
5. 'But we do think
That no man or spirit
Should say aught that is
Untrue against God.
6. 'True, there were persons
Among mankind who took shelter
With persons among the Jinns,
But they increased them
In folly.
7. 'And they (came to) think
As ye thought, that God
Would not raise up
Any one (to Judgment).
8. 'And we pried into
The secrets of heaven;
But we found it filled
With stern guards
And flaming fires.
9. 'We used, indeed, to sit there
In (hidden) stations, to (steal)
A hearing; but any
Who listens now
Will find a flaming fire
Watching him in ambush.
10. 'And we understand not
Whether ill is intended
To those on earth,
Or whether their Lord
(Really) intends to guide
Them to right conduct.
11. 'There are among us
Some that are righteous,
And some the contrary:
We follow divergent paths.
12. 'But we think that we
Can by no means frustrate
God throughout the earth,
Nor can we frustrate Him
By flight.
13. 'And as for us,
Since we have listened
To the Guidance, we have
Accepted it: and any
Who believes in his Lord
Has no fear, either
Of a short (account)
Or of any injustice.
14. 'Amongst us are some
That submit their wills
(To God), and some
That swerve from justice.
Now those who submit
Their wills—they have
Sought out (the path)
Of right conduct:
15. 'But those who swerve,—
They are (but) fuel
For Hell-fire'—
16. (And God's Message is):
"If they (the Pagans)
Had (only) remained
On the (right) Way,
We should certainly have
Bestowed on them Rain
In abundance.
17. "That We might try them
By that (means).
But if any turns away
From the remembrance
Of his Lord, He will
Cause him to undergo
A severe Penalty.
18. "And the places of worship
Are for God (alone):
So invoke not any one
Along with God;
19. "Yet when the Devotee
Of God stands forth
To invoke Him, they just
Make round him a dense crowd."
20. Say: "I do
No more than invoke
My Lord, and I join not
With Him any (false god)."
21. Say: "It is not
In my power to cause
You harm, or to bring
You to right conduct."
22. Say: "No one can
Deliver me from God
(If I were to disobey Him),
Nor should I find refuge
Except in Him,
23. "Unless I proclaim what
I receive from God
And His Messages:
For any that disobey God
And His Apostle,—for them
Is Hell: they shall dwell
Therein for ever."
24. At length, when they
See (with their own eyes)
That which they are promised,—
Then will they know
Who it is that is
Weakest in (his) helper
And least important
In point of numbers.
25. Say: "I know not whether
The (Punishment) which ye
Are promised is near,
Or whether my Lord
Will appoint for it
A distant term.
26. "He (alone) knows the Unseen,
Nor does He make any one
Acquainted with his Mysteries,—
27. "Except an apostle
Whom He has chosen:
And then He makes
A band of watchers
March before him
And behind him,
28. "That he may know
That they have (truly)
Brought and delivered
The Messages of their Lord:
And He surrounds
(All the mysteries) that are
With them, and takes account
Of every single thing."

# Sūra LXXIII.

Muzzammil, or Folded in Garments.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. O thou folded
In garments!
2. Stand (to prayer) by night,
But not all night,—
3. Half of it,—
Or a little less,
4. Or a little more;
And recite the Qur-ān
In slow, measured rhythmic tones.
5. Soon shall We send down
To thee a weighty Message.
6. Truly the rising by night
Is most potent for governing
(The soul), and most suitable
For (framing) the Word
(Of Prayer and Praise).
7. True, there is for thee
By day prolonged occupation
With ordinary duties:
8. But keep in remembrance
The name of thy Lord
And devote thyself
To Him whole-heartedly.
9. (He is) Lord of the East
And the West: there is
No god but He:
Take Him therefore
For (thy) Disposer of Affairs.
10. And have patience with what
They say, and leave them
With noble (dignity).
11. And leave Me
(Alone to deal with)
Those in possession of
The good things of life,
Who (yet) deny the Truth;
And bear with them
For a little while.
12. With Us are Fetters
 (To bind them), and a Fire
(To burn them),
13. And a Food that chokes,
And a Penalty Grievous.
14. One Day the earth
And the mountains
Will be in violent commotion.
And the mountains will be
As a heap of sand
Poured out and flowing down.
15. We have sent to you,
(O men!) an apostle,
To be a witness concerning you,
Even as We sent
An apostle to Pharaoh.
16. But Pharaoh disobeyed
The apostle; so We
Seized him with
A heavy Punishment.
17. Then how shall ye,
If ye deny (God),
Guard yourselves against
A Day that will make
Children hoary-headed?—
18. Whereon the sky will be
Cleft asunder?
His Promise needs must
Be accomplished.
19. Verily this is an Admonition:
Therefore, whoso will, let him
Take a (straight) path
To his Lord!
20. Thy Lord doth know
That thou standest forth
(To prayer) nigh two-thirds
Of the night, or half
The night, or a third
Of the night, and so doth
A party of those with thee.
But God doth appoint Night
And Day in due measure.
He knoweth that ye are
Unable to keep count thereof.
So He hath turned to you
(In mercy): read ye,
Therefore, of the Qur-ān
As much as may be
Easy for you. He knoweth
That there may be (some)
Among you in ill-health;
Others travelling through the land,
Seeking of God's bounty;
Yet others fighting
In God's Cause. Read ye,
Therefore, as much of the Qur-ān
As may be easy (for you);
And establish regular Prayer
And give regular Charity;
And loan to God
A Beautiful Loan.
And whatever good
Ye send forth
For your souls,
Ye shall find it
In God's Presence,—
Yea, better and
Greater, in Reward.
And seek ye the Grace
Of God: for God is
Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

# Sūra LXXIV.

Muddaththir, or One Wrapped Up.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful

1. O thou wrapped up
(In a mantle)!
2. Arise and deliver thy warning!
3. And thy Lord
Do thou magnify!
4. And thy garments
Keep free from stain!
5. And all abomination shun!
6. Nor expect, in giving,
Any increase (for thyself)!
7. But, for thy Lord's (Cause),
Be patient and constant!
8. Finally, when the trumpet
Is sounded,
9. That will be—that Day—
A Day of Distress,—
10. Far from easy
For those without Faith.
11. Leave Me alone, (to deal)
With the (creature) whom
I created (bare and) alone!—
12. To whom I granted
Resources in abundance,
13. And sons to be
By his side!—
14. To whom I made
(Life) smooth and comfortable!
15. Yet is he greedy—
That I should add
(Yet more);—
16. By no means!
For to Our Signs
He has been refractory!
17. Soon will I visit him
With a mount of calamities!
18. For he thought
And he plotted;—
19. And woe to him!
How he plotted!—
20. Yea, woe to him:
How he plotted!—
21. Then he looked round;
22. Then he frowned
And he scowled;
23. Then he turned back
And was haughty;
24. Then said he:
"This is nothing but magic,
Derived from of old;
25. "This is nothing but
The word of a mortal!"
26. Soon will I
Cast him into Hell-Fire!
27. And what will explain
To thee what Hell-Fire is?
28. Naught doth it permit
To endure, and naught
Doth it leave alone!—
29. Darkening and changing
The colour of man!
30. Over it are Nineteen.
31. And We have set none
But angels as guardians
Of the Fire; and We
Have fixed their number
Only as a trial
For Unbelievers,—in order
That the People of the Book
May arrive at certainty,
And the Believers may increase
In Faith,—and that no doubts
May be left for the People
Of the Book and the Believers,
And that those in whose hearts
Is a disease and the Unbelievers
May say, "What symbol
Doth God intend by this?
Thus doth God leave to stray
Whom He pleaseth, and guide
Whom He pleaseth: and none
Can know the forces
Of thy Lord, except He.
And this is no other than
A warning to mankind.
32. Nay, verily:
By the Moon,
33. And by the Night
As it retreateth,
34. And by the Dawn
As it shineth forth,—
35. This is but one
Of the mighty (portents),
36. A warning to mankind,—
37. To any of you that
Chooses to press forward,
Or to follow behind;—
38. Every soul will be (held)
In pledge for its deeds.
39. Except the Companions
Of the Right Hand.
40. (They will be) in Gardens
(Of Delight): they will
Question each other,
41. And (ask) of the Sinners:
42. "What led you
Into Hell-Fire?"
43. They will say:
"We were not of those
Who prayed;
44. "Nor were we of those
Who fed the indigent;
45. "But we used to talk
Vanities with vain talkers;
46. "And we used to deny
The Day of Judgment,
47. "Until there came to us
(The Hour) that is certain."
48. Then will no intercession
Of (any) intercessors
Profit them.
49. When what is
The matter with them
That they turn away
From admonition?
50. As if they were
Affrighted asses,
51. Fleeing from a lion!
52. Forsooth, each one of them
Wants to be given
Scrolls (of revelation) spread out!
53. By no means! But
They fear not the Hereafter.
54. Nay, this surely
Is an admonition:
55. Let any who will,
Keep it in remembrance!
56. But none will keep it
In remembrance except
As God wills: He
Is the Lord of Righteousness,
And the Lord of Forgiveness.

# Sūra LXXV.

Qiyāmat, or the Resurrection.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. I do call to witness
The Resurrection Day;
2. And I do call to witness
The self-reproaching spirit:
(Eschew Evil).
3. Does man think that We
Cannot assemble his bones?
4. Nay, We are able to put
Together in perfect order
The very tips of his fingers.
5. But man wishes to do
Wrong (even) in the time
In front of him.
6. He questions: "When
Is the Day of Resurrection?"
7. At length, when
The Sight is dazed,
8. And the moon is
Buried in darkness.
9. And the sun and moon
Are joined together,—
10. That Day will Man say:
"Where is the refuge?"
11. By no means!
No place of safety!
12. Before thy Lord (alone),
That Day will be
The place of rest.
13. That Day will Man
Be told (all) that he
Put forward, and all
That he put back.
14. Nay, man will be
Evidence against himself,
15. Even though he were
To put up his excuses.
16. Move not thy tongue
Concerning the (Qur-ān)
To make haste therewith,
17. It is for Us to collect it
And to promulgate it:
18. But when We have
Promulgated it, follow thou
Its recital (as promulgated):
19. Nay more, it is
For us to explain it
(And make it clear):
20. Nay, (ye men!)
But ye love
The fleeting life,
21. And leave alone
The Hereafter.
22. Some faces, that Day,
Will beam (in brightness
And beauty);—
23. Looking towards their Lord;
24. And some faces, that Day,
Will be sad and dismal,
25. In the thought that some
Back-breaking calamity was about
To be indicted on them;
26. Yea, when (the soul)
Reaches to the collar-bone
(In its exit),
27. And there will be a cry,
"Who is a magician
(To restore him)?"
28. And he will conclude
That it was (the Time)
Of Parting;
29. And one leg will be
Joined with another:
30. That Day the Drive
Will be (all) to thy Lord!
31. So he gave nothing
In charity, nor
Did he pray!—
32. But on the contrary,
He rejected Truth
And turned away!
33. Then did he stalk
To his family
In full conceit!
34. Woe to thee,
(O man!, yea, woe!
35. Again, woe to thee,
(O man!), yea, woe!
36. Does Man think
That he will be left
Uncontrolled, (without purpose)?
37. Was he not a drop
Of sperm emitted
(In lowly form)?
38. Then did he become
A leech-like clot;
Then did (God) make
And fashion (him)
In due proportion.
39. And of him He made
Two sexes, male
And female.
40. Has not He, (the same),
The power to give life
To the dead?

# Sura LXXVI.

Dahr, or Time, or Insān, or Man.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Has there not been
Over Man a long period
Of Time, when he was
Nothing—(not even) mentioned?
2. Verily We created
Man from a drop
Of mingled sperm,
In order to try him:
So We gave him (the gifts).
Of Hearing and Sight.
3. We showed him, the Way:
Whether he be grateful
Or ungrateful (rests
On his will).
4. For the Rejecters
We have prepared
Chains, Yokes, and
A Blazing Fire.
5. As to the Righteous,
They shall drink
Of a Cup (of Wine)
Mixed with Kāfūr,—
6. A Fountain where
The Devotees of God
Do drink, making it
Flow in unstinted abundance.
7. They perform (their) vows,
And they fear a Day
Whose evil flies far and wide.
8. And they feed, for the love
Of God, the indigent,
The orphan, and the captive,—
9. (Saying), "We feed you
For the sake of God alone:
No reward do we desire
From you, nor thanks.
10. "We only fear a Day
Of distressful Wrath
From the side of our Lord."
11. But God will deliver
Them from the evil
Of that Day, and will
Shed over them a Light
Of Beauty and
A (blissful) Joy.
12. And because they were
Patient and constant, He will
Reward them with a Garden
And (garments of) silk.
13. Reclining in the (Garden)
On raised thrones,
They will see there neither
The sun's (excessive heat)
Nor (the moon's) excessive cold.
14. And the shades of the (Garden)
Will come low over them,
And the bunches (of fruit),
There, will hang low
In humility.
15. And amongst them will be
Passed round vessels of silver
And goblets of crystal,—
16. Crystal-clear, made of silver:
They will determine
The measure thereof
(According to their wishes).
17. And they will be given
To drink there of a Cup
(Of Wine) mixed
With Zanjaīl,—
18. A fountain there,
Called Salsabīl.
19. And round about them
Will (serve) youths
Of perpetual (freshness):
If thou seest them,
Thou wouldst think them
Scattered Pearls.
20. And when thou lookest,
It is there thou wilt see
A Bliss and
A Realm Magnificent.
21. Upon them will be
Green Garments of fine silk
And heavy brocade,
And they will be adorned
With Bracelets of silver;
And their Lord will
Give to them to drink
Of a Wine
Pure and Holy.
22. "Verily this is a Reward
For you, and your Endeavour
Is accepted and recognised."
23. It is We Who
Have sent down the Qur-ān
To thee by stages.
24. Therefore be patient
With constancy to the Command
Of thy Lord, and hearken not
To the sinner or the ingrate
Among them.
25. And celebrate the name
Of thy Lord morning
And evening,
26. And part of the night,
Prostrate thyself to Him;
And glorify Him
A long night through.
27. As to these, they love
The fleeting life,
And put away behind them
A Day (that will be) hard.
28. It is We Who created
Them, and We have made
Their joints strong;
But, when We will,
We can substitute
The like of them
By a complete change.
29. This is an admonition:
Whosoever will, let him
Take a (straight) Path
To his Lord.
30. But ye will not,
Except as God wills;
For God is full of
Knowledge and Wisdom.
31. He will admit
To His Mercy Whom He will;
But the wrong-doers,—
For them has He prepared
A grievous Penalty.

# Sūra LXXVII.

Mursalāt, or Those Sent Forth.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By the (Winds) Sent Forth
One after another
(To man's profit);
2. Which then blow violently
In tempestuous Gusts,
3. And scatter (things)
Far and wide;
4. Then separate them,
One from another,
5. Then spread abroad
A Message,
6. Whether of Justification
Or of Warning;—
7. Assuredly, what ye are
Promised must come to pass.
8. Then when the stars
Become dim;
9. When the heaven
Is cleft asunder;
10. When the mountains are
Scattered (to the winds) as dust;
11. And when the apostles
Are (all) appointed a time
(To collect);—
12. For what Day are these
(Portents) deferred?
13. For the Day of Sorting out.
14. And what will explain
To thee what is
The Day of Sorting out?
15. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!
16. Did We not destroy
The men of old
(For their evil)?
17. So shall We make
Later (generations)
Follow them.
18. Thus do We deal
With men of sin.
19. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!
20. Have We not created
You from a fluid
(Held) despicable?—
21. The which We placed
In a place of rest,
Firmly fixed,
22. For a period (of gestation),
Determined (according to need)?
23. For We do determine
(According to need); for We
Are the Best to determine (things).
24. Ah woe, that Day!
To the Rejecters of Truth!
25. Have We not made
The earth (as a place)
To draw together
26. The living and the dead,
27. And made therein
Mountains standing firm,
Lofty (in stature);
And provided for you
Water sweet (and wholesome)?
28. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!
29. (It will be said:)
"Depart ye to that
Which ye used to reject
As false!
30. "Depart ye to a Shadow
(Of smoke ascending)
In three columns,
31. "(Which yields) no shade
Of coolness, and is
Of no use against
The fierce Blaze.
32. "Indeed it throws about
Sparks (huge) as Forts,
33. "As if there were
(A string of) yellow camels
(Marching swiftly).
34. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!
35. That will be a Day
When they shall not
Be able to speak,
36. Nor will it be
Open to them
To put forth pleas.
37. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!
38. That will be a Day
Of Sorting out! We shall
Gather you together
And those before (you)!
39. Now, if ye have
A trick (or plot),
Use it against Me!
40. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!
41. As to the Righteous,
They shall be amidst
(Cool) shades and springs
(Of water),
42. And (they shall have)
Fruits,—all they desire.
43. "Eat ye and drink ye
To your heart's content:
For that ye worked
44. Thus do We certainly
Reward the Doers of Good.
45. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!
46. (O ye Unjust!)
Eat ye and enjoy yourselves
(But) a little while,
For that ye are Sinners.
47. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!
48. And when it is said
To them, "Prostrate yourselves!"
They do not so.
49. Ah woe, that Day,
To the Rejecters of Truth!
50. Then what Message,
After that,
Will they believe in?


Nabaa, or The (Great) News.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Concerning what
Are they disputing?
2. Concerning the Great News,
3. About which they
Cannot agree.
4. Verily, they shall soon
(Come to) know!
5. Verily, verily they shall
Soon (come to) know!
6. Have We not made
The earth as a wide
7. And the mountains as pegs?
8. And (have We not) created
You in pairs,
9. And made your sleep
For rest,
10. And made the night
As a covering,
11. And made the day
As a means of subsistence?
12. And (have We not)
Built over you
The seven firmaments,
13. And placed (therein)
A Light of Splendour?
14. And do We not send down
From the clouds water
In abundance,
15. That We may produce
Therewith corn and vegetables,
16. And gardens of luxurious growth?
17. Verily the Day
Of Sorting Out
Is a thing appointed,—
18. The Day that the Trumpet
Shall be sounded, and ye
Shall come forth in crowds;
19. And the heavens
Shall be opened
As if there were doors,
20. And the mountains
Shall vanish, as if
They were a mirage.
21. Truly Hell is
As a place of ambush,—
22. For the transgressors
A place of destination:
23. They will dwell therein
For ages.
24. Nothing cool shall they taste
Therein, nor any drink,
25. Save a boiling fluid
And a fluid, dark, murky,
Intensely cold,—
26. A fitting recompense
(For them).
27. For that they used not
To fear any account
(For their deeds),
28. But they (impudently) treated
Our Signs as false.
29. And all things have We
Preserved on record.
30. "So taste ye (the fruits
Of your deeds);
For no increase
Shall We grant you,
Except in Punishment.
31. Verily for the Righteous
There will be
A fulfilment of
(The Heart's) desires;
32. Gardens enclosed, and Grapevines;
33. Companions of Equal age;
34. And a Cup full
(To the brim).
35. No Vanity shall they hear
Therein, nor Untruth;—
36. Recompense from thy Lord,
A Gift, (amply) sufficient,—
37. (From the Lord
Of the heavens
And the earth, and all between,—
(God) Most Gracious:
None shall have power
To argue with Him.
38. The Day that
The Spirit and the angels
Will stand forth in ranks,
None shall speak
Except any who is
Permitted by (God) Most Gracious,
And he will say
What is right.
39. that day will be
The sure Reality:
Therefore, whoso will let him
Take a (straight) Return
To his Lord!
40. Verily, we have warned you
Of a Penalty near,—
The Day when man will
See (the Deeds) which
His hands have sent forth,
And the Unbeliever will say,
"Woe unto me! Would that
I were mere dust!"

# Sara LXXIX.

Nāzi’āt, or Those Who Tear Out.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful

1. By the (angels)
Who tear out
(The souls of the wicked)
With violence;
2. By those who gently
Draw out (the souls
Of the blessed);
3. And by those who glide
Along (on errands of mercy),
4. Then press forward
As in a race,
5. Then arrange to do
(The Commands of their Lord),—
6. One Day everything that
Can be in commotion will
Be in violent commotion,
7. Followed by oft-repeated
8. Hearts that Day
Will be in agitation;
9. Cast down will be
(Their owners’) eyes.
10. They say (now): "What!
Shall we indeed be
Returned to (our) former state?—
11. "What!—when we shall
Have become rotten bones?"
12. They say: "It would
In that case, be
A return with loss!"
13. But verily, it will
Be but a single
 (Compelling) Cry,
14. When, behold, they
Will be in the (full)
Awakening (to Judgment).
15. Has the story
Of Moses reached thee?
16. Behold, thy Lord did call
To him in the sacred valley
Of uwā:—
17. "Go thou to Pharaoh,
For he has indeed
Transgressed all bounds:
18. "And say to him,
"Wouldst thou that thou
Shouldst he purified
(From sin)?—
19. "And that I guide thee
To thy Lord, so thou
Shouldst fear Him?"
20. Then did (Moses) show him
The Great Sign.
21. But (Pharaoh) rejected it
And disobeyed (guidance);
22. Further, he turned his back,
Striving hard (against God).
23. Then he collected (his men)
And made a proclamation,
24. Saying, "I am your Lord,
Most High".
25. But God did punish him,
(And made an) example
Of him,—in the Hereafter,
As in this life.
26. Verily in this is
An instructive warning
For whosoever feareth (God).
27. What! Are ye the more
Difficult to create
Or the heaven (above)?
(God) hath constructed it:
28. On high hath He raised
Its canopy, and He hath
Given it order and perfection.
29. Its night doth He
Endow with darkness,
And its splendour doth He
Bring out (with light).
30. And the earth, moreover,
Hath He extended
(To a wide expanse);
31. He draweth out
Therefrom its moisture
And its pasture;
32. And the mountains
Hath He firmly fixed;
33. For use and convenience
To you and your cattle.
34. Therefore, when there comes
The great, overwhelming (Event),—
35. The Day when Man
Shall remember (all)
That he strove for,
36. And Hell-Fire shall be
Placed in full view
For (all) to see,—
37. Then, for such as had
Transgressed all bounds,
38. And had preferred
The life of this world,
39. The Abode will be
40. And for such as had
Entertained the fear
Of standing before
Their Lord's (tribunal)
And had restrained
(Their) soul from lower Desires,
41. Their Abode will be
The Garden.
42. They ask thee
About the Hour,—"When
Will be its appointed time?"
43. Wherein art thou (concerned)
With the declaration thereof?
44. With thy Lord is
The Limit fixed therefor.
45. Thou art but a Warner
For such as fear it.
46. The Day they see it,
(It will be) as if they
Had tarried but a single
Evening, or (at most till)
The following morn!

# Sūra LXXX.

Abasa, or He Frowned.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. (The Prophet) frowned
And turned away,
2. Because there came to him
The blind man (interrupting).
3. But what could tell thee
But that perchance he might
Grow (in spiritual understanding)?—
4. Or that he might receive
Admonition, and the teaching
Might profit him?
5. As to one who regards
Himself as self-sufficient,
6. To him dost thou attend;
7. Though it is no blame
To thee if he grow not
(In spiritual understanding).
8. But as to him who came
To thee striving earnestly,
9. And with fear
(In his heart),
10. Of him wast thou unmindful.
11. By no means
(Should it be so)!
For it is indeed
A Message of instruction:
12. Therefore let whoso will,
Keep it in remembrance.
13. (It is) in Books
Held (greatly) in honour,
14. Exalted (in dignity),
Kept pure and holy,
15. (Written) by the hands
Of scribes—
16. Honourable and
Pious and Just.
17. Woe to man!
What hath made him
Reject God:
18. From what stuff
Hath He created him?
19. From a sperm-drop:
He hath created him, and then
Mouldeth him in due proportions;
20. Then doth He make
His path smooth for him;
21. Then He causeth him to die,
And putteth him in his Grave;
22. Then, when it is
His Will, He will
Raise him up (again).
23. By no means hath he
Fulfilled what God
Hath commanded him.
24. Then let man look
At his Food,
(And how We provide it):
25. For that We pour forth
Water in abundance,
26. And We split the earth
In fragments,
27. And produce therein Corn,
28. And Grapes and nutritious Plants,
29. And Olives and Dates,
30. And enclosed Gardens,
Dense with lofty trees,
31. And Fruits and Fodder,—
32. For use and convenience
To you and your cattle.
33. At length, when there
Comes the Deafening Noise,—
34. That Day shall a man
Flee from his own brother,
35. And from his mother
And his father,
36. And from his wife
And his children.
37. Each one of them,
That Day, will have
Enough concern (of his own)
To make him indifferent
To the others,
38. Some Faces that Day
Will be beaming,
39. Laughing, rejoicing.
40. And other faces that Day
Will be dust-stained;
41. Blackness will cover them:
42. Such will be
The Rejecters of God,
The Doers of Iniquity.

# Sūra LXXXI.

Takwīr, or the Folding Up.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful

1. When the sun
(With its spacious light)
Is folded up;
2. When the stars
Fall, losing their lustre;
3. When the mountains vanish
(Like a mirage);
4. When the she-camels,
Ten months with young,
Are left untended;
5. When the wild beasts
Are herded together
 (In human habitations);
6. When the oceans
Boil over with a swell;
7. When the souls
Are sorted out,
(Being joined, like with like);
8. When the female (infant),
Buried alive, is questioned—
9. For what crime
She was killed;
10. When the Scrolls
Are laid open;
11. When the World on High
Is unveiled;
12. When the Blazing Fire
Is kindled to fierce heat;
13. And when the Garden
Is brought near;—
14. (Then) shall each soul know
What it has put forward.
15. So verily I call
To witness the Planets—
That recede,
16. Go straight, or hide;
17. And the Night
As it dissipates;
18. And the Dawn
As it breathes away
The darkness;—
19. Verily this is the word
Of a most honourable Messenger,
20. Endued with Power,
With rank before
The Lord of the Throne,
21. With authority there,
(And) faithful to his trust.
22. And (O people!)
Your Companion is not
One possessed;
23. And without doubt he saw him
In the clear horizon.
24. Neither doth he withhold
Grudgingly a knowledge
Of the Unseen.
25. Nor is it the word
Of an evil spirit accursed!
26. When whither go ye?
27. Verily this is no less
Than a Message
To (all) the Worlds:
28. (With profit) to whoever
Among you wills
To go straight:
29. But ye shall not will
Except as God wills,—
The Cherisher of the Worlds.

# Sūra LXXXII.

Infiār, or The Cleaving Asunder.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. When the Sky
Is cleft asunder;
2. When the Stars
Are scattered;
3. When the Oceans
Are suffered to burst forth;
4. And when the Graves
Are turned upside down;—
5. (Then) shall each soul know
What it hath sent forward
And (what it hath) kept back.
6. O man! what has
Seduced thee from
Thy Lord Most Beneficent?—
7. Him Who created thee.
Fashioned thee in due proportion
And gave thee a just bias;
8. In whatever Form He wills,
Does He put thee together.
9. Nay! but ye do
Reject Right and Judgment!
10. But verily over you
(Are appointed angels)
To protect you,—
11. Kind and honourable,—
Writing down (your deeds):
12. They know (and understand)
All that ye do.
13. As for the Righteous,
They will be in Bliss;
14. And the Wicked—
They will be in the Fire,
15. Which they will enter
On the Day of Judgment,
16. And they will not be
Able to keep away therefrom.
17. And what will explain
To thee what the Day
Of Judgment is?
18. Again, what will explain
To thee what the Day
Of Judgment is?
19. (It will be) the Day
When no soul shall have
Power (to do) aught
For another
For the Command, that Day,
Will be (wholly) with God.


Tafīf, or Dealing in Fraud.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Woe to those
That deal in fraud,—
2. Those who, when they
Have to receive by measure
From men, exact full measure,
3. But when they have
To give by measure
Or weight to men,
Give less than due.
4. Do they not think
That they will be called
To account?—
5. On a Mighty Day,
6. A Day when (all) mankind
Will stand before
The Lord of the Worlds?
7. Nay! Surely the Record
Of the Wicked is
 (Preserved) in Sijjīn.
8. And what will explain
To thee what Sijjīn is?
9. (There is) a Register
(Fully) inscribed.
10. Woe, that Day, to those
That deny—
11. Those that deny
The Day of Judgment.
12. And none can deny it
But the Transgressor
Beyond bounds,
The Sinner!
13. When Our Signs are rehearsed
To him, he says,
"Tales of the Ancients!"
14. By no means!
But on their hearts
Is the stain of the (ill)
Which they do!
15. Verily, from (the Light
Of) their Lord, that Day,
Will they be veiled.
16. Further, they will enter
The Fire of Hell.
17. Further, it will be said
To them: "This is
The (reality) which ye
Rejected as false!
18. Nay, verily the Record
Of the Righteous is
(Preserved) in ‘Illīyīn.
19. And what will explain
To thee what ‘Illīyīn is?
20. (There is) a Register
(Fully) inscribed,
21. To which bear witness
Those Nearest (to God),
22. Truly the Righteous
Will be in Bliss:
23. On Thrones (of Dignity)
Will they command a sight
(Of all things):
24. Thou wilt recognise
In their Faces
The beaming brightness of Bliss.
25. Their thirst will be slaked
With Pure Wine sealed:
26. The seal thereof will be
Musk: and for this
Let those aspire,
Who have aspirations:
27. With it will be (given)
A mixture of Tasnīm:
28. A spring, from (the waters)
Whereof drink
Those Nearest to God.
29. Those in sin used
To laugh at those
Who believed,
30. And whenever they passed
By them, used to wink
At each other (in mockery);
31. And when they returned
To their own people,
They would return jesting;
32. And whenever they saw them,
They would say, "Behold!
These are the people
Truly astray!"
33. But they had not been
Sent as Keepers over them!
34. But on this Day
The Believers will laugh
At the Unbelievers:
35. On Thrones (of Dignity)
They will command (a sight)
(Of all things),
36. Will not the Unbelievers
Have been paid back
For what they did?

# Sūra LXXXIV.

Inshiqāq, or The Rending Asunder.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. When the Sky is
Rent asunder,
2. And hearkens to
(The Command of) its Lord,—
And it must needs
(Do so);—
3. And when the Earth
Is flattened out,
4. And casts forth
What is within it
And becomes (clean) empty,
5. And hearkens to
(The Command of) its Lord,—
And it must needs
(Do so);—(then will come
Home the full Reality)
6. O thou man!
Verily thou art ever
Toiling on towards thy Lord—
Painfully toiling,—but thou
Shalt meet Him.
7. Then he who is given
His Record in his
Right hand,
8. Soon will his account
Be taken by an easy reckoning,
9. And he will turn
To his people, rejoicing!
10. But he who is given
His Record behind his back,—
11. Soon will he cry
For Perdition,
12. And he will enter
A Blazing Fire.
13. Truly, did he go about
Among his people, rejoicing!
14. Truly, did he think
That he would not
Have to return (to Us)!
15. Nay, nay! for his Lord
Was (ever) watchful of him!
16. So I do call
To witness the ruddy glow
Of Sunset;
17. The Night and its Homing;
18. And the Moon
In her Fulness:
19. Ye shall surely travel
From stage to stage
20. What then is the matter
With them, that they
Believe not?—
21. And when the Qur-ān
Is read to them, they
Fall not prostrate,
22. But on the contrary
The Unbelievers reject (it).
23. But God has full Knowledge
Of what they secrete
(In their breasts).
24. So announce to them
A Penalty Grievous,
25. Except to those who believe
And work righteous deeds:
For them is a Reward
That will never fail.

# Sūra LXXXV.

Burūj, or The Zodiacal Signs.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By the Sky, (displaying)
The Zodiacal Signs;
2. By the promised Day
(Of Judgment);
3. By one that witnesses,
And the subject of the witness;—
4. Woe to the makers
Of the pit (of fire),
5. Fire supplied (abundantly)
With Fuel:
6. Behold! they sat
Over against the (fire),
7. And they witnessed
(All) that they were doing
Against the Believers.
8. And they ill-treated them
For no other reason than
That they believed in God,
Exalted in Power,
Worthy of all Praise!—
9 Him to Whom belongs
The dominion of the heavens
And the earth!
And God is Witness
To all things.
10. Those who persecute (or draw
into temptation)
The Believers, men and women,
And do not turn
In repentance, will have
The Penalty of Hell:
They will have the Penalty
Of the Burning Fire.
11. For those who believe
And do righteous deeds,
Will be Gardens,
Beneath which Rivers flow:
That is the great Salvation,
(The fulfilment of all desires),
12. Truly strong is the Grip
(And Power) of thy Lord.
13. It is He Who creates
From the very beginning,
And He can restore (life).
14. And He is the Oft-Forgiving,
Full of loving-kindness,
15. Lord of the Throne of Glory,
16. Doer (without let)
Of all that He intends.
17. Has the story
Reached thee,
Of the Forces—
18. Of Pharaoh
And the Thamūd?
19. And yet the Unbelievers
(Persist) in rejecting
(The Truth)!
20. But God doth
Encompass them
From behind!
21. Nay, this is
A Glorious Qur-ān,
22. (Inscribed) in
A Tablet Preserved!

# Sūra LXXXVI.

āriq, or The Night-Visitant.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By the Sky
And the Night-Visitant
2. And what will explain to thee
What the Night-Visitant is?—
3. (It is) the Star
Of piercing brightness;—
4. There is no soul but has
A protector over it.
5. Now let man but think
From what he is created!
6. He is created from
A drop emitted—
7. Proceeding from between
The backbone and the ribs:
8. Surely (God) is able
To bring him back
(To life)!
9. The Day that
(All) things secret
Will be tested,
10. (Man) will have
No power,
And no helper.
11. By the Firmament
Which returns (in its round),
12. And by the Earth
Which opens out
(For the gushing of springs
Or the sprouting of vegetation),—
13. Behold this is the Word
That distinguishes (Good
From Evil):
14. It is not a thing
For amusement.
15. As for them, they
Are but plotting a scheme,
16. And I am planning
A scheme.
17. Therefore grant a delay
To the unbelievers:
Give respite to them
Gently (for awhile).


A’lā, or The Most High.

In the name of God, Most Gracious.
Most Merciful

1. Glorify the name
Of' thy Guardian-Lord
Most High,
2. Who hath created,
And further, given
Order and proportion;
3. Who hath ordained laws.
And granted guidance;
4. And Who bringeth out
The (green and luscious) pasture,
5. And then doth make it
(But) swarthy stubble.
6. By degrees shall We
Teach thee to declare
 (The Message), so thou
Shalt not forget,
7. Except as God wills:
For He knoweth
What is manifest
And what is hidden.
8. And We will make it
Easy for thee (to follow)
The simple (Path).
9. Therefore give admonition
In case the admonition
Profits (the hearer).
10. The admonition will be received
By those who fear (God):
11. But it will be avoided
By those most unfortunate ones,
12. Who will enter
The Great Fire,
13. In which they will then
Neither die nor live.
14. But those will prosper
Who purify themselves,
15. And glorify the name
Of their Guardian-Lord,
And (lift their hearts)
In Prayer.
16. Nay (behold), ye prefer
The life of this world;
17. But the Hereafter
Is better and more enduring.
18. And this is
In the Books
Of the earliest (Revelations),—
19. The Books of
Abraham and Moses.


Gāshiya, or The Overwhelming Event.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Has the story
Reached thee, of
The Overwhelming (Event)?
2. Some faces, that Day,
Will be humiliated,
3. Labouring (hard), weary,—
4. The while they enter
The Blazing Fire,—
5. The while they are given,
To drink, of a bailing hot spring,
6. No food will there be
For them but a bitter Dharī’
7. Which will neither nourish
Nor satisfy hunger.
8. (Other) faces that Day
Will be joyful,
9. Pleased with their Striving,—
10. In a Garden on high,
11. Where they shall hear
No (word) of vanity:
12. Therein will be
A bubbling spring:
13. Therein will be Thrones
(Of dignity), raised on high,
14. Goblets placed (ready),
15. And Cushions set in rows,
16. And rich carpets
(All) spread out.
17. Do they not look
At the Camels,
How they are made?—
18. And at the Sky,
How it is raised high?—
19. And at the Mountains,
How they are fixed firm?—
20. And at the Earth,
How it is spread out?
21. Wherefore do thou give
Admonition, for thou art
One to admonish.
22. Thou art not one
To manage (men's) affairs.
23. But if any turn away
And reject God,—
24. God will punish him
With a mighty Punishment,
25. For to Us will be
Their Return;
26. Then it will be for Us
To call them to account.

# Sūra LXXXIX.

Fajr, or The Break of Day.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful

1. By the Break of Day;
2. By the Nights twice five;
3. By the Even
And Odd (contrasted);
4. And by the Night
When it passeth away;—
5. Is there (not) in these
An adjuration (or evidence)
For those who understand?
6. Seest thou not
How thy Lord dealt
With the ‘Ād (people),—
7. Of the (city of) Iram,
With lofty pillars,
8. The like of which
Were not produced
In (all) the land?
9. And with the Thamūd
(People), who cut out
(Huge) rocks in the-valley?—
10. And with Pharaoh,
Lord of Stakes?
11. (All) these transgressed
Beyond bounds in the lands.
12. And heaped therein
Mischief (on mischief).
13. Therefore did thy Lord
Pour on them a scourge
Of diverse chastisements:
14. For thy Lord is
(As a Guardian)
On a watch-tower.
15. Now, as for man,
When his Lord trieth him,
Giving him honour and gifts,
Then saith he, (puffed up),
"My Lord hath honoured me"
16. But when he trieth him,
Restricting his subsistence
For him, then saith he
(In despair), "My Lord
Hath humiliated me I."
17. Nay, nay! But ye
Honour not the orphans!
18. Nor do ye encourage
One another
To feed the poor!—
19. And ye devour Inheritance—
All with greed,
20. And ye love wealth
With inordinate love!
21. Nay! When the earth
Is pounded to powder,
22. And thy Lord cometh,
And His angels,
Rank upon rank,
23. And Hell, that Day,
Is brought (face to face),—
On that Day will man
Remember, but how will
That remembrance profit him?
24. He will say: "Ah!
Would that I had
Sent forth (Good Deeds)
For (this) my (Future) Life!"
25. For, that Day,
His Chastisement will be
Such as none (else)
Can inflict,
26. And His bonds
Will be such as
None (other) can bind.
27. (To the righteous soul
Will be said:)
"O (thou) soul,
In (complete) rest
And satisfaction!
28. "Come back thou
To thy Lord,—
Well pleased (thyself),
And well-pleasing
Unto Him!
29. "Enter thou, then,
Among my Devotees!
30. "Yea, enter thou
My Heaven!

# Sūra XC.

Balad, or The City.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. I do call to witness
This City;—
2. And thou art a freeman
Of this City;—
3. And (the mystic ties
of) Parent and Child;—
4. Verily We have created
Man into toil and struggle.
5. Thinketh he, that none
Hath power over him?
6. He may say (boastfully):
"Wealth have I squandered
In abundance!"
7. Thinketh he that none
Beholdeth him?
8. Have We not made
For him a pair of eyes?—
9. And a tongue,
And a pair of lips?—
10. And shown him
The two highways?
11. But he hath made no haste
On the path that is steep.
12. And what will explain
To thee the path that is steep?—
13. (It is:) freeing the bondman;
14. Or the giving of food
In a day of privation
15. To the orphan
With claims of relationship,
16. Or to the indigent
(Down) in the dust.
17. Then will he be
Of those who believe,
And enjoin patience, (constancy,
And self-restraint), and enjoin
Deeds of kindness and compassion.
18. Such are the Companions
Of the Right Hand.
19. But those who reject
Our Signs, they are
The (unhappy) Companions
Of the Left Hand.
20. On them will be Fire
Vaulted over (all round).

# Sūra XCI.

Shams, or The Sun.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By the Sun
And his (glorious) splendour;
2. By the Moon
As she follows him;
3. By the Day as it
Shows up (the Sun's) glory;
4. By the Night as it
Conceals it;
5. By the Firmament
And its (wonderful) structure;
6. By the Earth
And its (wide) expanse;
7. By the Soul,
And the proportion and order
Given to it;
8. And its enlightenment
As to its wrong
And its right;—
9. Truly he succeeds
That purifies it,
10. And he fails
That corrupts it!
11. The Thamūd (people)
Rejected (their prophet)
Through their inordinate
12. Behold, the most wicked
Man among them was
Deputed (for impiety).
13. But the apostle of God
Said to them: "It is
A She-camel of God!
And (bar her not
From) having her drink!"
14. Then they rejected him
(As a false prophet),
And they hamstrung her.
So their Lord, on account
Of their crime, obliterated
Their traces and made them
Equal (in destruction,
High and low)!
15. And for Him
Is no fear
Of its consequences.

# Sūra XCII.

Lail, or The Night.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By the Night as it
Conceals (the light);
2. By the Day as it
Appears in glory;
3. By (the mystery of)
The creation of male
And female;—
4. Verily, (the ends) ye
Strive for are diverse.
5. o he who gives
(In charity) and fears (God),
6. And (in all sincerity)
Testifies to the Best,—
7. We will indeed
Make smooth for him
The path to Bliss,
8. But he who is
A greedy miser
And thinks himself
9. And gives the lie
To the Best,—
10. We will indeed
Make smooth for him
The Path to Misery;
11. Nor will his wealth
Profit him when he
Falls headlong (into the Pit).
12. Verily We take
Upon Ourselves to guide,
13. And verily unto Us
(Belong) the End
And the Beginning,
14. Therefore do I warn you
Of a Fire blazing fiercely;
15. None shall reach it
But those most unfortunate ones
16. Who give the lie to Truth
And turn their backs.
17. But those most devoted
To God shall be
Removed far from it,—
18. Those who spend their wealth
For increase in self-purification,
19. And have in their minds
No favour from anyone
For which a reward
Is expected in return,
20. But only the desire
To seek for the Countenance
Of their Lord Most High;
21. And soon will they
Attain (complete) satisfaction.

# Sūra XCIII.

Dhuhā, or The Glorious Morning Light.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By the Glorious
Morning Light,
2. And by the Night
When it is still,—
3. Thy Guardian-Lord
Hath not forsaken thee,
Nor is He displeased,
4. And verily the hereafter
Will be better for thee
Than the present.
5. And soon will thy
Guardian-Lord give thee
(That wherewith) thou
Shalt be well-pleased.
6. Did He not find thee
An orphan and give thee
Shelter (and care)?
7. And He found thee
Wandering, and He gave
Thee guidance.
8. And He found thee
In need, and made
Thee independent.
9. Therefore, treat not
The orphan with harshness,
10. Nor repulse the petitioner
11. But the Bounty
Of thy Lord—
Rehearse and proclaim!

# Sūra XCIV.

Inshirā, or The Expansion.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Have We not
Expanded thee thy breast?—
2. And removed from thee
Thy burden
3. The which did gall
Thy back?—
4. And raised high the esteem
(In which) thou (art held)?
5. So, verily,
With every difficulty,
There is relief:
6. Verily, with every difficulty
There is relief.
7. Therefore, when thou art
Free (from thine immediate task),
Still labour hard,
8. And to thy Lord
Turn (all) thy attention.

# Sūra XCV.

Tīn, or The Fig.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By the Fig
And the Olive,
2. And the Mount
Of Sinai,
3. And this City
Of security,—
4. We have indeed created man
In the best of moulds,
5. Then do We abase him
(To be) the lowest
Of the low,—
6. Except such as believe
And do righteous deeds:
For they shall have
A reward unfailing.
7. Then what can,
After this, contradict thee
As to the Judgment
(To come)?
8. Is not God
The wisest of Judges?

# Sūra XCVI.

Iqraa, or Read! or Proclaim!

Or ’Alaq, or The Clot of Congealed Blood.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Proclaim! (or Read!)
In the name
Of thy Lord and Cherisher,
Who created—
2. Created man, out of
A (mere) clot
Of congealed blood:
3. Proclaim! And thy Lord
Is Most Bountiful,—
4. He Who taught
(The use of) the Pen,—
5. Taught man that
Which he knew not.
6. Nay, but man doth
Transgress all bounds,
7. In that he looketh
Upon himself as self-sufficient.
8. Verily, to thy Lord
Is the return (of all).
9. Seest thou one
Who forbids—
10. A votary when he
(Turns) to pray?
11. Seest thou if
He is on (the road
Of) Guidance?—
12. Or enjoins Righteousness?
13. Seest thou if he
Denies (Truth) and turns away?
14. Knoweth he not
That God doth see?
15. Let him beware! If he
Desist not, We will
Drag him by the forelock,—
16. A lying, sinful forelock!
17. Then, let him call
(For help) to his council
(Of comrades):
18. We will call
On the angels of punishment
(To deal with him)!
19. Nay, heed him not:
But bow down in adoration,
And bring thyself
The closer (to God)!

# Sūra XCVII.

Qadr, or The Night of Power (or Honour).

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. We have indeed revealed
This (Message)
In the Night of Power:
2. And what will explain
To thee what the Night
Of Power is?
3. The Night of Power
Is better than
A thousand Months,
4. Therein come dawn
The angels and the Spirit
By God's permission,
On every errand:
5. Peace!…This
Until the rise of Morn!

# Sūra XCVIII.

Baiyina, or The Clear Evidence.

# In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Those who reject (Truth),
Among the People of the Book
And among the Polytheists,
Were not going to depart
(From their ways) until
There should come to them
Clear Evidence,—
2. An apostle from God,
Rehearsing scriptures
Kept pure and holy:
3. Wherein are laws (or decrees)
Right and straight.
4. Nor did the People
Of the Book
Make schisms,
Until after there came
To them Clear Evidence.
5. And they have been commanded
No more than this:
To worship God,
Offering Him sincere devotion,
Being True (in faith);
To establish regular Prayer;
And to practise regular Charity;
And that is the Religion
Right and Straight.
6. Those who reject (Truth),
Among the People of the Book
And among the Polytheists,
Will be in hell-fire,
To dwell therein (for aye).
They are the worst
Of creatures.
7. Those who have faith
And do righteous deeds,—
They are the best
Of creatures.
8. Their reward is with God:
Gardens of Eternity,
Beneath which rivers flow;
They will dwell therein
For ever; God well pleased
With them, and they with Him;
All this for such as
Fear their Lord and Cherisher.

# Sūra XCIX.

Zilzāl, or The Convulsion.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. When the Earth is
Shaken to her (utmost)
2. And the Earth throws up
Her burdens (from within),
3. And man cries (distressed):
"What is the matter with her?"—
4. On that Day will she
Declare her tidings:
5. For that thy Lord will
Have given her inspiration,
6. On that Day will men
Proceed in companies sorted out,
To be shown the Deeds
That they (had done).
7. Then shall anyone who
Has done an atom's weight
Of good, see it!
8. And anyone who
Has done an atom's weight
Of evil, shall see it.

# Sūra C.

Adiyāt, or Those that run.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By the (Steeds)
That run, with panting (breath),
2. And strike sparks of fire,
3. And push home the charge
In the morning,
4. And raise the dust
In clouds the while,
5. And penetrate forthwith
Into the midst (of the foe)
En masse;
6. Truly Man is,
To his Lord,
7. And to that (fact)
He bears witness
(By his deeds);
8. And violent is he
In his love of wealth.
9. Does he not know,—
When that which is
In the graves is
Scattered abroad
10. And that which is
(Locked up) in (human) breasts
Is made manifest—
11. That their Lord had been
Well-acquainted with them,
(Even to) that Day?

# Sūra CI.

Al-Qāri’a, or The Day of Noise and Clamour.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. The (Day) of
Noise and Clamour:
2. What is the (Day)
Of Noise and Clamour?
3. And what will explain
To thee what the (Day)
Of Noise and Clamour is?
4. (It is) a Day whereon
Men will be like moths
Scattered about,
5. And the mountains
Will be like carded wool.
6. Then, he whose
Balance (of good deeds)
Will be (found) heavy,
7. Will be in a Life
Of good pleasure and
8. But he whose
Balance (of good deeds)
Will be (found) light,—
9. Will have his home
In a (bottomless) Pit.
10. And what will explain
To thee what this is?
11. (It is) a Fire
Blazing fiercely!

# Sūra CII.

Takathur or Piling Up.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. The mutual rivalry
For piling up (the good things
Of this world) diverts you
(From the more serious things),
2. Until ye visit the graves.
3. But nay, ye soon shall
Know (the reality).
4. Again, ye soon shall know!
5. Nay, were ye to know
With certainty of mind,
(Ye would beware!)
6. Ye shall certainly see
7. Again, ye shall see it
With certainty of sight!
8. Then, shall ye be
Questioned that Day
About the joy
(Ye indulged in!)

# Sūra CIII.

’Ar, or Time through the Ages.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. By (the Token of)
Time (through the Ages),
2. Verily Man
Is in loss,
3. Except such as have Faith,
And do righteous deeds,
And (join together)
In the mutual teaching
Of Truth, and of
Patience and Constancy.

# Sūra CIV.

Humaza, or the Scandal-monger.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Woe to every
(Kind of) scandal-monger
And backbiter,
2. Who pileth up wealth
And layeth it by,
3. Thinking that his wealth
Would make him last
For ever!
4. By no means! He will
Be sure to be thrown into
That which Breaks to Pieces.
5. And what will explain
To thee That which Breaks
To Pieces?
6. (It is) the Fire
Of (the Wrath of) God
Kindled (to a blaze),
7. The which doth mount
(Right) to the Hearts:
8. It shall be made
Into a vault over them,
9. In columns outstretched.

# Sūra CV.

Fīl, or The Elephant.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Seest thou not
How thy Lord dealt
With the Companions
Of the Elephant?
2. Did He not make
Their treacherous plan
Go astray?
3. And He sent against them
Flights of Birds,
4. Striking them with stones
Of baked clay.
5. Then did He make them
Like an empty field
Of stalks and straw,
(Of which the corn)
Has been eaten up.

# Sūra CVI.

Quraish or The Quraish, (Custodians of the Ka’ba).

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. For the covenants
(Of security and safeguard
Enjoyed) by the Quraish,
2. Their covenants (covering) journeys
By winter and summer,—
3. Let them adore the Lord
Of this House
4. Who provides them
With food against hunger,
And with security
Against fear (of danger).

# Sūra CVII.

Mā’ūn, or Neighbourly Needs.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Seest thou one
Who denies the Judgment
(To come)?
2. Then such is the (man)
Who repulses the orphan
(With harshness),
3. And encourages not
The feeding of the indigent.
4. So woe to the worshippers
5. Who are neglectful
Of their Prayers,
6. Those who (want but)
To be seen (of men),
7. But refuse (to supply)
(Even) neighbourly needs.

# Sūra CVIII.

Kauthar, or Abundance.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. To thee have We
Granted the Fount
(of Abundance).
2. Therefore to thy Lord
Turn in Prayer
And Sacrifice.
3. For he who hateth thee,—
He will be cut off
(From Future Hope).

# Sūra CIX

Kāfirūn, or Those who reject Faith.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful

1. Say: O ye
That reject Faith!
2. I worship not that
Which ye worship,
3. Nor will ye worship
That which I worship.
4. And I will not worship
That which ye have been
Wont to worship,
5. Nor will ye worship
That which I worship.
6. To you be your Way,
And to me mine.

# Sūra CX.

Nar, or Help.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. When comes the Help
Of God, and Victory,
2. And thou dost see
The People enter God's Religion
In crowds,
3. Celebrate the Praises
Of thy Lord, and pray
For His Forgiveness:
For He is Oft-Returning
(In Grace and Mercy).

# Sūra CXI.

Lahab, or (the Father of) Flame.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Perish the hands
Of the Father of Flame!
Perish he!
2. No profit to him
From all his wealth,
And all his gains!
3. Burnt soon will he be
In a Fire
Of blazing Flame!
4. His wife shall carry
The (crackling) wood—
As fuel!—
5. A twisted rope
Of palm-leaf fibre
Round her (own) neck!

# Sūra CXII.

Ikh, or Purity (of Faith).

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Say: He is God,
The One and Only;
2. God, the Eternal, Absolute;
3. He begetteth not,
Nor is He begotten;
4. And there is none
Like unto Him.

# Sūra CXIII

Falaq, or The Dawn.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Say: I seek refuge
With the Lord of the Dawn,
2. From the mischief
Of created things;
3. From the mischief
Of Darkness as it overspreads;
4. From the mischief
Of those who practise
Secret Arts:
5. And from the mischief
Of the envious one
As he practises envy.

# Sūra CXIV.

Nās, or Mankind.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. Say: I seek refuge
With the Lord
And Cherisher of Mankind,
2. The King (or Ruler)
Of Mankind,
3. The God (or Judge)
Of Mankind,—
4. From the mischief
Of the Whisperer
(Of Evil), who withdraws
(After his whisper),—
5. (The same) who whispers
Into the hearts of Mankind,—
6. Among Jinns
And among Men.

p. 1810


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