Adam Story


The Story of Adam in the Holy Koran:

Satan gets jealous of Adam and refuses to accept his superiority.

On God's command the Angels bow before Adam, while Satan rejects the Divine Order.

Origins of evil and its spread is a gripping account given by God Himself in His own holy book the Koran.

Story of Adam is mentioned in many places in the Holy Koran.

We provide below the full account of Adam and Satan along with the context as it appear in the Divine Book.

Chapters and verses in the Koran:

Adam according to Koran and Hadith.

The Story of Adam in The Koran:

[[ In summary:
God tells Angels that He has decided to create His Ambassador [Kalefa] on Earth. Angels object. They ask God why He would create someone who would make trouble - “shed blood”. God nevertheless goes ahead and creates Adam as His Representative on Earth. He then orders everyone to bow to Adam as a mark of respect and as an acknowledgement of his high position. Eblees who was one of the Jins refuses to obey God's command. God asks Eblees for any valid excuse for not bowing to Adam. Eblees claims to be superior to Adam. God does not accept this reason. God declares him Satan [Devil] due to his arrogance. As Satan, he is expelled from the holy place. Satan asks God not punish him immediately. Satan requests time from God to prove himself right. God grants Satan’s request.
History of mankind and God’s guidance sent to the world is the remainder of the story.
God sent to the world His last Messenger Prophet Muhammad; and through him God revealed to humanity Koran the perfect pure final book.]]
Koran 2:30 (context verses 1-39)

In the Name of Alla the Rehman the Raheem. Praise is to God, Lord of the Worlds, Al Rahman, the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. You we worship and You we ask for help. Guide us on the Straight Path. The path of those on whom You bestowed bounties. Not of those who earn Your Wrath, nor of those who go astray.

In the Name of Alla the Rehman the Raheem. A. L. M. This is the Book in which there is no doubt, a guidance for those who are righteous. Who believe in the Unseen, and perform prayer, and spend of that We have bestowed upon them; And who believe in that which is revealed to you (Mohamed) and that which was revealed before you, and are certain of the Hereafter. These depend on guidance from their Lord. These are the successful. As for the Disbelievers, Whether you warn them or you warn them not it is all one for them; they believe not. God hath sealed their hearing and their hearts, and on their eyes there is a covering. Theirs will be an awful doom. And of mankind are some who say: We believe in God and the Last Day, when they believe not. They think to beguile God and those who believe, and they beguile none except themselves; but they perceive not. In their hearts is a disease, and God increaseth their disease. A painful doom is theirs because they lie. And when it is said to them: Make not mischief in the earth, they say: We are peacemakers only. Are not they indeed the mischief-makers? But they perceive not. And when it is said to them: believe as the people believe, they say: shall we believe as the foolish believe? are not they indeed the foolish? But they know not. And when they fall in with those who believe, they say: We believe; but when they go apart to their devils they declare: Lo! we are with you; verily we did but mock. God (Himself) doth mock them, leaving them to wander blindly on in their contumacy. These are they who purchase error at the price of guidance, so their commerce doth not prosper, neither are they guided. Their likeness is as the likeness of one who kindleth fire, and when it sheddeth its light around him God taketh away their light and leaveth them in darkness, where they cannot see. Deaf, dumb and blind; and they return not. Or like a rainstorm from the sky, wherein is darkness, thunder and the flash of lightning. They thrust their fingers in their ears by reason of the thunder-claps, for fear of death, God encompasseth the disbelievers (in His guidance, His omniscience and His omnipotence). The lightning almost snatcheth away their sight from them. As often as it flasheth forth for them they walk therein, and when it darkeneth against them they stand still. If God willed, He could destroy their hearing and their sight. Lo! God is able to do all things. O mankind! worship your Lord, Who hath created you and those before you, so that ye may be righteous. Who hath appointed the earth a resting-place for you, and the sky a canopy; and causeth water to pour down from the sky, thereby producing fruits as food for you. And do not set up rivals to God when ye know (better). And if ye are in doubt concerning that which We reveal to Our slave (Mohamed), then produce a surah of the like thereof, and call your witness beside God if ye are truthful. And if ye do it not - and ye can never do it - then guard yourselves against the Fire prepared for disbelievers, whose fuel is of men and stones. And give glad tidings (O Mohamed) to those who believe and do good works; that theirs are Gardens underneath which rivers flow; as often as they are regaled with food of the fruit thereof, they say: this is what was given us aforetime; and it is given to them in resemblance. There for them are pure companions; there for ever they abide. Lo! God disdaineth not to coin the similitude even of a gnat. Those who believe know that it is the truth from their Lord; but those who disbelieve say: What doth God wish (to teach) by such a similitude? He misleadeth many thereby, and He guideth many thereby; and He misleadeth thereby only miscreants; those who break the covenant of God after ratifying it, and sever that which God ordered to be joined, and (who) make mischief in the earth: Those are they who are the losers. How disbelieve ye in God when ye were dead and He gave life to you! Then He will give you death, then life again, and then to Him ye will return. He it is Who created for you all that is in the earth. Then turned He to the heaven, and fashioned it as seven heavens. And He is knower of all things.

And when your Lord said to the angels: Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth, they said: Will you place therein one who will do harm and will shed blood, while we, we hymn your praise and sanctify you ? He said: Surely I know that which you know not. And He taught Adam all the names, then showed them to the angels, saying: Inform Me of the names of these, if you are truthful. They said: Be glorified! We have no knowledge except that which you have taught us. Lo! you, only you, are the Knower, the Wise. He said: O Adam! Inform them of their names, and when he had informed them of their names, He said: Did I not tell you that I know the secret of the heavens and the earth ? And I know that which you disclose and which you hide.

And when We said to the angels: Prostrate yourselves before Adam, they fell prostrate, all except Eblees. He demurred through pride, and so became a disbeliever. And We said: O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in the Garden, and eat you freely thereof where you will; but come not nigh this tree lest you become wrong-doers. But Satan caused them to deflect therefrom and expelled them from the state in which they were; and We said: Fall down, one of you a foe to the other! There shall be for you on earth a habitation and provision for a time. Then Adam received from his Lord words, and He relented toward him. Lo! He is the relenting, the Merciful. We said: Go down, all of you, from hence; but verily there comes to you from Me a guidance; and whoso follows My guidance, there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve. But they who disbelieve, and deny Our revelations, such are rightful Peoples of the Fire. They will abide therein.

Koran 3:33 (context verses 1-32)
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.1 Alim. Lam. Mim.2 Allah! There is no God save Him, the Alive, the Eternal.3 He hath revealed unto thee (Mohammed) the Scripture with truth, confirming that which was (revealed) before it, even as He revealed the Torah and the Gospel.4 Aforetime, for a guidance to mankind; and hath revealed the Criterion (of right and wrong). Lo! those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah, theirs will be a heavy doom. Allah is Mighty, Able to Requite (the wrong).5 Lo! nothing in the earth or in the heavens is hidden from Allah.6 He it is Who fashioneth you in the wombs as pleaseth Him. There is no God save Him, the Almighty, the Wise.7 He it is Who hath revealed unto thee (Mohammed) the Scripture wherein are clear revelations - they are the substance of the Book - and others (which are) allegorical. But those in whose hearts is doubt pursue, forsooth, that which is allegorical seeking (to cause) dissension by seeking to explain it. None knoweth its explanation save Allah, and those who are of sound instruction. Say: We believe therein; the whole is from our Lord; but only men of understanding really heed.8 Our Lord! Cause not our hearts to stray after Thou hast guided us, and bestow upon us mercy from Thy Presence. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Bestower.9 Our Lord! Lo! it is Thou Who gatherest mankind together to a Day of which there is no doubt. Lo! Allah faileth not to keep the tryst.10 (On that Day) neither the riches nor the progeny of those who disbelieve will aught avail them with Allah. They will be fuel for Fire.11 Like Pharaoh's folk and those who were before them, they disbelieved Our revelations and so Allah seized them for their sins. And Allah is severe in punishment.12 Say (O Mohammed) unto those who disbelieve: Ye shall be overcome and gathered unto Hell, an evil resting-place.13 There was a token for you in two hosts which met: one army fighting in the way of Allah, and another disbelieving, whom they saw as twice their number, clearly, with their very eyes. Thus Allah strengtheneth with His succour whom He will. Lo! herein verily is a lesson for those who have eyes.14 Beautified for mankind is love of the joys (that come) from women and offspring; and stored-up heaps of gold and silver, and horses branded (with their mark), and cattle and land. That is comfort of the life of the world. Allah! With Him is a more excellent abode.15 Say: Shall I inform you of something better than that? For those who keep from evil, with their Lord, are Gardens underneath which rivers flow wherein they will abide, and pure companions, and contentment from Allah. Allah is Seer of His bondmen,16 Those who say: Our Lord! Lo! we believe. So forgive us our sins and guard us from the punishment of Fire;17 The steadfast, and the truthful, and the obedient, those who spend (and hoard not), those who pray for pardon in the watches of the night.18 Allah (Himself) is Witness that there is no God save Him. And the angels and the men of learning (too are witness). Maintaining His creation in justice, there is no God save Him the Almighty, the Wise.19 Lo! religion with Allah (is) the Surrender (to His Will and Guidance). Those who (formerly) received the Scripture differed only after knowledge came unto them, through transgression among themselves. Whoso disbelieveth the revelations of Allah (will find that) lo! Allah is swift at reckoning.20 And if they argue with thee, (O Mohammed), say: I have surrendered my purpose to Allah and (so have) those who follow me. And say unto those who have received the Scripture and those who read not: Have ye (too) surrendered? If they surrender, then truly they are rightly guided, and if they turn away, then it is thy duty only to convey the message (unto them). Allah is Seer of (His) bondmen.21 Lo! those who disbelieve the revelations of Allah, and slay the prophets wrongfully, and slay those of mankind who enjoin equity: promise them a painful doom.22 Those are they whose works have failed in the world and the Hereafter; and they have no helpers.23 Hast thou not seen how those who have received a portion of the Scripture invoke the Scripture of Allah (in their disputes) that it may judge between them; then a faction of them turn away, being opposed (to it)?24 That is because they say: The Fire will not touch us save for a certain number of days. That which they used to invent hath deceived them regarding their religion.25 How (will it be with them) when We have brought them all together to a Day of which there is no doubt, when every soul will be paid in full what it hath earned, and they will not be wronged.26 Say: O Allah! Owner of Sovereignty! Thou givest sovereignty unto whom Thou wilt, and Thou withdrawest sovereignty from whom Thou wilt. Thou exaltest whom Thou wilt, and Thou abasest whom Thou wilt. In Thy hand is the good. Lo! Thou art Able to do all things.27 Thou causest the night to pass into the day, and Thou causest the day to pass into the night. And Thou bringest forth the living from the dead, and Thou bringest forth the dead from the living. And Thou givest sustenance to whom Thou choosest, without stint.28 Let not the believers take disbelievers for their friends in preference to believers. Whoso doeth that hath no connection with Allah unless (it be) that ye but guard yourselves against them, taking (as it were) security. Allah biddeth you beware (only) of Himself. Unto Allah is the journeying.29 Say, (O Mohammed): Whether ye hide that which is in your breasts or reveal it, Allah knoweth it. He knoweth that which is in the heavens and that which is in the earth, and Allah is Able to do all things.30 On the Day when every soul will find itself confronted with all that it hath done of good and all that it hath done of evil (every soul) will long that there might be a mighty space of distance between it and that (evil). Allah biddeth you beware of Him. And Allah is Full of Pity for (His) bondmen.31 Say, (O Mohammed, to mankind): If ye love Allah, follow me; Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.32 Say: Obey Allah and the messenger. But if they turn away, lo! Allah loveth not the disbelievers (in His guidance).
Lo! God preferred Adam and Noah and the Family of Abraham and the Family of Imran above (all) creatures. They were descendants one of another. God is Hearer, Knower.

Koran 5:27 (context verses 33-86):

But recite to them with truth the tale of the two sons of Adam, how they offered each a sacrifice, and it was accepted from the one of them and it was not accepted from the other. (One) said: I will surely kill you. (Other) answered: God accepts only from those who ward off (evil). Even if you stretch out your hand against me to kill me, I shall not stretch out my hand against you to kill you, lo! I fear God, the Lord of the Worlds. Lo! I would rather you shouldst bear the punishment of the sin against me and your own sin and become one of the owners of the fire. That is the reward of evil-doers. But (the other's) mind imposed on him the killing of his brother, so he slew him and became one of the losers. Then God sent a raven scratching up the ground, to show him how to hide his brother's naked corpse. He said: Woe to me! Am I not able to be as this raven and so hide my brother's naked corpse ? And he became repentant. For that cause We decreed for the Children of Israel that whosoever kills a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. Our messengers came to them of old with clear proofs (of God's Sovereignty), but afterwards lo! many of them became prodigals in the earth.
33 The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom;34 Save those who repent before ye overpower them. For know that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.35 O ye who believe! Be mindful of your duty to Allah, and seek the way of approach unto Him, and strive in His way in order that ye may succeed.36 As for those who disbelieve, lo! if all that is in the earth were theirs, and as much again therewith, to ransom them from the doom on the Day of Resurrection, it would not be accepted from them. Theirs will be a painful doom.37 They will wish to come forth from the Fire, but they will not come forth from it. Theirs will be a lasting doom.38 As for the thief, both male and female, cut off their hands. It is the reward of their own deeds, an exemplary punishment from Allah. Allah is Mighty, Wise.39 But whoso repenteth after his wrongdoing and amendeth, lo! Allah will relent toward him. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.40 Knowest thou not that unto Allah belongeth the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth? He punisheth whom He will, and forgiveth whom He will. Allah is Able to do all things.41 O Messenger! Let not them grieve thee who vie one with another in the race to disbelief, of such as say with their mouths: "We believe," but their hearts believe not, and of the Jews: listeners for the sake of falsehood, listeners on behalf of other folk who come not unto thee, changing words from their context and saying: If this be given unto you, receive it, but if this be not given unto you, then beware! He whom Allah doometh unto sin, thou (by thine efforts) wilt avail him naught against Allah. Those are they for whom the Will of Allah is that He cleanse not their hearts. Theirs in the world will be ignominy, and in the Hereafter an awful doom;42 Listeners for the sake of falsehood! Greedy for illicit gain! If then they have recourse unto thee (Mohammed) judge between them or disclaim jurisdiction. If thou disclaimest jurisdiction, then they cannot harm thee at all. But if thou judgest, judge between them with equity. Lo! Allah loveth the equitable.43 How come they unto thee for judgment when they have the Torah, wherein Allah hath delivered judgment (for them)? Yet even after that they turn away. Such (folk) are not believers.44 Lo! We did reveal the Torah, wherein is guidance and a light, by which the prophets who surrendered (unto Allah) judged the Jews, and the rabbis and the priests (judged) by such of Allah's Scripture as they were bidden to observe, and thereunto were they witnesses. So fear not mankind, but fear Me. And My revelations for a little gain. Whoso judgeth not by that which Allah hath revealed: such are disbelievers.45 And We prescribed for them therein: The life for the life, and the eye for the eye, and the nose for the nose, and the ear for the ear, and the tooth for the tooth, and for wounds retaliation. But whoso forgoeth it (in the way of charity) it shall be expiation for him. Whoso judgeth not by that which Allah hath revealed: such are wrong-doers.46 And We caused Jesus, son of Mary, to follow in their footsteps, confirming that which was (revealed) before him in the Torah, and We bestowed on him the Gospel wherein is guidance and a light, confirming that which was (revealed) before it in the Torah - a guidance and an admonition unto those who ward off (evil).47 Let the People of the Gospel judge by that which Allah hath revealed therein. Whoso judgeth not by that which Allah hath revealed: such are evil-livers.48 And unto thee have We revealed the Scripture with the truth, confirming whatever Scripture was before it, and a watcher over it. So judge between them by that which Allah hath revealed, and follow not their desires away from the truth which hath come unto thee. For each We have appointed a divine law and a traced-out way. Had Allah willed He could have made you one community. But that He may try you by that which He hath given you (He hath made you as ye are). So vie one with another in good works. Unto Allah ye will all return, and He will then inform you of that wherein ye differ.49 So judge between them by that which Allah hath revealed, and follow not their desires, but beware of them lest they seduce thee from some part of that which Allah hath revealed unto thee. And if they turn away, then know that Allah's Will is to smite them for some sin of theirs. Lo! many of mankind are evil-livers.50 Is it a judgment of the time of (pagan) ignorance that they are seeking? Who is better than Allah for judgment to a people who have certainty (in their belief)?51 O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk.52 And thou seest those in whose heart is a disease race toward them, saying: We fear lest a change of fortune befall us. And it may happen that Allah will vouchsafe (unto thee) the victory, or a commandment from His presence. Then will they repent them of their secret thoughts.53 Then will the believers say (unto the people of the Scripture): are these they who swore by Allah their most binding oaths that they were surely with you? Their works have failed, and they have become the losers.54 O ye who believe! Whoso of you becometh a renegade from his religion, (know that in his stead) Allah will bring a people whom He loveth and who love Him, humble toward believers, stern toward disbelievers, striving in the way of Allah, and fearing not the blame of any blamer. Such is the grace of Allah which He giveth unto whom He will. Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing.55 Your guardian can be only Allah; and His messenger and those who believe, who establish worship and pay the poordue, and bow down (in prayer).56 And whoso taketh Allah and His messenger and those who believe for guardian (will know that), lo! the party of Allah, they are the victorious.57 O Ye who believe! Choose not for guardians such of those who received the Scripture before you, and of the disbelievers, as make a jest and sport of your religion. But keep your duty to Allah if ye are true believers.58 And when ye call to prayer they take it for a jest and sport. That is because they are a folk who understand not.59 Say: O People of the Scripture! Do ye blame us for aught else than that we believe in Allah and that which is revealed unto us and that which was revealed aforetime, and because most of you are evil-livers?60 Shall I tell thee of a worse (case) than theirs for retribution with Allah? (Worse is the case of him) whom Allah hath cursed, him on whom His wrath hath fallen and of whose sort Allah hath turned some to apes and swine, and who serveth idols. Such are in worse plight and further astray from the plain road.61 When they come unto you (Muslims), they say: We believe; but they came in unbelief and they went out in the same; and Allah knoweth best what they were hiding.62 And thou seest many of them vying one with another in sin and transgression and their devouring of illicit gain. Verily evil is what they do.63 Why do not the rabbis and the priests forbid their evil-speaking and their devouring of illicit gain? Verily evil is their handiwork.64 The Jews say: Allah's hand is fettered. Their hands are fettered and they are accursed for saying so. Nay, but both His hands are spread out wide in bounty. He bestoweth as He will. That which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord is certain to increase the contumacy and disbelief of many of them, and We have cast among them enmity and hatred till the Day of Resurrection. As often as they light a fire for war, Allah extinguisheth it. Their effort is for corruption in the land, and Allah loveth not corrupters.65 If only the People of the Scripture would believe and ward off (evil), surely We should remit their sins from them and surely We should bring them into Gardens of Delight.66 If they had observed the Torah and the Gospel and that which was revealed unto them from their Lord, they would surely have been nourished from above them and from beneath their feet. Among them there are people who are moderate, but many of them are of evil conduct.
67 O Messenger! Make known that which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord, for if thou do it not, thou wilt not have conveyed His message. Allah will protect thee from mankind. Lo! Allah guideth not the disbelieving folk.68 Say O People of the Scripture! Ye have naught (of guidance) till ye observe the Torah and the Gospel and that which was revealed unto you from your Lord. That which is revealed unto thee (Mohammed) from thy Lord is certain to increase the contumacy and disbelief of many of them. But grieve not for the disbelieving folk.69 Lo! those who believe, and those who are Jews, and Sabaeans, and Christians - Whosoever believeth in Allah and the Last Day and doeth right - there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve.70 We made a covenant of old with the Children of Israel and We sent unto them messengers. As often as a messenger came unto them with that which their souls desired not (they became rebellious). Some (of them) they denied and some they slew.71 They thought no harm would come of it, so they were wilfully blind and deaf. And afterward Allah turned (in mercy) toward them. Now (even after that) are many of them wilfully blind and deaf. Allah is Seer of what they do.72 They surely disbelieve who say: Lo! Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary. The Messiah (himself) said: O Children of Israel, worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord. Lo! whoso ascribeth partners unto Allah, for him Allah hath forbidden paradise. His abode is the Fire. For evil-doers there will be no helpers.73 They surely disbelieve who say: Lo! Allah is the third of three; when there is no God save the One God. If they desist not from so saying a painful doom will fall on those of them who disbelieve.74 Will they not rather turn unto Allah and seek forgiveness of Him? For Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.75 The Messiah, son of Mary, was no other than a messenger, messengers (the like of whom) had passed away before him. And his mother was a saintly woman. And they both used to eat (earthly) food. See how We make the revelations clear for them, and see how they are turned away!76 Say: Serve ye in place of Allah that which possesseth for you neither hurt nor use? Allah it is Who is the Hearer, the Knower.77 Say: O People of the Scripture! Stress not in your religion other than the truth, and follow not the vain desires of folk who erred of old and led many astray, and erred from a plain road.78 Those of the Children of Israel who went astray were cursed by the tongue of David, and of Jesus, son of Mary. That was because they rebelled and used to transgress.79 They restrained not one another from the wickedness they did. Verily evil was that they used to do!80 Thou seest many of them making friends with those who disbelieve. Surely ill for them is that which they themselves send on before them: that Allah will be wroth with them and in the doom they will abide.81 If they believed in Allah and the Prophet and that which is revealed unto him, they would not choose them for their friends. But many of them are of evil conduct.82 Thou wilt find the most vehement of mankind in hostility to those who believe (to be) the Jews and the idolaters. And thou wilt find the nearest of them in affection to those who believe (to be) those who say: Lo! We are Christians. That is because there are among them priests and monks, and because they are not proud.83 When they listen to that which hath been revealed unto the messengers, thou seest their eyes overflow with tears because of their recognition of the Truth. They say: Our Lord, we believe. Inscribe us as among the witnesses.84 How should we not believe in Allah and that which hath come unto us of the Truth. And (how should we not) hope that our Lord will bring us in along with righteous folk?85 Allah hath rewarded them for that their saying - Gardens underneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide for ever. That is the reward of the good.86 But those who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, they are owners of hell- fire.
Koran 7:11 (context verses 1-10, 34-58)

In the Name of Alla the Rehman the Raheem. A. L. M. S. (It is) a Book that is revealed to you (Mohamed) - so let there be no heaviness in thy heart therefrom - that you may warn thereby, and (it is) a Reminder to Momins. (Saying): Follow that which is sent down to you from your Lord, and follow no protecting friends beside Him. Little do ye recollect! How many a township have We destroyed! As a raid by night, or while they slept at noon, Our terror came to them. No plea had they, when Our terror came to them, except that they said: Lo! We were wrong-doers. Then verily We shall question those to whom (Our message) hath been sent, and verily We shall question the messengers. Then verily We shall narrate to them (the event) with knowledge, for We were not absent (when it came to pass). The weighing on that day is the true (weighing). As for those whose scale is heavy, they are the successful. And as for those whose scale is light: those are they who lose their souls because they used to wrong Our revelations. And We have given you (mankind) power in the earth, and appointed for you therein livelihoods. Little give ye thanks!

And We created you, then fashioned you, then told the angels: Fall you prostrate before Adam! And they fell prostrate, all except Eblees, who was not of those who make prostration. He (God) said: What hindered you that you didst not fall prostrate when I bade you ? (Eblees) said: I am better than him. You createdst me of fire while him you didst create of mud. He said: Then go down hence! It is not for you to show pride here, so go forth! Lo! you are of those degraded. He said: Reprieve me till the day when they are resurrected. He said: Lo! you are of those reprieved. He said: Now, because you have sent me astray, verily I shall lurk in ambush for them on your Right Path. Then I shall come upon them from before them and from behind them and from their right hands and from their left hands, and you will not find most of them beholden (to you). He said: Go forth from hence, degraded, banished. As for such of them as follow you, surely I will fill hell with all of you.

And (to man): O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in the Garden and eat from whence you will, but come not nigh this tree lest you become wrong-doers. Then Satan whispered to them that he might manifest to them that which was hidden from them of their shame, and he said: Your Lord forbade you from this tree only lest you should become angels or become of the immortals. And he swore to them: Lo! I am a sincere adviser to you. Thus did he lead them on with guile. And when they tasted of the tree their shame was manifest to them and they began to hide (by heaping) on themselves some of the leaves of the Garden. And their Lord called them: Did I not forbid you from that tree and tell you: Lo! Satan is an open enemy to you. They said: Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If you forgive us not and have not mercy on us, surely we are of the lost! He said: Go down, one of you a foe to the other. There will be for you on earth a habitation and provision for a while. He said: There shall you live, and there shall you die, and thence shall you be brought forth.

O Children of Adam! We have revealed to you garment to conceal your shame, and splendid vesture, but the garment of restraint from evil, that is best. This is of the revelations of God, that they may remember. O Children of Adam! Let not Satan seduce you as he caused your parents to go forth from the Garden and tore off from them their robe that he might manifest their shame to them. Lo! he sees you, he and his tribe, from whence you see him not. Lo! We have made the devils protecting friends for those who believe not. And when they do some lewdness they say: We found our fathers doing it and God has enjoined it on us. Say: God, verily, enjoins not lewdness. Tell you concerning God that which you know not? Say: My Lord enjoins justice. And set your faces upright at every place of worship and call upon Him, making religion pure for Him. As He brought you into being, so return you (to Him). A party has He led aright, while error has just hold over a party, for lo! they choose the devils for protecting supporters instead of God and deem that they are rightly guided. O Children of Adam! Look to your adornment at every place of worship, and eat and drink, but be not prodigal. Lo! He loves not the prodigals. Say: Who has forbidden the adornment of God which He has brought forth for His bondmen, and the good things of His providing? Say: Such, on the Day of Resurrection, will be only for those who believed during the life of the world. Thus do we detail Our revelations for people who have knowledge. Say: My Lord forbids only indecencies, such of them as are apparent and such as are within, and sin and wrongful oppression, and that you associate with God that for which no warrant has been revealed, and that you tell concerning God that which you know not.

And every nation hath its term, and when its term comes, they cannot put it off an hour nor yet advance (it).

O Children of Adam! When messengers of your own come to you who narrate to you My revelations, then whosoever refraineth from evil and amendeth - there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve. But they who deny Our revelations and scorn them - each are rightful owners of the Fire; they will abide therein. Who doeth greater wrong than he who inventeth a lie concerning God or denieth Our signs. (For such) their appointed portion of the Book (of destiny) reacheth them till, when Our messengers come to gather them, they say: Where (now) is that to which ye cried beside God? They say: They have departed from us. And they testify against themselves that they were disbelievers. He said: Enter into the Fire among nations of the jinn and humankind who passed away before you. Every time a nation entereth, it curseth its sister (nation) till, when they have all been made to follow one another thither, the last of them saith to the first of them: Our Lord! These led us astray, so give them double torment of the Fire. He said: For each one there is double (torment), but ye know not. And the first of them saith to the last of them: Ye were no whit better than us, so taste the doom for what ye used to earn. Lo! they who deny Our revelations and scorn them, for them the gates of heaven will nor be opened not will they enter the Garden until the camel goeth through the needle's eye. Thus do We requite the guilty. Theirs will be a bed of hell, and over them coverings (of hell). Thus do We requite wrong-doers. But (as for) those who believe and do good works - We tax not any soul beyond its scope - Such are rightful owners of the Garden. They abide therein. And We remove whatever rancour may be in their hearts. Rivers flow beneath them. And they say: The praise to God, Who hath guided us to this. We could not truly have been led aright if God had not guided us. Verily the messengers of our Lord did bring the Truth. And it is cried to them: This is the Garden. Ye inherit it for what ye used to do. And the dwellers of the Garden cry to the dwellers of the Fire: We have found that which our Lord promised us (to be) the Truth. Have ye (too) found that which your Lord promised the Truth? They say: Yea, verily. And a crier in between them crieth: The curse of God is on evil-doers, who debar (men) from the path of God and would have it crooked, and who are disbelievers in the Last Day. Between them is a veil. And on the Heights are men who know them all by their marks. And they call to the dwellers of the Garden: Peace be to you! They enter it not although they hope (to enter). And when their eyes are turned toward the dwellers of the Fire, they say: Our Lord! Place us not with the wrong-doing folk. And the dwellers on the Heights call to men whom they know by their marks, (saying): What did your multitude and that in which ye took your pride avail you? Are these they of whom ye swore that God would not show them mercy? (To them it hath been said): Enter the Garden. No fear shall come upon you nor is it ye who will grieve. And the dwellers of the Fire cry out to the dwellers of the Garden: Pour on us some water or some wherewith God hath provided you. They say: Lo! God hath forbidden both to disbelievers (in His guidance), who took their religion for a sport and pastime, and whom the life of the world beguiled. So this day We have forgotten them even as they forgot the meeting of this their Day and as they used to deny Our signs. Verily We have brought them a Book which We expounded with knowledge, a guidance and a mercy for a people who believe. Await they aught except the fulfilment thereof? On the day when the fulfilment thereof comes, those who were before forgetful thereof will say: The messengers of our Lord did bring the Truth! Have we any intercessors, that they may intercede for us? Or can we be returned (to life on earth), that we may act otherwise than we used to act? They have lost their souls, and that which they devised hath failed them. Lo! your Lord is God Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days, then mounted He the Throne. He covereth the night with the day, which is in haste to follow it, and hath made the sun and the moon and the stars subservient by His command. His verily is all creation and commandment. Blessed be God, the Lord of the Worlds! (O mankind!) Call upon your Lord humbly and in secret. Lo! He loves not aggressors. Work not confusion in the earth after the fair ordering (thereof). and call on Him in fear and hope. Lo! the mercy of God is nigh to the good. And He it is Who sendeth the winds as tidings heralding His mercy, till, when they bear a cloud heavy (with rain), We lead it to a dead land, and then cause water to descend thereon and thereby bring forth fruits of every kind. Thus bring We forth the dead. Haply ye may remember. As for the good land, its vegetation comes forth by permission of its Lord; while as for that which is bad, only the useless comes forth (from it). Thus do We recount the signs for people who give thanks.

Koran 7:172 (context verses 157-171, 177-206)
157 Those who follow the messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write, whom they will find described in the Torah and the Gospel (which are) with them. He will enjoin on them that which is right and forbid them that which is wrong. He will make lawful for them all good things and prohibit for them only the foul; and he will relieve them of their burden and the fetters that they used to wear. Then those who believe in him, and honour him, and help him, and follow the light which is sent down with him: they are the successful.158 Say (O Mohammed): O mankind! Lo! I am the messenger of Allah to you all - (the messenger of) Him unto Whom belongeth the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. There is no God save Him. He quickeneth and He giveth death. So believe in Allah and His messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write, who believeth in Allah and in His Words, and follow him that haply ye may be led aright.159 And of Moses' folk there is a community who lead with truth and establish justice therewith.160 We divided them into twelve tribes, nations; and We inspired Moses, when his people asked him for water, saying: Smite with thy staff the rock! And there gushed forth therefrom twelve springs, so that each tribe knew their drinking-place. And we caused the white cloud to overshadow them and sent down for them the manna and the quails (saying): Eat of the good things wherewith we have provided you. They wronged Us not, but they were wont to wrong themselves.161 And when it was said unto them: Dwell in this township and eat therefrom whence ye will, and say "Repentance," and enter the gate prostrate; We shall forgive you your sins; We shall increase (reward) for the right-doers.162 But those of them who did wrong changed the word which had been told them for another saying, and We sent down upon them wrath from heaven for their wrongdoing.163 Ask them (O Mohammed) of the township that was by the sea, how they did break the Sabbath, how their big fish came unto them visibly upon their Sabbath day and on a day when they did not keep Sabbath came they not unto them. Thus did We try them for that they were evil-livers.164 And when a community among them said: Why preach ye to a folk whom Allah is about to destroy or punish with an awful doom, they said: In order to be free from guilt before your Lord, and that haply they may ward off (evil).165 And when they forgot that whereof they had been reminded, We rescued those who forbade wrong, and visited those who did wrong with dreadful punishment because they were evil-livers.166 So when they took pride in that which they had been forbidden, We said unto them: Be ye apes despised and loathed!167 And (remember) when thy Lord proclaimed that He would raise against them till the Day of Resurrection those who would lay on them a cruel torment. Lo! verily thy Lord is swift in prosecution and lo! verily He is Forgiving, Merciful.168 And We have sundered them in the earth as (separate) nations. Some of them are righteous, and some far from that. And We have tried them with good things and evil things that haply they might return.169 And a generation hath succeeded them who inherited the scriptures. They grasp the goods of this low life (as the price of evil-doing) and say: It will be forgiven us. And if there came to them (again) the offer of the like, they would accept it (and would sin again). Hath not the covenant of the Scripture been taken on their behalf that they should not speak aught concerning Allah save the truth? And they have studied that which is therein. And the abode of the Hereafter is better, for those who ward off (evil). Have ye then no sense?170 And as for those who make (men) keep the Scripture, and establish worship - lo! We squander not the wages of reformers.171 And when We shook the Mount above them as it were a covering, and they supposed that it was going to fall upon them (and We said): Hold fast that which We have given you, and remember that which is therein, that ye may ward off (evil).
And when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their reins, their seed, and made them testify of themselves: Am I not your Lord ? They said: Yea, verily. We testify. (That was) lest you should say at the Day of Resurrection: Lo! of this we were unaware; Or lest you should say: (It is) only (that) our fathers ascribed partners to God of old and we were (their) seed after them. Will you destroy us on account of that which those who follow falsehood did ? Thus we detail revelations, that haply they may return.

175 Recite unto them the tale of him to whom We gave Our revelations, but he sloughed them off, so Satan overtook him and he became of those who lead astray.176 And had We willed We could have raised him by their means, but he clung to the earth and followed his own lust. Therefor his likeness is as the likeness of a dog: if thou attackest him he panteth with his tongue out, and if thou leavest him he panteth with his tongue out. Such is the likeness of the people who deny Our revelations. Narrate unto them the history (of the men of old), that haply they may take thought.177 Evil as an example are the folk who denied Our revelations, and were wont to wrong themselves.178 He whom Allah leadeth, he indeed is led aright, while he whom Allah sendeth astray - they indeed are losers.179 Already have We urged unto hell many of the jinn and humankind, having hearts wherewith they understand not, and having eyes wherewith they see not, and having ears wherewith they hear not. These are as the cattle - nay, but they are worse! These are the neglectful.180 Allah's are the fairest names. Invoke Him by them. And leave the company of those who blaspheme His names. They will be requited what they do.181 And of those whom We created there is a nation who guide with the Truth and establish justice therewith.182 And those who deny Our revelations - step by step We lead them on from whence they know not.183 I give them rein (for) lo! My scheme is strong.184 Have they not bethought them (that) there is no madness in their comrade? He is but a plain warner.185 Have they not considered the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and what things Allah hath created, and that it may be that their own term draweth nigh? In what fact after this will they believe?186 Those whom Allah sendeth astray, there is no guide for them. He leaveth them to wander blindly on in their contumacy.187 They ask thee of the (destined) Hour, when will it come to port. Say: Knowledge thereof is with my Lord only. He alone will manifest it at its proper time. It is heavy in the heavens and the earth. It cometh not to you save unawares. They question thee as if thou couldst be well informed thereof. Say: Knowledge thereof is with Allah only, but most of mankind know not.188 Say: For myself I have no power to benefit, nor power to hurt, save that which Allah willeth. Had I knowledge of the Unseen, I should have abundance of wealth, and adversity would not touch me. I am but a warner, and a bearer of good tidings unto folk who believe.189 He it is Who did create you from a single soul, and therefrom did make his mate that he might take rest in her. And when he covered her she bore a light burden, and she passed (unnoticed) with it, but when it became heavy they cried unto Allah, their Lord, saying: If thou givest unto us aright we shall be of the thankful.190 But when He gave unto them aright, they ascribed unto Him partners in respect of that which He had given them. High is He Exalted above all that they associate (with Him).191 Attribute they as partners to Allah those who created naught, but are themselves created,192 And cannot give them help, nor can they help themselves?193 And if ye call them to the Guidance, they follow you not. Whether ye call them or are silent is all one for you.194 Lo! those on whom ye call beside Allah are slaves like unto you. Call on them now, and let them answer you, if ye are truthful!195 Have they feet wherewith they walk, or have they hands wherewith they hold, or have they eyes wherewith they see, or have they ears wherewith they hear? Say: Call upon your (so-called) partners (of Allah), and then contrive against me, spare me not!196 Lo! my Protecting Friend is Allah Who revealeth the Scripture. He befriendeth the righteous.197 They on whom ye call beside Him have no power to help you, nor can they help you, nor can they help themselves.198 And if ye (Muslims) call them to the guidance they hear not; and thou (Mohammed) seest them looking toward thee, but they see not.199 Keep to forgiveness (O Mohammed), and enjoin kindness, and turn away from the ignorant.200 And if a slander from the devil wound thee, then seek refuge in Allah. Lo! He is Hearer, Knower.201 Lo! those who ward off (evil), when a glamour from the devil troubleth them, they do but remember (Allah's Guidance) and behold them seers!202 Their brethren plunge them further into error and cease not.203 And when thou bringest not a verse for them they say: Why hast thou not chosen it? Say: I follow only that which is inspired in me from my Lord. This (Koran) is insight from your Lord, and a guidance and a mercy for a people that believe.204 And when the Koran is recited, give ear to it and pay heed, that ye may obtain mercy.205 And do thou (O Mohammed) remember thy Lord within thyself humbly and with awe, below thy breath, at morn and evening. And be not thou of the neglectful.206 Lo! those who are with thy Lord are not too proud to do Him service, but they praise Him and adore Him.
Koran15:26 (context verses 1-25)
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.1 Alif. Lam. Ra. These are verses of the Scripture and a plain Reading.2 It may be that those who disbelieve wish ardently that they were Muslims.3 Let them eat and enjoy life, and let (false) hope beguile them. They will come to know!4 And We destroyed no township but there was a known decree for it.5 No nation can outstrip its term nor can they lag behind.6 And they say: O thou unto whom the Reminder is revealed, lo! thou art indeed a madman!7 Why bringest thou not angels unto us, if thou art of the truthful?8 We send not down the angels save with the Fact, and in that case (the disbelievers) would not be tolerated.9 Lo! We, even We, reveal the Reminder, and lo! We verily are its Guardian.10 We verily sent (messengers) before thee among the factions of the men of old.11 And never came there unto them a messenger but they did mock him.12 Thus do We make it traverse the hearts of the guilty:13 They believe not therein, though the example of the men of old hath gone before.14 And even if We opened unto them a gate of heaven and they kept mounting through it,15 They would say: Our sight is wrong - nay, but we are folk bewitched.16 And verily in the heaven we have set mansions of the stars, and We have beautified it for beholders.17 And We have guarded it from every outcast devil,18 Save him who stealeth the hearing, and them doth a clear flame pursue.19 And the earth have We spread out, and placed therein firm hills, and caused each seemly thing to grow therein.20 And we have given unto you livelihoods therein, and unto those for whom ye provide not.21 And there is not a thing but with Us are the stores thereof. And we send it not down save in appointed measure.22 And We send the winds fertilising, and cause water to descend from the sky, and give it you to drink. It is not ye who are the holders of the store thereof.23 Lo! and it is We, even We, Who quicken and give death, and We are the Inheritor.24 And verily We know the eager among you and verily We know the laggards.25 Lo! thy Lord will gather them together. Lo! He is Wise, Aware.
Verily We created man of potter's clay of black mud altered, And the jinn did We create aforetime of essential fire. And) when your Lord said to the angels: Lo! I am creating a mortal out of potter's clay of black mud altered, So, when I have made him and have breathed into him of My Spirit, do you fall down, prostrating yourselves to him. So the angels fell prostrate, all of them together except Eblees. He refused to be among the prostrate. He said: O Eblees! What ails you that you are not among the prostrate ? He said: I am not one to prostrate myself to a mortal whom you have created out of potter's clay of black mud altered! He said: Then go you forth from hence, for lo! you are outcast. And lo! the curse shall be upon you till the Day of Judgment. He said: My Lord! Reprieve me till the day when they are raised. He said: Then lo! you are of those reprieved Till the Day of appointed time. He said: My Lord! Because you have sent me astray, I verily shall adorn the path of error for them in the earth, and shall mislead them every one, except such of them as are your perfectly devoted servants. He said: This is a right course incumbent upon Me: Lo! as for My servants, you have no power over any of them except such of the froward as follow you, And lo! for all such, hell will be the promised place. It has seven gates, and each gate has an appointed portion. Lo! those who ward off (evil) are among gardens and watersprings. (And it is said to them): Enter them in peace, secure. And We remove whatever rancour may be in their breasts. As brethren, face to face, (they rest) on couches raised. Toil comes not to them there, nor will they be expelled from thence. Announce to My servants that verily I am the Forgiving, the Merciful, And that My doom is the dolorous doom.

Koran 17:61 (context verses 1-60, 66-84)
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.1 Glorified be He Who carried His servant by night from the Inviolable Place of Worship to the Far distant place of worship the neighbourhood whereof We have blessed, that We might show him of Our tokens! Lo! He, only He, is the Hearer, the Seer.2 We gave unto Moses the Scripture, and We appointed it a guidance for the children of Israel, saying: Choose no guardian beside Me.3 (They were) the seed of those whom We carried (in the ship) along with Noah. Lo! he was a grateful slave.4 And We decreed for the Children of Israel in the Scripture: Ye verily will work corruption in the earth twice, and ye will become great tyrants.5 So when the time for the first of the two came, We roused against you slaves of Ours of great might who ravaged (your) country, and it was a threat performed.6 Then we gave you once again your turn against them, and We aided you with wealth and children and made you more in soldiery.7 (Saying): If ye do good, ye do good for your own souls, and if ye do evil, it is for them (in like manner). So, when the time for the second (of the judgments) came (We roused against you others of Our slaves) to ravage you, and to enter the Temple even as they entered it the first time, and to lay waste all that they conquered with an utter wasting.8 It may be that your Lord will have mercy on you, but if ye repeat (the crime) We shall repeat (the punishment), and We have appointed hell a dungeon for the disbelievers.9 Lo! this Koran guideth unto that which is straightest, and giveth tidings unto the believers who do good works that theirs will be a great reward.10 And that those who believe not in the Hereafter, for them We have prepared a painful doom.11 Man prayeth for evil as he prayeth for good; for man was ever hasty.12 And We appoint the night and the day two portents. Then We make dark the portent of the night, and We make the portent of the day sight-giving, that ye may seek bounty from your Lord, and that ye may know the computation of the years, and the reckoning; and everything have We expounded with a clear expounding.13 And every man's augury have We fastened to his own neck, and We shall bring forth for him on the Day of Resurrection a book which he will find wide open.14 (And it will be said unto him): Read thy Book. Thy soul sufficeth as reckoner against thee this day.15 Whosoever goeth right, it is only for (the good of) his own soul that he goeth right, and whosoever erreth, erreth only to its hurt. No laden soul can bear another's load, We never punish until we have sent a messenger.16 And when We would destroy a township We send commandment to its folk who live at ease, and afterward they commit abomination therein, and so the Word (of doom) hath effect for it, and we annihilate it with complete annihilation.17 How many generations have We destroyed since Noah! And Allah sufficeth as Knower and Beholder of the sins of His slaves.18 Whoso desireth that (life) which hasteneth away, We hasten for him therein what We will for whom We please. And afterward We have appointed for him hell; he will endure the heat thereof, condemned, rejected.19 And whoso desireth the Hereafter and striveth for it with the effort necessary, being a believer; for such, their effort findeth favour (with their Lord).20 Each do We supply, both these and those, from the bounty of thy Lord. And the bounty of thy Lord can never be walled up.21 See how We prefer one of them above another, and verily the Hereafter will be greater in degrees and greater in preferment.22 Set not up with Allah any other god (O man) lest thou sit down reproved, forsaken.23 Thy Lord hath decreed, that ye worship none save Him, and (that ye show) kindness to parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age with thee, say not "Fie" unto them nor repulse them, but speak unto them a gracious word.24 And lower unto them the wing of submission through mercy, and say: My Lord! Have mercy on them both as they did care for me when I was little.25 Your Lord is Best Aware of what is in your minds. If ye are righteous, then lo! He was ever Forgiving unto those who turn (unto Him).26 Give the kinsman his due, and the needy, and the wayfarer, and squander not (thy wealth) in wantonness.27 Lo! the squanderers were ever brothers of the devils, and the devil was ever an ingrate to his Lord.28 But if thou turn away from them, seeking mercy from thy Lord, for which thou hopest, then speak unto them a reasonable word.29 And let not thy hand be chained to thy neck nor open it with a complete opening, lest thou sit down rebuked, denuded.30 Lo! thy Lord enlargeth the provision for whom He will, and straiteneth (it for whom He will). Lo, He was ever Knower, Seer of His slaves.31 Slay not your children, fearing a fall to poverty, We shall provide for them and for you. Lo! the slaying of them is great sin.32 And come not near unto adultery. Lo! it is an abomination and an evil way.33 And slay not the life which Allah hath forbidden save with right. Whoso is slain wrongfully, We have given power unto his heir, but let him not commit excess in slaying. Lo! he will be helped.34 Come not near the wealth of the orphan save with that which is better till he come to strength; and keep the covenant. Lo! of the covenant it will be asked.35 Fill the measure when ye measure, and weigh with a right balance; that is meet, and better in the end.36 (O man), follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge. Lo! the hearing and the sight and the heart - of each of these it will be asked.37 And walk not in the earth exultant. Lo! thou canst not rend the earth, nor canst thou stretch to the height of the hills.38 The evil of all that is hateful in the sight of thy Lord.39 This is (part) of that wisdom wherewith thy Lord hath inspired thee (O Mohammed). And set not up with Allah any other god, lest thou be cast into hell, reproved, abandoned.40 Hath your Lord then distinguished you (O men of Makka) by giving you sons, and hath chosen for Himself females from among the angels? Lo! verily ye speak an awful word!41 We verily have displayed (Our warnings) in this Koran that they may take heed, but it increaseth them in naught save aversion.42 Say (O Mohammed, to the disbelievers): If there were other gods along with Him, as they say, then had they sought a way against the Lord of the Throne.43 Glorified is He, and High Exalted above what they say!44 The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein praise Him, and there is not a thing but hymneth His praise; but ye understand not their praise. Lo! He is ever Clement, Forgiving.45 And when thou recitest the Koran we place between thee and those who believe not in the Hereafter a hidden barrier;46 And We place upon their hearts veils lest they should understand it, and in their ears a deafness; and when thou makest mention of thy Lord alone in the Koran, they turn their backs in aversion.47 We are Best Aware of what they wish to hear when they give ear to thee and when they take secret counsel, when the evil-doers say: Ye follow but a man bewitched.48 See what similitudes they coin for thee, and thus are all astray, and cannot find a road!49 And they say: When we are bones and fragments, shall we forsooth, be raised up as a new creation?50 Say: Be ye stones or iron51 Or some created thing that is yet greater in your thoughts! Then they will say: Who shall bring us back (to life). Say: He Who created you at the first. Then will they shake their heads at thee, and say: When will it be? Say: It will perhaps be soon;52 A day when He will call you and ye will answer with His praise, and ye will think that ye have tarried but a little while.53 Tell My bondmen to speak that which is kindlier. Lo! the devil soweth discord among them. Lo! the devil is for man an open foe.54 Your Lord is Best Aware of you. If He will, He will have mercy on you, or if He will, He will punish you. We have not sent thee (O Mohammed) as a warden over them.55 And thy Lord is Best Aware of all who are in the heavens and the earth. And we preferred some of the prophets above others, and unto David We gave the Psalms.56 Say: Cry unto those (saints and angels) whom ye assume (to be gods) beside Him, yet they have no power to rid you of misfortune nor to change.57 Those unto whom they cry seek the way of approach to their Lord, which of them shall be the nearest; they hope for His mercy and they fear His doom. Lo! the doom of thy Lord is to be shunned.58 There is not a township but We shall destroy it ere the Day of Resurrection, or punish it with dire punishment. That is set forth in the Book (of Our decrees).59 Naught hindereth Us from sending portents save that the folk of old denied them. And We gave Thamud the she-camel - a clear portent save to warn.60 And (it was a warning) when we told thee: Lo! thy Lord encompasseth mankind, and We appointed the sight which We showed thee as an ordeal for mankind, and (likewise) the Accursed Tree in the Koran. We warn them, but it increaseth them in naught save gross impiety.
And when We said to the angels: Fall down prostrate before Adam and they fell prostrate all except Eblees, he said: Shall I fall prostrate before that which you have created of clay ? He said: Seest you this (creature) whom you have honoured above me, if you give me grace until the Day of Resurrection I verily will seize his seed, except but a few. He said: Go, and whosoever of them follows you - lo! hell will be your payment, ample payment. And excite any of them whom you canst with your voice, and urge your horse and foot against them, and be a partner in their wealth and children, and promise them. Satan promises them only to deceive. Lo! My servants - over them you have no power, and your Lord suffices as (their) guardian.
66 (O mankind), your Lord is He Who driveth for you the ship upon the sea that ye may seek of His bounty. Lo! He was ever Merciful toward you.67 And when harm toucheth you upon the sea, all unto whom ye cry (for succour) fail save Him (alone), but when He bringeth you safe to land, ye turn away, for man was ever thankless.68 Feel ye then secure that He will not cause a slope of the land to engulf you, or send a sand-storm upon you, and then ye will find that ye have no protector?69 Or feel ye secure that He will not return you to that (plight) a second time, and send against you a hurricane of wind and drown you for your thanklessness, and then ye will not find therein that ye have any avenger against Us?70 Verily we have honoured the Children of Adam. We carry them on the land and the sea, and have made provision of good things for them, and have preferred them above many of those whom We created with a marked preferment.71 On the day when We shall summon all men with their record, whoso is given his book in his right hand - such will read their book and they will not be wronged a shred.72 Whoso is blind here will be blind in the Hereafter, and yet further from the road.73 And they indeed strove hard to beguile thee (Mohammed) away from that wherewith We have inspired thee, that thou shouldst invent other than it against Us; and then would they have accepted thee as a friend.74 And if We had not made thee wholly firm thou mightest almost have inclined unto them a little.75 Then had we made thee taste a double (punishment) of living and a double (punishment) of dying, then hadst thou found no helper against Us.76 And they indeed wished to scare thee from the land that they might drive thee forth from thence, and then they would have stayed (there) but a little after thee.77 (Such was Our) method in the case of those whom We sent before thee (to mankind), and thou wilt not find for Our method aught of power to change.78 Establish worship at the going down of the sun until the dark of night, and (the recital of) the Koran at dawn. Lo! (the recital of) the Koran at dawn is ever witnessed.79 And some part of the night awake for it, a largess for thee. It may be that thy Lord will raise thee to a praised estate.80 And say: My Lord! Cause me to come in with a firm incoming and to go out with a firm outgoing. And give me from Thy presence a sustaining Power.81 And say: Truth hath come and falsehood hath vanished away. Lo! falsehood is ever bound to vanish.82 And We reveal of the Koran that which is a healing and a mercy for believers though it increase the evil-doers in naught save ruin.83 And when We make life pleasant unto man, he turneth away and is averse; and when ill toucheth him he is in despair.84 Say: Each one doth according to his rule of conduct, and thy Lord is Best Aware of him whose way is right.
Koran 18:50 (context verses 45-49, 54-58)
45 And coin for them the similitude of the life of the world as water which We send down from the sky, and the vegetation of the earth mingleth with it and then becometh dry twigs that the winds scatter. Allah is able to do all things.46 Wealth and children are an ornament of the life of the world. But the good deeds which endure are better in thy Lord's sight for reward, and better in respect of hope.47 And (bethink you of) the Day when we remove the hills and ye see the earth emerging, and We gather them together so as to leave not one of them behind.48 And they are set before thy Lord in ranks (and it is said unto them): Now verily have ye come unto Us as We created you at the first. But ye thought that We had set no tryst for you.49 And the Book is placed, and thou seest the guilty fearful of that which is therein, and they say: What kind of a Book is this that leaveth not a small thing nor a great thing but hath counted it! And they find all that they did confronting them, and thy Lord wrongeth no-one.
And when We said to the angels: Fall prostrate before Adam, and they fell prostrate, all except Eblees. He was of the Jinn, so he rebelled against his Lord's command. Will you choose him and his seed for your protecting friends instead of Me, when they are an enemy to you ? Calamitous is the exchange for evil-doers. I made them not to witness the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor their own creation; nor choose I misleaders for (My) helpers. And (be mindful of) the Day when He will say: Call those partners of Mine whom you pretended. Then they will cry to them, but they will not hear their prayer, and We shall set a gulf of doom between them. And the guilty behold the Fire and know that they are about to fall therein, and they find no way of escape thence.
54 And verily We have displayed for mankind in this Koran all manner of similitudes, but man is more than anything contentious.55 And naught hindereth mankind from believing when the guidance cometh unto them, and from asking forgiveness of their Lord unless (it be that they wish) that the judgment of the men of old should come upon them or (that) they should be confronted with the Doom.56 We send not the messengers save as bearers of good news and warners. Those who disbelieve contend with falsehood in order to refute the Truth thereby. And they take Our revelations and that wherewith they are threatened as a jest.57 And who doth greater wrong than he who hath been reminded of the revelations of his Lord, yet turneth away from them and forgetteth what his hands send forward (to the Judgment)? Lo! on their hearts We have placed coverings so that they understand not, and in their ears a deafness. And though thou call them to the guidance, in that case they can never be led aright.58 Thy Lord is the Forgiver, Full of Mercy. If He took them to task (now) for what they earn, He would hasten on the doom for them; but theirs is an appointed term from which they will find no escape.
Koran 19:58 (context verses 51-57, 59-98)
51 And make mention in the Scripture of Moses. Lo! he was chosen, and he was a messenger (of Allah), a prophet.52 We called him from the right slope of the Mount, and brought him nigh in communion.53 And We bestowed upon him of Our mercy his brother Aaron, a prophet (likewise).54 And make mention in the Scripture of Ishmael. Lo! he was a keeper of his promise, and he was a messenger (of Allah), a prophet.55 He enjoined upon his people worship and almsgiving, and was acceptable in the sight of his Lord.56 And make mention in the Scripture of Idris. Lo! he was a saint, a prophet;57 And We raised him to high station.
These are they to whom God showed favour from among the prophets, of the seed of Adam and of those whom We carried (in the ship) with Noah, and of the seed of Abraham and Israel, and from among those whom We guided and chose. When the revelations of the Beneficent were recited to them, they fell down, adoring and weeping.
59 Now there hath succeeded them a later generation whom have ruined worship and have followed lusts. But they will meet deception.60 Save him who shall repent and believe and do right. Such will enter the Garden, and they will not be wronged in aught -61 Gardens of Eden, which the Beneficent hath promised to His slaves in the unseen. Lo! His promise is ever sure of fulfilment -62 They hear therein no idle talk, but only Peace; and therein they have food for morn and evening.63 Such is the Garden which We cause the devout among Our bondmen to inherit.64 We (angels) come not down save by commandment of thy Lord. Unto Him belongeth all that is before us and all that is behind us and all that is between those two, and thy Lord was never forgetful -65 Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them! Therefor, worship thou Him and be thou steadfast in His service. Knowest thou one that can be named along with Him?66 And man saith: When I am dead, shall I forsooth be brought forth alive?67 Doth not man remember that We created him before, when he was naught?68 And, by thy Lord, verily We shall assemble them and the devils, then We shall bring them, crouching, around hell.69 Then We shall pluck out from every sect whichever of them was most stubborn in rebellion to the Beneficent.70 And surely We are Best Aware of those most worthy to be burned therein.71 There is not one of you but shall approach it. That is a fixed ordinance of thy Lord.72 Then We shall rescue those who kept from evil, and leave the evil-doers crouching there.73 And when Our clear revelations are recited unto them, those who disbelieve say unto those who believe: Which of the two parties (yours or ours) is better in position, and more imposing as an army?74 How many a generation have We destroyed before them, who were more imposing in respect of gear and outward seeming!75 Say: As for him who is in error, the Beneficent will verily prolong his span of life until, when they behold that which they were promised, whether it be punishment (in the world), or the Hour (of doom), they will know who is worse in position and who is weaker as an army.76 Allah increaseth in right guidance those who walk aright, and the good deeds which endure are better in thy Lord's sight for reward, and better for resort.77 Hast thou seen him who disbelieveth in Our revelations and saith: Assuredly I shall be given wealth and children?78 Hath he perused the Unseen, or hath he made a pact with the Beneficent?79 Nay, but We shall record that which he saith and prolong for him a span of torment.80 And We shall inherit from him that whereof he spake, and he will come unto Us, alone (without his wealth and children).81 And they have chosen (other) gods beside Allah that they may be a power for them.82 Nay, but they will deny their worship of them, and become opponents unto them.83 Seest thou not that We have set the devils on the disbelievers to confound them with confusion?84 So make no haste against them (O Mohammed). We do but number unto them a sum (of days).85 On the day when We shall gather the righteous unto the Beneficent, a goodly company.86 And drive the guilty unto hell, a weary herd,87 They will have no power of intercession, save him who hath made a covenant with his Lord.88 And they say: The Beneficent hath taken unto Himself a son.89 Assuredly ye utter a disastrous thing90 Whereby almost the heavens are torn, and the earth is split asunder and the mountains fall in ruins,91 That ye ascribe unto the Beneficent a son,92 When it is not meet for (the Majesty of) the Beneficent that He should choose a son.93 There is none in the heavens and the earth but cometh unto the Beneficent as a slave.94 Verily He knoweth them and numbereth them with (right) numbering.95 And each one of them will come unto Him on the Day of Resurrection, alone.96 Lo! those who believe and do good works, the Beneficent will appoint for them love.97 And We make (this Scripture) easy in thy tongue, (O Mohammed) only that thou mayst bear good tidings therewith unto those who ward off (evil), and warn therewith the froward folk.98 And how many a generation before them have We destroyed! Canst thou (Mohammed) see a single man of them, or hear from them the slightest sound?
Koran 20:116 (context verses 113-115, 128-135)

Thus we have revealed it as a Lecture in Arabic, and have displayed therein certain threats, that peradventure they may keep from evil or that it may cause them to take heed. Then exalted be God, the True King! And hasten not with the Koran before its revelation has been perfected to you, and say: My Lord! Increase me in knowledge. And verily We made a covenant of old with Adam, but he forgot, and We found no constancy in him.

And when We said to the angels: Fall prostrate before Adam, they fell prostrate (all) except Eblees; he refused. Therefor we said: O Adam! This is an enemy to you and to your wife, so let him not drive you both out of the Garden so that you come to toil. It is (vouchsafed) to you that you hungerest not therein nor are naked, And that you thirstest not therein nor are exposed to the sun's heat. But the devil whispered to him, saying: O Adam! Shall I show you the tree of immortality and power that wastes not away ? Then they twain ate thereof, so that their shame became apparent to them, and they began to hide by heaping on themselves some of the leaves of the Garden. And Adam disobeyed his Lord, so went astray. Then his Lord chose him, and relented toward him, and guided him. He said: Go down hence, both of you, one of you a foe to the other. But when there come to you from Me a guidance, then whoso follows My guidance, he will not go astray nor come to grief. But he who turns away from remembrance of Me, his will be a narrow life, and I shall bring him blind to the assembly on the Day of Resurrection. He will say: My Lord! Wherefor have you gathered me (hither) blind, when I was wont to see ? He will say: So (it must be). Our revelations came to you but you didst forget them. In like manner you are forgotten this Day. Thus do We reward him who is prodigal and believes not the revelations of his Lord; and verily the doom of the Hereafter will be sterner and more lasting.
Is it not a guidance for them (to know) how many a generation We destroyed before them, amid whose dwellings they walk ? Lo! therein verily are signs for men of thought.

129 And but for a decree that had already gone forth from thy Lord, and a term already fixed, the judgment would have been inevitable (in this world).130 Therefor (O Mohammed), bear with what they say, and celebrate the praise of thy Lord ere the rising of the sun and ere the going down thereof. And glorify Him some hours of the night and at the two ends of the day, that thou mayst find acceptance.131 And strain not thine eyes toward that which We cause some wedded pairs among them to enjoy, the flower of the life of the world, that We may try them thereby. The provision of thy Lord is better and more lasting.132 And enjoin upon thy people worship, and be constant therein. We ask not of thee a provision: We provided for thee. And the sequel is for righteousness.133 And they say: If only he would bring us a miracle from his Lord! Hath there not come unto them the proof of what is in the former scriptures?134 And if we had destroyed them with some punishment before it, they would assuredly have said: Our Lord! If only Thou hadst sent unto us a messenger, so that we might have followed Thy revelations before we were (thus) humbled and disgraced!135 Say: Each is awaiting; so await ye! Ye will come to know who are the owners of the path of equity, and who is right.
Koran 38:71 (context verses 49-70)
49 This is a reminder. And lo! for those who ward off (evil) is a happy journey's end,50 Gardens of Eden, whereof the gates are opened for them,51 Wherein, reclining, they call for plenteous fruit and cool drink (that is) therein.52 And with them are those of modest gaze, companions.53 This it is that ye are promised for the Day of Reckoning.54 Lo! this in truth is Our provision, which will never waste away.55 This (is for the righteous). And lo! for the transgressors there with be an evil journey's end,56 Hell, where they will burn, an evil resting-place.57 Here is a boiling and an ice-cold draught, so let them taste it,58 And other (torment) of the kind in pairs (the two extremes)!59 Here is an army rushing blindly with you. (Those who are already in the Fire say): No word of welcome for them. Lo! they will roast at the Fire.60 They say: Nay, but you (misleaders), for you there is no word of welcome. Ye prepared this for us (by your misleading). Now hapless is the plight.61 They say: Our Lord! Whoever did prepare this for us, oh, give him double portion of the Fire!62 And they say: What aileth us that we behold not men whom we were wont to count among the wicked?63 Did we take them (wrongly) for a laughing-stock, or have our eyes missed them?64 Lo! that is very truth: the wrangling of the dwellers in the Fire.65 Say (unto them, O Mohammed): I am only a warner, and there is no God save Allah, the One, the Absolute,66 Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, the Mighty, the Pardoning.67 Say: It is tremendous tidings68 Whence ye turn away!69 I had no knowledge of the Highest Chiefs when they disputed;70 It is revealed unto me only that I may be a plain warner.
When your Lord said to the angels: Lo! I am about to create a mortal out of mud, And when I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My Spirit, then fall down before him prostrate, The angels fell down prostrate, every one, except Eblees; he was scornful and became one of the disbelievers. He said: O Eblees! What hinders you from falling prostrate before that which I have created with both My hands ? Are you too proud or are you of the high exalted ? He said: I am better than him. You createdst me of fire, whilst him you didst create of clay. He said: Go forth from hence, for lo! you are outcast, And lo! My curse is on you till the Day of Judgment. He said: My Lord! Reprieve me till the day when they are raised. He said: Lo! you are of those reprieved until the day of the time appointed. He said: Then, by your might, I surely will beguile them every one, except your single-minded servants among them. He said: The Truth is, and the Truth I speak, That I shall fill hell with you and with such of them as follow you, together. Say (to mankind O Prophet): I ask of you no fee for this, and I am no pretending. Lo! it is naught else than a reminder for all peoples. And you will come in time to know the truth thereof.


The Story of Adam in Hadith Traditions


by Abdul Sahib Al-Hasani Al-Amili


About Some Conditions of The Father of Human Beings "Adam" and The Beginning of This Creation

Said God in his Holy Book: And when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth, they said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee ? He said: Surely I know that which ye know not.
Since "Viceroy" by language and tradition points out to what takes the place of what was before in time, then there must have been another Responsible agent before him (Adam), and that is pointed out by the opposition of the Angels, and this opposition is not done except by them for they bear the knowledge of the ex-mischiefers because they said "Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee?" and it was pointed out by news, tidings and traces that the existence of pre-Adam creatures did take place and they are the Djinns and others and earth was full of them. And also pointed out of the existence of lions, beasts and all of the other animals, and also the existence of rulers and vicegerents for God, command by His commandment and prohibit by His prohibition, so they were ordering for Goodness and prohibiting the Mischiefts, but the Djinn got wicked and rebelled, and they refused the commandments of God and changed lot of His orders and laws.
From 'Ali ben Ibrâhim from Albâqir from the Prince of Believers, 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib that he said: When God wanted to create a creation by His hand and that was after Djinn and Nesnas spent seven thousands years on earth, He removed the layers of heavens and Said to the Angels: Look to the inhabitants of earth from my creation of Djinn and Nesnas, and when they saw what was done by them (Djinn and Nesnas) of mischiefs and evils, that grew hard upon them (Angels), and said: our Lord you are the Almighty, and this is Your weak worthless creation, live by Your grace and refuse to take your orders and You don't take a revenge of them? And when He heard that from the Angels He said "Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth" and he will be a ruler on earth. The Angels said: Are You going to place someone that will make mischiefs and evils as the Djinn did? May you make the viceroy one of us, and we don't refuse Your commandments and "we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee", so the God said: I know what you know not, I want to make a creation by my Hand and make out of his descendants prophets and faithful slaves of mine and guiders. I will make them rulers on my creations in my earth and purify my earth from the Nesnas and move the rebellious Djinns those who refused my commandments away from my creation and make them live in the air and shattered across the lands and make a veil between Djinns and my creation. Angels then said: Our Lord You command and prohibit, praise to You, no other god than You, and You have the knowledge of everything. Then they got farthest (Angels) from the Holy Throne a distant of five hundreds years of travelling. Until the Imam ('Ali ben Abi Tâlib) said in a long speech: then God held the clay of Adam and worked on it the four natures of air, mucus, bitterness, and blood. And connected with the air the love of women, length of hope and caution. And connected with the mucus the love of food, drinks, goodness, gentleness and easiness. And connected with bitterness the anger, stupidity, evil, pride, and haste. And connected with the blood the love of women, pleasure, and doing sins.
And the summary of some of the tidings is that God created Angels from light, and created Djinn from fire, and created Adam from clay, then He ran the light, the fire, the air and water, so with light he saw and understood and by fire he ate and drank, and if it wasn't the fire in the stomache (the heat of the stomache) food won't be cooked (digested), and if it wasn't the air in the body of people to flame the fire, fire wouldn't be existed, and if it wasn't the water existence to cool it down and extinguish it, the stomache would have been burnt and the body would be burnt in return.
And it has been said that it was meant by the black wind of stomache -or soul- that it might be the stomache's movements with breathing that leads to the foundation of cells with the heat of the core (?)
And the most probable that Adam was created from all types of clays and if he was created with one type only people wouldn't know each other and all would be with one shape, but instead he was created from the easiness of the earth and its sadness, bitterness, sweetness, and saltness, and from all its shapes and colors, from its whiteness, redness, yellowness, blackness and (blondeness)..etc and that's why you see human beings differ in their colors and types.
From the Prince of Muslim that God sent Gabriel and ordered him to bring from the skin of earth (Arabic: Adeem) four clays: white, red, yellowish and black and that would be from its (earth) easiness and sadness. Then He ordered him (Gabriel) to bring four types of waters: sweet, saline, bitter, and stinking. Then He ordered him (Gabriel) to pour all the waters in the clay so He made the sweet in his throat, the saline in his eyes, the bitter in his ears and the stinking in his nose.
And in "Tawheed Al-Mofadhal ben Omar" (??) from Al-Sâdiq: The sweet water was placed in the throat to make him (Adam or the human) able to eat and taste the food, and the saline water was placed in the eyes to protect the flesh of the eyes since the flesh will remain when salt or saline water is placed on it. And for the bitter water in the ears it is to protect the brain from the attacks of insects and organisms since they die when they reach the bitter water in the ear. Maybe they can get pass over the bitter water and reach the brain for their power and the small quantity of bitter water in the ears and that might be because of the weak body for it might be a sick man, old man, or a child. And they brought many cases, tidings and witnesses for the truthfulness of such analysis and some of those cases were during the time of Plato and other perfect doctors that found an animal (organism) that grew up in the brain and didn't find any other way than the ears to let it reach there.

(Subjects from different sources with agreement in contents)

Adam was named as Adam because he was created from the skin of the earth (Arabic: Adeem) and from Al-Sadooq: that the fourth ground (or earth) was called Adeem and from it Adam was created and that's why he was called Adam, and the mother of human beings Eve (Arabic: Hawâ') was called like this because she was made from the living (Arabic: living = Hay) and that is Adam. And from Al-Sâdiq: that God created Adam from clay and created Eve from Adam, and so the work of men is on land (earth, ground) and the work of women is in men. It was told that when Adam was created and God placed the soul in his body He made him stand between His hands then Adam sneezed and praised the God by saying: Praise be to the God. then God said: O Adam, you praised me, and I swear by my Highness, if it was but to make two slaves at the end of time, I wouldn't have created you. Then Adam said: O Lord, by their endearment and their values to You, what are their names? So God said: O Adam, look to the Throne. So Adam took a look and found two lines made of light. The first line was: No God but Allah, Muhammad the prophet of mercy and 'Ali is the key of paradise. The second line was: I decided to bear mercy for these who be victorious to them and follow their path, and torture these who oppose them.
The trustworthy 'Ali ben Ibrâhim had told from Abi Jafar Al-Bâqir in telling the meaning of God's saying "And verily We made a covenant of old with Adam, but he forgot, and We found no constancy in him" (Taha:115) he said: God made a covenant with him in Muhammad and the Imam's after him, but he left that out and he never thought they were (Muhammad and the Imam's in such high place and value, and the "Them of Constancy" (meaning: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad) are called like that because God made a covenant with them in Muhammad and the viceroys after him and in Al-Qâ'im and gathered their constancies in admitting their (Muhammad and his viceroys rights and virtues. And from Abi 'Abdullah Al-Sâdiq that he said: the sons of Adam gathered in a house and had an argument about who's better, Adam or the close Angels. Some of them said that our father Adam is better and others said the close Angels are, and few others said the carriers of the Throne. While they were like that, "Gift of God" Seth (Also: Sheth) entered and they told him the story, so he got back to his father Adam and told him the story of the fighting men and they asked him (asked Seth) but he didn't have an answer for this, then said Adam: O son, I've stood between the hands of God may praise be to him, then I looked into a line on the door of the Throne that was written on it: By the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Muhammad and the descendants of Muhammad are the best of what Allah started.
From Al-'Ayyashi from Amr ben Abi Miqdâm from his father that he said: I asked Aba Jafar Al-Bâqir from what thing did God made Eve? he said (Al-Bâqir): and what thing do they say about this creation? I said: they say from one of Adam's ribs, then he said: they lied. Is God unable to create her except out of Adam's rib? Then I said: O may I be a ransom to you son of the prophet of God, of what thing did God create her? He said: my father told me from his fathers that the prophet of God said: God, may praise be to Him, held a clay and mixed it with his right hand, and both of His hands are right, so He created out of it Adam and part of it was left untouched so He created Eve out of it (Al-Sayed Ne'mato-Allah Al-Jaza'eri said: this Hadith or speech is trustworthy and believed in among our comrades and partners. Meaning what had been told by Al-'Ayyashi..etc) and this speech has what supports it and there is no doubt among us about its contents and anything oppose it would oppose the rules and laws of what God made what we are in now, and so the claim of creating Eve out of his (Adam) rib is something strange and weird instead of creating her out of the remaining of his (Adam) clay as it was told by them (meaning them the Holy family of Muhammad many times.
About the story of creating Eve out of the rib, and that is the little left rib, is carried by explaining according to the pictorial match for these who believe it and there are other taken paths and God only knows.And it is probable that God created Adam and Eve without a mother and father and created Jesus without a father to let know that He is able to create anything anyhow, and His laws in nature used to be creating any creation out of a father and a mother except these mentioned before. And it is told that the Angels when they felt about their mistake and got sorrowful for their arguing with God about the creation of Adam and saying "Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood" and they knew that they made a mistake and regretted and got to the Throne praising and asking for pardon for what they did, and this was a reason to put up a house in the fourth heaven at the edge of the Throne and was called Ad-Dhirâh, then after that He put up a house in the earth's sky and Called it Al-Bayt Al-Ma'moor (The Great House) at the edge of Ad-Dhirâh, and Put up on earth Al-Bayt Al-'Ateeq (The Old House, or Holy House) at the edge of Al-Bayt Al-Ma'moor. Then after He ordered his slave Adam to go around it and so he did, so He had mercy upon him and that spread out among his sons until the doomsday. And it was told that Adam visited the Holy House for a thousand times on his feet, for seven hundreds Hijjas (pilgrimages) and three hundreds 'Omras ('Omrah = A visit not in the pilgrimage time)

(Angels prostration for Adam)

Said God let praise be to Him: And when We said unto the angels: Prostrate yourselves before Adam, they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He demurred through pride, and so became a disbeliever (Al-Baqarah: 34). And in another position He said to Iblis blaming him for not prostrating: He said: What hindered thee that thou didst not fall prostrate when I bade thee? (Al-A'raf: 12). The damned said then: I am better than him. Thou createdst me of fire while him Thou didst create of mud, and continued: Now, because Thou hast sent me astray, verily I shall lurk in ambush for them on Thy Right Path, then I shall come upon them from before them and from behind them and from their right hands and from their left hands, and Thou wilt not find most of them beholden (unto Thee). And also said: Reprieve me till the day when they are raised (from the dead). and God answered: Then lo! thou art of those reprieved Till the Day of appointed time. And God said also: and they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He was of the jinn, so he rebelled against his Lord's command (Al-Kahf: 50)
So the phrases that points out the facts about the creation of Adam and the prostration of Angels before him after the commandments of God and the rebel of Iblis against God's command for he is created of fire and Adam was created of mud or clay and God's damnations upon him and his exile out of paradise and keeping him unable to get through the veils while he used to go through them with Angles before and the request of Iblis for God to compensate him for his worship to God for thousands of years and the God's answer to him and giving him whatever he likes of life's goods and the most important of those goods is staying alive as long as life do exist and being in control of Adam's descendants and being close to them as blood in the vessels and Made (God) their chests a home for him and for his sons (Iblis) except the faithful slaves of God, such phrases are a lot in the Holy Book and they can be founded also in Holy Books that was revealed before Quran.
Meditate in these Holy phrases a meditation of thinking and not as memorizing a tale. Without understanding the desired meaning of God's speech, and you must check out the truth from these who who know Quran very well, or their viceroys, who act and do as they did, and don't take saying meant to give explanation to the phrases of the Book of your God who said: None knoweth its explanation save Allah. And those who are of sound instruction say: We believe therein; the whole is from our Lord; but only men of understanding really heed (Al-Imran: 7), and those who know are only who upon them the Holy Book was revealed and that is Muhammad and his descendants who had the Prevention (They make no mistakes) and they know better. [Note: this paragraph contained a high level of philosophical terms which I couldn't translate nor understand, so it was approperiate to take the overall meaning and translate it]
And what was told of tidings from them (the Holy Family that growing proud was the first sin, so Iblis did say: O Lord, release me from prostration before Adam, and I used to worship you as no close Angel did nor a sent prophet, then the God did say to him: no need for your worshipping, but I want to be worshipped as I want not as you want. And so Iblis refused to prostrate, then God said to him: Get out of it, you are damned. Then said Iblis: O Lord! how? and you are the Just that does no wrong, so my reward for worshipping is false? Then God said to him: No, but ask anything of life's matter as a reward for your deeds and I shall give it to you. The first thing he asked was to be immortal until the time of the doomsday, so God said to him: it is yours.Then he asked to be in control of Adam's descendants, so God said to him: I made you of control. Then he asked to make him run through them as blood in vessels, so God said to him: I made you run through them. Then Iblis did say: no one would give a birth for one, shall be accompanied by two for me, and I will see them but they won't and I would be shaped in front of them in whatever shape I like, so the God said then: I give all of that. Then the damned (Iblis) said: O Lord, give me more. So then the God said: I made for you and your descendants homes in their chests. After all that Iblis did say: O Lord, this is enough for me. Then that he did say: O Lord by your Highness I would make them do mischiefs except your faithful slaves, then I shall come upon them from before them and from behind them and from their right hands and from their left hands, and Thou wilt not find most of them beholden.
It was told about the explanation of the Holy phrase "then I shall come upon them from before them" is that "I will make them not serious in thinking of the doomsday" like telling them that God is merciful and only punishes for worshipping another, but everything else God can forgive you about. And "from behind them" that is "I will order them to keep on gathering money and be misers to keep it for their heirs", and "from their right hands" that is "I will worsen their believes and let them add and change their creeds", and "from their left hands" that is "I will make their hearts in great love for joys and amusement and whatever like it."
From Ibn 'Abbâs, that the first one to measure (compare) was Iblis, and he was wrong in this matter, and whoever after him would do the same he would be paired by God in the doomsday with Iblis, and the measurement (comparement) is that when he said: You made me of fire and made him of mud (or clay), and that meant to be that I'm (Iblis speaking) of more honour than him (Adam) and better, because fire is higher and of more honour than mud, and so the prostrate must have been from him (Adam) to me (Iblis) and not the other wise by the measurements of honour and priority, and the damned didn't know the honour of Adam and of what God knows from his virtues (Adam's) and the Holy Lights that he bore in his descendants, and it will come from his descendants the prophets and their viceroys with the saints and the faithful, and the masters of the creation, Muhammad and his Household (family, descendants) that God wish is but to remove uncleanness far from them, and cleanse them with a thorough cleansing, who are the main reason for the creation of the universe and everything in it. And so he (Iblis) envied him (Adam) and got wicked. And for the God's saying "Lo! I am about to create a mortal out of mire, And when I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My Spirit, then fall down before him prostrate" (Sad: 71,72) the Prince of Believers ('Ali ben Abi Tâlib) commented about this: They all prostrated, except Iblis who got pride growing into him for his creation of fire and scorned the mud (or clay) creation, and so God gave him the delay for he (Iblis) deserved damnations, and for the completeness of his trouble, and the completeness of his mortality, so God said to him: Then lo! thou art of those reprieved, Till the Day of appointed time (Al-Hijr: 37,38).
Notice how much did the Prince of Believers overflow us with the facts about this interesting matter of unique meanings and wisdom that could be deduced from its deepest secrets and its hidden jokes. We have left out most of his speech for the fear of boredom, and it was told that after what God gave to Iblis from control and power, Adam said: O Lord, you have given Iblis the control over my descendants and made him run as the blood in the vessel into them and all of the other things that you gave to him, so for what for me and my descendants? So God answered him: the wrong done would be counted as one, and the good done would be counted as ten. Then did Adam say: O Lord, give me more, so the God answered: Repentance would be accepted until the soul would come to the throat [apparently meant at death time], then Adam said: O Lord, give me more. So the God answered: I will forgive no matter what, then Adam said: O Lord this is quite enough. One questioner did say to Al-Imam Al-Sâdiq: O may I be a ransom to you, for what did Iblis deserve all of what God gave him? he answered: for something he did to God and God appreciated that for him, then the question did say: and what did he do may I be a ransom to you? he answered: for two bows (kneeling, in prayer) he did in heavens in a time of four thousands years. And it was told from Al-Nahj [Nahj Al-Balâgha, a book that collected speeches of 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib] that Al-Imam 'Ali said that he (Iblis) did pray two bows in heavens in six thousands years. It is not known if it is counted as years of earthly time, or in time of heavens, and it is not quite far that both tales are true and God only knows.
From Tawoos and Mojâhid: that Iblis before doing the sin was one of the Angels and his name was 'Azâziel, and he was one of the earth's inhabitants, and the inhabitants of earth from Angels were called the Djinn, and among Angels there were on like him in his worshipping and wisdom, so when he rebelled against God may praise be to Him, God damned him and made him a demon and called him Iblis, and he was noted as being a disbeliever in God's knowledge. The apparent from this tale that Iblis was one of the Angels opposes the apparent phrase from the Holy Book "all save Iblis. He was of the jinn, so he rebelled against his Lord's command" (Al-Kahf: 50) and also opposes the famous opinion among the wise men of Muslims and its tales and stories, and it is the base that all Muslims agreed on naturally and the repeated phrases in the Holy Book about this matter, and the most of the explanations made for them (the phrases), and even it opposes the thought of Iblis when he said: You created me of fire and created him of mud..etc and so this tale opposes the most famous opinions about the matter so be aware.
From Jameel ben Darâj said: I asked Abâ 'Abdullah Al-Sâdiq about whether Iblis was one of the Angels or Djinn, so he said: Angels saw that he was one of them but only God knew that he wasn't one of them, and when was ordered to prostrate he did what he did. Some wise men that are into deep insight said that wise men of Islam differ in considering whether Iblis is one of the Angels or not. Most of the speakers about the matter and lot of our wise men [Shiites wise men are meant here] like Al-Shaikh Al-Mofeed and others that said that Iblis is one of the Djinn and not Angels, and then he said (Al-Shaikh Al-Mofeed) that tidings been told frequently from the Imam's of Guidance about this fact, and it is true in the creed of Imamism. [Imamism: this term is coined by me and don't know if there is an equivalent term for it. It points out to the creed of believing in the 12 viceroys or Imams after the death of the prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him and his Household], and other branch believed that he (Iblis) was one of the Angels.
The clue of the second branch that believed that Iblis is one of the Angels is from some Hadith's (or speeches) and one of them is what have been mentioned before from Tawoos and Mojâhid, and also believed that Iblis was one of the keepers of paradises, and he held the treasures of heavens and earth, and other stuff had been said, but anyhow as you can see nothing of that is convenient to what was mentioned about the believe of the first branch which is the most choosen and the most supported with the confession of Iblis himself as mentioned before.
It had been told from Al-Zajjâj that he said: Holy phrases did differ in mentioning of what did the creation of Adam start with. In one position in the Holy Book that God created him out of sand, and in other out of mud, and in another out of black mud, and also in another position out of clay. He continued: and all of the previous belong to one origin which is the sand, which is the origin of mud, and so God informed us that he made him out of sand, then made it into mud, then transferred into black mud and finally as clay.

(Useful Caution)

About what was been told in the Holy phrases of the saying of the damned which is "Now, because Thou hast sent me astray, verily I shall lurk in ambush for them on Thy Right Path...etc", it is apparent that the damned thought God made him astray and this is something can't be accepted by the right-thinking minds and it is against and opposes the justice and the holiness that are well-known of God may praise be to Him, and above all these mistaken words about Him He shall be. And so the damned appointed to God that He made him astray, and this is what is mentioned in the creed of Jabarism [Another coined term by me] of Al-Ashâ'irah (?) [seems a branch of this creed], and it is one of the corrupted believes without any doubt about that, because its contents is not accepted by me, nor others would accept it for themselves.
Is it possible for someone to accept for himself being mentioned that he obliged a slave of him to do mischiefs and sins and then punish him for doing this? No and no, and this is the case here of what had been appointed to God, The most exalted. May God make shame be with them, as He made it with their master and director and teacher the damned Iblis may damnations be upon him. All of the matter was because of his wrong chosen path, and God exiled him and avoided him from His mercy and banned him from His paradise, because he rebelled and refused His command to prostrate to Adam with the rest of Angels, and them didn't stop for one moment but prostrated directly as they are commanded to do and they did not think about a reason for this and didn't get a pride against it, but instead they did obey the command of their Lord and don't think about anything else except His command, and never argue about it.
When God examined Iblis by prostrating for Adam, he got so high with his pride and honour for what he was created of and got rebelled, and God knew his intention and his perversity, and all of his long worshipping and praising was only for the sake of life and for what he wishes and deems, and so he got wicked by his soul and obeyed it and so it owned him and captivated him away from his Creator. And when God wanted to put him under the test and wanted him to refuse what his soul is ordering him to do, he disbelieved in His grace and got ready for war, and so he is a foe for the Great God, The One of Grace, and then his greatest foe is this to whom he was ordered to prostrate before him and that is Adam so he sat his hate for him (Adam) and for his descendants until the time of doomsday.

(The inhabitation of Adam in paradise)

The Prince of Believers said in Al-Nahj: Then God made Adam inhabit a place of much grace and made it a safe place for him, and warned him of Iblis and his hostility, and so his foe envied him (Adam) for his place of inhabitation and his company of the faithful, so then he (Adam) paid for what was so sure with his doubt, and for the power with his weakness, and exchanged hilarity with fear, and pride with regret, then God Relented toward him and Gave him the words of His mercy and Promised him that he would be back to his paradise, and Got him down to the place of troubles and breeding. What is apparent from this speech of the Prince of Believers and from lot of tales and Holy phrases about the subject of Adam's paradise that God made him inhabt, that it is the paradise that God promised for His faithful after life for their deeds, or even as a gift for these of faith in His prophets and Holy Books, and so his saying about the place of inhabitation and the company of the faithful, do appoint out to the paradise after life and not the gardens of this life, and it is apparent for these who got a cautious hearts and a well mind, and then meditate in his saying about getting back to his (Adam) paradise and getting him down to the place of troubles and breeding.
And there is no need to explain and interpret more than that and saying the opposition of what had been said in the speech, and the more opposition that might be made against it, then it is an ignorance and perversity that are not needed.
It is told from some tales and speeches that the inhbaitation of Adam and Eve in paradise lasted for seven hours as measured in this life's days, and so their out was in the same day that they got in and if they did obey the commandments of their Lord, they would have been lasted for more time and never got out of it.

(How was it correct to prostrate before Adam by angels and he's just a creation)

Prostration, is not allowed and not correct except for God may praise be to Him, because it is a worshipping and it won't be except for God, otherwise it would be a disbelieve or paganism and such thing is impossible to be done by the Angels that are protected against doing any sins. The real matter is that this prostration is done by a commandment from God and so it is a prostration for God as it was mentioned by them ["them" meaning the prophet and his Household PUT] about this matter. From Al-Sâdiq: whoever prostrated by a command from God, then it is a prostration for God and obeying his order, and if it wasn't the commandment by His Highness he wouldn't prostrate. And this is what had been told also by Al-Imam 'Ali ben Muhammad Al-Hâdi when he said: prostration before Adam by Angels was not for Adam but for obeying God and endearment for Adam.
After all, prostration before Adam was but as an endearment for him and in real it was worshipping for God because it was done by His command. Al-Mohaddeth Al-Qommi in "Safeenat Al-Bihâr" in Al-Moqâm[apparently seems it is a book name done by a person called Al-Mohaddeth Al-Qommi] did say: you should know that Muslims all agreed that prostrating was not for the purpose of worshipping, but as an endearment for Adam and in deep it was a worshipping for God since it was by His command and this is chosen by most of the interpreters, and God's sayings "then fall down before him prostrate"(Sad: 72) and about Joseph "they fell down before him prostrate" (Yusuf: 100) both have the same interpretation, and the prostration was for God only and for obeying His commandment and was for the endearment of Adam and Joseph, like prostrating for God for the occurence of grace or the disappearing of a grace. It is told from Prince of Believers that he said that the first spot on earth that God was worshipped on is that on Kufa[a city in Iraq that had been made a capital during the rule of 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib] and that was when God ordered Angels to prostrate before Adam and so they did that on the surface of Kufa.

(Some tales related to our research)

From Musa ben Jafar, that a jew came and asked the Prince of Believers about a miracle for the prophet like the miracles of other prophets, and that God made Angels prostrate before Adam so would that be also for Muhammad? so 'Ali answered: that was indeed, but God made the Angels prostrate for Adam not for obeying nor worshipping Adam instead of God, but it was as a confession from them for the virtues of Adam, and for Muhammad he was given what is better than this and higher, and that is because God assigned blessings upon him in His Highness and ordered the Angels to say the blessings upon him, and also the believers worship and pray by saying the blessings upon him From 'Ali ben Al-Husain: Adam did look to the apex of the Throne and saw the lights of our ghosts, so then God said to him: O Adam, these ghosts are the best of my creation. Then He told him their names and Told him: By them I take and by them I give and by them I punish and by them I reward, O Adam ask me by them, and when you are in trouble make them your intercessors to me, because I decided not to refuse any requests (prayers) made by them. That's why after that after he and Eve got into the trouble of the sin, he prayed and asked God by their names so then God made a repentace upon him.
From an interpretation from Al-Imam Al-'Askari in a long speech and this is part of it: When God put Al-Husain ben 'Ali and these who were with him under the test by the army that wanted to kill him, he (Al-Husain) saw their large numbers and saw his folks and knew that they want not but him, and whenever they would kill him they wouldn't ask for another, and so he released them (his folks) from their swear of fealty and commanded them to quit and depart him and said to them: let me with these. God helps me as He used to be with our ancestors, and his folks did depart him except few of them. His closer relatives and household refused to leave and told him: we will not leave you until we die for thee O Abâ 'Abdullah [another name for Al-Husain] and when he saw their assertiveness and that they would not leave him until they die for him, he said to them: if you decided for yourselves what I decided for myself then know that God gives the high places for his slaves by their patience for the troubles they face and that you will have that from God's gifts to you, and know that this life is just a dream and the after life is the real awakening. Shall not I tell you our beginnings? They answered: for sure O son of the prophet, then he said: When God created Adam, He told him the names of everything, and when He showed them to the Angels they said "We have no knowledge saving that which Thou hast taught us" (Al-Baqarah: 32) and He made the lights of Muhammad, 'Ali, Fâtima, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain and they are the five ghosts, at the back of Adam, and their lights were shining in the horizons of heavens, veils, paradises, the Chair (?) and the Throne, and God then commanded the Angels to prostrate before Adam as an endearment for he was but a container for these ghosts that their lights shined in the horizons, so the Angels did prostrate except Iblis who denied to be humble for our lights we the Household, after the Angels did humbling and obeyed the command of God and for this their level got higher and got the honour, and Iblis was damned and exiled out and shame got upon him and so he is a foe for Him and His faithful slaves until the doomsday.
It was mentioned in some tales of Al-Sâdiqiyah [here, maybe it meant tales that was told by Al-Sâdiq] and also from 'Ali ben Ibrâhim about the saying of God: Till the Day of appointed time (Al-Hijr: 38), what is meant here is the time when he (Iblis) gets slaughtered by the hands of the prophet of God on the Rock that is in Jerusalem. Al-Sayed Al-Jazâ'eri said that he (Iblis) was appointed til the day of the appearance of Al-Mahdee and it is the minor doomsday, and there are lot of tidings about this matter, and we have explained what is related to this subject in the introduction of this book that you read now, and the return of the prophets and messengers and in special our prophet Muhammad The Chosen and the purified Imams after the appearance of the "Awaited Absent" may our souls be in ransom to him to take revenge of their foes, is something that must be and it is one of the believes for Shiites, or lets say most of the Muslims in general, and it is called the minor doomsday, but only after the long journey with troubles and when most of the created would turn away from the path and life would be full of wrong and injustice, it is then when we shall see the release is close and it is the time. May God paces up the re-appearance of Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad and May He make us one of their supporters and companions, and martyrs between their hands by the rights of the prophet and his purified Household)

(The reason for getting Adam down from paradise to earth)

From Mos'adah ben Sadaqah from Al-Sâdiq from the prophet that Moses the son of Amram [Arabic: Musa ben Imrân] asked his Lord to let him see Adam and so He answered him and made him see Adam, and then Moses did say: O Father! you are the one that God created with His own hands and made you live in His paradise and prohibited you from one tree so you couldn't be patient enough til you fell on earth because of it, and couldn't you control yourself away from it and so Iblis seduced you and you followed him and so you are the one that got us out of paradise because of your sin. Then did say Adam: O son take it easy on your father for the matter of this tree. O son my foe approached by trick and plot, so he swore to me by God that his opinion is a good advice and he said to me: O Adam I am sad for you, so I said to him: and how is that? he said: I enjoyed being with you and you will be out of what you are in now to what you hate, I asked him: and what to do? he said to me: here is what to do, do you want me to guide you to the tree of eternity and an endless reign so you can eat from it with your wife and then you shall both be in paradise with me for eternity, and he swore to me by God and he was a liar that he has the truthful advice, and O Moses I never thought that someone would swear by God and he is a liar, so I trusted his oath and this is my excuse, so tell me son, do you find out from what had been revealed to you from God that my sin was noted before I get created, then Moses said to him: before a long time. Then said the prophet (Muhammad): and so did Adam overcame Moses in the argument.
From Al-Sâdiq also: when Adam was put out of paradise, Gabriel came down to him and said: O Adam, didn't God create you with His hands and Breathed into you of His Spirit and made the Angels prostrate before you, and Got you Eve as a wife and Made you inhabit paradise and Prohibited you directly from eating from that tree but you made the sin? Then Adam said: Iblis did swear to me by God, and I never thought that someone from God's creation would swear by Him falsely! And what is understood from the previous conversation between Moses and Adam that the sin was something meant to be and predestinated long ago before Adam's creation and from the world of atom [It is believed that everything exists in this life including people existed before becoming alive or born in a world or a dimension where they were just atoms], at the time of creating the spirits before his (Adam) existence by two thousands years, and it is a case which was a battle field for several opinions and many people got doomed for their mis-interpretations and not understanding the truth in it, and it is a case of God's judgement and what He Has predestined for His creation before his existence.
And the solution for this case for us in general is: God founded in this human the power that could aid him in doing what God appointed to him and Made him able to do, and Left him the selection and Gave him the mind and brain with which he can differentiate between what's wrong and whats true, and what would make God satisfied or dissatisfied. After the knowledge and looking into the path of these faithful to God and their viceroys and every allowed path that leads to it (?), that God knows whatever he chooses or does from wether it be a sin or obeying for His commandments, for He knows the ends of workings and deeds that are done by His slaves and no incidents would happen without His knowledgement before his (the human) existence, by his well or bad chose, and He His Highness the one that knows the the guilt of Adam whatever would be acted by him and whatever he would choose, as it is the case with all His creations and slaves, so from Him may praise be to Him the powers and destinies in doings and not-doings, and the selection is made for these of responsibilities by mind, heart and reality, and He is the one who Knows the ends and what these of responsibilities might choose for themselves, if it was good it is good, and if it an evil it is an evil, and there is no forcing for the slave, but it is something in between, because the force and power is from His Highness, and the full choice for these of responsibilities, and God knows what might the slave choose for himself.

(What is the tree that was prohibited for Adam)

Tales and speeches had differed about of what type is it and what is it. Some said it is wheat and some said it is vine and grape while others said it is camphor and still others said it is the fig. It is said also that it is the tree of good and evil and it was said it is the tree of eternity that the Angels used to eat from, and more had been said. From M'ânee Al-Akhbâr [seems a book name] in its basing to Al-Harawee said: I said to Al-Ridhâ: O son of prophet of God, tell me about the tree that Adam and Eve ate from, what was it? because many people differ in its nature, some say it is wheat, some say it is grape and some say it is tree of the envy, then he said: all of that is right, then I said: then what is the meaning of all these different opinions? then he said: O Abâ As-Silt [=Al-Harawee], the tree of paradise carries types, so it was wheat carrying grapes and it is not like the trees of our life, and when God honoured him and Reminded him of the prostrating of Angels before him and Letting him into the paradise, he (Adam) said to himself: did God created a human better than me? and God knew what was between him and himself and so Called him and told him: O Adam, left up your head and look to the leg of the Throne, so then Adam left up his head and looked into the leg of the Throne and found there it was written on it: No other God but Allah, Muhammad is the prophet of Allah, 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib is the Appointed from God and his wife Fâtima is the mistress of all women, and Al-Hasan and Al-Husain are the masters of paradise's young people, so said Adam: O Lord, who are they? then said His Highness: they are from your descendants, and they are better than you and than the rest of my creation, and for them only I did create you, and Created paradise and hell, and heavens with earth, so be aware not to envy them and wish for their place and so demon would take control over you, so then he got something in hisself about them and then did the demon control over him until he ate from the tree that he was prohibited from, and took control over Eve for her thoughts of envy about Fâtima until she ate from the tree like Adam did, and so God put them out from His side down to earth.
And in contents of the tale as it is with other tales, the word "wish for their place" points out that the meaning is "glee" and not "envy" in its real meaning, because glee like wishing for their place, and envy is wishing for their obsolescence, because envying is a sin and points out to a lame character and the glee is totally against that, and it is impossible for the father of human beings and prophets and messenger, and the one whom Angels did prostrate before by God's commandment and whom God Had created with His Hands and Inhabited in paradise then had been chosen by God and Made him a prophet, it is impossible for him to be an envious one, and from this point we believe that the prohibition from eating from that tree was a prohibition for the purity and not for a taboo, and it was mentioned before something about the protection of prophets against doing sins and there is more to do about that to come to you by God's well, and the meaning of the tree of envy is that eating from it was because of envy, and if it was the envy it would not have been eaten.
And it is mentioned that if it wasn't Adam's guilt, no faithful would have done any guilt ever, and if it wasn't that God relented toward Adam, there would not have been any repentance for any guilty ever, and from Al-Sâdiq that he was asked that how come the inheritance of man is as much as twice of that of females so he said: that is because the number of fruits that Adam and Eve ate were eighteen, twelve were eaten by Adam and six were eaten by Eve and so the inheritance is made up as mentioned before.
It had been told that when Adam was down from paradise a black mole appeared in his face from the top of it til its feet and so long was his sadness and crying for this, then came Gabriel and said to him: why crying Adam? so he (Adam) said: for this mole that occured in me, so then he (Gabriel) told him: get up and pray, it is time for the first prayer, so Adam did that and the mole shrinked to his chest, then he (Gabriel) came again at the time of the second prayer and said to him: get up Adam and pray this is the time for the second prayer and so he did and the mole shrinked to his navel, and then came again at the time of the third prayer and said to him: get up Adam and pray this is the time for the third prayer and so he did and the mole shrinked to his knee, then he came at the time of the fourth prayer and said to him: get up Adam and pray this is the time for the fourth prayer and so he did and the mole shrinked to his legs, then he came at the time of the fifth prayer and Adam did the same and the mole was out of him and he thanked God for this a lot, then Gabriel did say to him: O Adam, your sons in this prayer are like you in this mole, and who would pray from your sons each day and night five prayers he would be out of his sins as you got out of this mole.
And also in a speech that when Adam got down on earth he got a beard as black as coal, so he held it with his hand and said: O Lord, what is this? and He answered him: this is the beard, I made it as an ornamet for you and your male descendants until the doomsday. And it was mentioned before that the inhabitation of Adam and Eve in paradise was for seven hours until they got out of it, and that God breathed in Adam with His Spirit after the sunset of Friday and then Created Eve after him, then Commanded the Angels to prostrate before him and Made him inhabit His paradise since then, and the Imam swore [not mentioned which Imam is it] that they did not stay more than these hours on that day until they did what was prohibited then God got them out after sunset and didn't stay in it (Paradise) and they were moved to the yards of paradise until it was the morning and their loins appeared then their Lord said to them: Did not I prohibited you from that tree, so Adam got ashamed and shy of his Lord and said: O our Lord, we did wrong to ourselves and made a confession of our sins, O may You forgive us, then did God say: get down from My heavens to earth for no sinners would be in My paradise nor My heavens.

(The place of falling of Adam and Eve when they got down from paradise)

What is famous from the Household that Adam fell down on Al-Safâ and Eve on Al-Marwah [Al-Safâ and Al-Marwah are two hills in Mecca and people go in between them seven times in pilgrimage season], and what is famous for the most of Muslims is that Adam fell down on a mount called Sarandeeb [Notice: Sarandeeb is the old Arabic name for Ceylon, Sri Lanka now] and it is called Nud also, and Eve did fall in Jeddah, and some people suggested that this is the truth and their fall on Al-Safâ and Al-Marwah was after they got into Mecca. From Hayât Al-Hayawân for Al-Domayri [hayât al-hayawân means the life of animals and seems it is a book's name] he said: Ka'b Al-Ahbâr did say [Ka'b Al-Ahbâr was a nickname for the chief priest of jews]: God revealed the snake in Asbahân [maybe he means Asfahân in Iran?] and Iblis in Jeddah and Eve in 'Arafah [a mount around Mecca] and Adam in Sarandeeb and it is in the higher region of China in the sea of India [this description is somehow close to modern day Sri Lanka], and it is a high place where seamen can see it from a distance of days and it bears the footprint of Adam in stones, and this mount is seen each night as a lightning without clouds, and it rains in everyday to wash the foot steps of Adam, and it is told that Rubies are found in this mount and also Diamonds with Aloeswood (Agar wood, Oud, Ood).
In tales, that when Adam came to Mecca from India by a commandment from God, every step he would take there would be a prosperity of land in its place, and everything in between was just a desert, all along the way until he reached Mecca, and when he reached Mecca he went around the Holy place.
It had been told also that when God got Adam down, He got down with him one hundred and twenty rods and branches that got every seed for every type of grains, and that he died on Friday, in the sixth of April in the same hour that he was created in, and he was nine hundred and thirty years old, and it had been said also that he died after he got forty thousands of his sons, grandsons and grand grandsons.
And from Abi Jafar Al-Bâqir that he said: God the Exalted one Inspired to Adam: O Adam, I would collect all goodness for you in four words, one for Me, one for you, one between Me and you, and one between you and people. The one for Me is that you worship Me and no one else, and the one for you is that I will reward you for your deeds as much as you need, and the one between Me and you is that you have to pray and praise Me and I will answer you, and the one between you and people is that you have to love for people what you love for yourself.
Some tidings mentioned that God revealed a book written in Syriac made of tweny one pages, and it is the first book ever to be revealed on human beings, and in it there was one thousand thousand [a million] tongues, no people with one of these tongues would understand the other without education, and Adam has the knowledge in every tongue and can speak it better than its native speakers, and contained also the clues of God and His worshippings, judgements, rules and laws..etc
from Ibn 'Abbâs that he said: When God created Adam, and Breathed in him from His Spirit, he sneezed and God inspired him to thank Him so he said: Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, so his Lord said to him: mercy of your Lord be upon you. And when God made Angels prostrate before him, he got exclaimed and said: O Lord, You created a creation that is beloved to You more than me? but God didn't answer him, then he asked again, and God didn't answer, then he asked for the third time but god didn't answer him, then God did say: Yes, and for them only I did create you, then he said: O Lord let me see them, then God ordered the Angels of the veils to left off the veils, and when they did and Adam looked, he found out five ghosts in front of the Throne, then he said: O Lord who are they? then God did say: O Adam, this is my prophet Muhammad, and this is 'Ali the Prince of Believers, the cousin of my prophet and his viceroy, and this is Fâtima the daughter of my prophet, and these two are Al-Hasan and Al-Husain the sons of 'Ali and sons of my prophet, then He said: and they are your descendants, so Adam got happy for this. And when he did the sin he said: O Lord I ask You by Muhammad and 'Ali and Al-Hasan and Al-Husain to relent toward me, and so God relented toward him by them, and this is what is meant by God's saying "Then Adam received from his Lord words (of revelation), and He relented toward him" (Al-Baqarah: 37). When Adam got down on earth, he made a ring and carved on it: Muhammad is the prophet of God and 'Ali is the Prince of Believers. It is mentioned also that Adam was called "Abi Muhammad" [meaning: father of Muhammad, it is a common Arabic way also to call men by the names of their elder males children as: Aba Nasir, meaning father of Nasir and so on. Aba could be Abu and Abi and this is subject to change according to the grammar of the Arabic language]
The mention of Muhammad, 'Ali, Fâtima, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain is repeated, and viewing them by Adam is repeated also, once upon the leg of the Throne, once on the door of the Throne and once in front of the Throne and so on. They are mentioned once by the Holy name of God, the Exalted, one time and another without It, and all of this would not be a reason for confusion and it would be fine to consider all of that is correct to show their virtues and how they are different from the others and so people would not have to argue about it with God, and so everyone would die and live with its knowledgement and Allah is no oppressor of (His) bondmen.

(Crying of Adam for paradise)

It was told that Adam cried for paradise until it was like great rivers on his cheeks because of tears, and he stood at the door of Kaba and his clothes were of the skins of cows and camels and said: O Lord help me with my mistake and Make repentace upon me and Let me back into the place that I were in. Then said God, the Exalted one: I helped you, and Made repentace upon you and I will let you back in the place that I got you out from. It is doubtless that what we understand and everyone with the right mind would understand as well that the paradise that Adam is asking his Lord to be back into is the paradise of eternity, and it was the place that he were in and got out from, and the clue to that is the tidings about him viewing the place (level) of Muhammad, 'Ali, Fâtima, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain and that he saw their names written on the corners of the Throne and it was told that the Throne is the roof of paradise as mentioned in Hadith, and it is behind heavens and its roof is the Throne.
Add to that, the words of revelation that Adam received from his Lord and Relented toward him were of Muhammad and his Household and His Holy saying "fulfilled them"(Al-Baqarah: 124) meaning until Al-Qâ'im Al-Mahdi from the Household of Muhammad, they are the twelve Imams adding the nine descendants of Al-Husain.
Also mentioned that the words that Adam received from his Lord are His Holy saying "Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves..etc"(Al-A'raf: 23) and also mentioned they are the prayer of the prophet: O praise be to You my Lord and Thanks..etc [This is a line from a prayer that seems famous but I didn't get to know], and other things had been mentioned also but the probability that all of that is true is not impossible, but the most common base is what was mentioned by the purified masters that the words that was received were their names. As supported by Al-Mofadhal ben 'Omar he said: Abu 'Abdullah Al-Sâdiq said: God, the Exalted, may praise be to Him, created the souls before the bodies by two thousands, and Made the higher of them and the most honourable are these of Muhammad, 'Ali, Fâtima, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain, and the rest of the Imams after them, and Showed them to the heavens and earth with mounts and their lights covered them all, then God did say to the heavens and earth with the mounts: these are my judges and rulers over my creations, for them and for these who follow their path I made My paradise, and for these who oppose them I made My hell, and whoever claims their position from Me and their greatness I would torture him like I did not Do to anyone else, and whoever agreed to be loyal to them and never claimed their position I shall Let him be with them in paradise, and being loyal to them is a fidelity to be taken by My creation..etc. It is a long speech where he mentioned their virtues and the goodness that would be to these who would be loyal to them and the damnations on whoever take them as a foe and took over their rights and helped others over them and whoever does this, God Prepared for him the shame and torture. Also in it there is a warning for these who wishes for their places, and that when Adam and Eve got down to earth, Gabriel came to them and guided them to ask their Lord by the right of the names that they saw on the leg of the Throne to Relent toward them, so then they said: O Lord we ask You by the right of the closest to You, Muhammd and 'Ali and Fâtima and Al-Hasan and Al-Husain and the Imams after them to Relent toward us and Have mercy upon us, so then God relented toward them. All the prophets after that kept this fidelity then and advised their viceroys and the loyals of their nations so they denied to claim it for themselves and never forgot about it, and whoever's soul might get sick and get wicked by his demons to put himself in such place, damnations he will get from God and torture, and for this God, the Exalted, did say "Lo! We offered the trust unto the heavens and the earth and the hills, but they shrank from bearing it and were afraid of it. And man assumed it. Lo! he hath proved a tyrant and a fool"(Al-Ahzab: 72).
And it is never thought of Adam being one of these who wished for their place and so he would be one of these who took their rights, but No and Never. But what is meant by the previous Holy phrase in "man assumed it" is assuming this trust (fidelity) without any right for doing this, as it is mentioned by some famous wisemen with little difference between each tale (explanation), "Those who do wrong will come to know by what a (great) reverse they will be overturned!"(Al-Shu'arâ': 227) [This paragraph was shortened by the overall meaning translation]
It is told by the holy prophet that when Adam did the sin, a call came from the Throne towards him saying: O Adam, leave My vicinity, because no one stays in and refuses My commandment, then Adam did cry and the Angels cried with him, then God sent him Gabriel to get him down to earth with blackened face, then when Angels did see that cried loudly and lamented and said: O Lord, a creation You did Create and Breathed in it by Your Spirit and Made Your Angels prostrate before him, so You did Change his whiteness to blackness with one sin? Then a call came toward him from heavens: O Adam, fast for your Lord this day, and it was the thirteenth day of the month, and one third of the blackness was removed from Adam, then he was called again in the fourteenth day to fast for Lord and so two thirds of the blackness went out, and then called again in the fifteenth day to fast and so he did and all of the blackness went out, and for this these days were called "Al-Ayam Al-Beedh" (The White Days) in which Adam retained his whiteness, then a called from heavens called him: O Adam, these three days I made for you and your descendants and whoever fasted these three days from each month he would be as if he had fasted all of his life.
From the explanation of Al-Imam Al-'Askiri in his explanation of God's saying "but come not nigh this tree..etc"(Al-Baqarah: 35), that it is the tree of wisdom of Muhammad and his Household that God made it for them only and it was for them only in special and no one would eat from it except them, and they were eating from it after they fed the wretch, the orphan and the prisoner and the revelation of the chapter of Al-Dahr [Also called Al-Insân. Al-Dahr means The Life and Al-Insân means The Man] about them with the agreement of all interpreters, and so they did not feel any hunger, thirst, nor tiredness after they ate from it. It is a tree that was not like any tree in paradise and carried many charactersitics and has lot of different types of wheat, grape, fig and the rest of fruits, and this is why many interpreters did interpret the type of this tree in many ways, so some of them said it is the wheat and others said it is the grape and so on, so God did say: come not nigh this tree, meaning you will be seeking the place and level of Muhammad and his Household and their virtues, and this is something that God made so special for them only, and it is the tree that whoever eats from by the will of God, he would be inspired with the knowledge and wisdom of those of old and those of later time without any need to learn. This speech and its contents is not a weird because of what was mentioned about the rights of the Household before.
And then if you meditate fairly and neglected the partisanship and the love of the self, and looked with the eye of your heart to what was mentioned for 'Ali and the Household of 'Ali by the special and the normal people, and asked these of thoughts and fair of your wisemen about the place and level of 'Ali and the Household of 'Ali and their knowledge and what God made them special with from virtues and true characteristics, you would win the great luck and the happiness of the two lifes [meaning this life and the after-life] and you would know that they are the top of all creatures and they are the path to the God, and their knowledge is not taken by someone else but was given by God, the Exalted, and by the prophet in a special position that no one else would be able to count and limit (the knowledge). Look to all what the wisemen of Islam agreed on about the rightness of what was mentioned that the holy prophet taught 'Ali one thousand doors of knowledge, from each each door there is one thousand doors are opened to him. Meditate about this and what does it mean and what is wanted by it, and do not take it easy and lose.
Their knowledge is not compared by their age, but it is all equal to whatever age they are, and whoever took a look into their lives and history would know that fact clearly. Their hearts never stop praising God, and they know the most about what people need in their lives, rules and laws, and the disciplines of all the heavenly religions of rules and laws, worshippings and policies as revealed in its truthful state.
Nothing is hidden from them about what people and artists did make of industries, careers, tiniest inventions and the weirdest sciences to the fullest and they know more than its inventors in these inventions and nothing of what mankind did make would be out of their knowledge by the care of God, the Exalted, and His inspiration, because they are the rulers by God over His creations by whatever means this word would be understood, and whoever would deny this would be of incomplete faith, and there are clues and prooves that cut out the road for the opponent and narrow his way, and they have the knowledge of troubles and what happened or what will happen until the doomsday, add to that the knowledge of the Islamic laws as it was revealed on their grandfather the Chosen [meaning the prophet], and 'Ali is the one who tells about himself the holiness and he's the most truthful sayer after God, the Exalted and His chosen prophet when he said: in here (and pointing to his holy chest) a great knowledge, if only I can find someone to bear it. He said also (after he swore by God): I've become to know a secret that if I told you about you would be diffused as the robes of buckets in the far distant wells. And he's the sayer also: I know what are in heavens and earth and I know what is in paradise and hell, and i know what was and what will be..etc. He said also: ask me before you lose me, and a lot more of the same sayings and what was been told about his rights by the holy prophets is not countable and one of the most famous speeches for him: if I wasn't just afraid that you would say in 'Ali like what the christians said about Jesus the son of Mary, I would say something that would make you take the sand from beneath his feet. And from him speaking to 'Ali: O 'Ali, no one loves you but a believer, and no one hates you but a hypocrite, and so the love of 'Ali is faith and his hate is hypocrisy. Could anyone count his virtues and miracles?, here is Nahj Al-Balâghah in front of you, meditate through it and it will guide you through, and how many times they did the books and detailed his virtues and miracles and Ahmad ben Hanbal [an Islamic wiseman or scholar that created a creed in Islam known by his name] did show a lot of these [Nahj Al-Balâghah: a famous book that collects lot of 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib's speeches, it is a great source for anyone that would like to see the magic of Arabic tongue, for 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib was and still one of the greatest personnes that bore the great knowledges of the Arabic language].
Al-Shâfi'i [another scholar that created another creed] did make poems about him ('Ali), add to that me also [the author of this book], and also Ibno Abi Al-Hadeed Abdul-Hameed, and Abdul-Bâqi Al-Omari and others. The wiseman Al-Hilli issued a book that he called "Kitab Al-Alfayn" (Book of the two thousands) that contained two thousands clues by logic and by chained speeches for that 'Ali being an Imam and protected against the wrong doings and the same for his eleven descendants one by one until the last of them Al-Mahdi the awaited absent, may our souls be a ransom to him. It is not a speech to show their virtues and their levels, however, but it was necessary to show this in this position.

(Having a tent for them in the place of the Holy House)

From Abi Jafar Al-Bâqir from his fathers: God sent to Gabriel that I had mercy upon Adam and Eve so get them a tent from the tents of paradise and make it stand in the place of the House and its base that was lifted before by the Angels, and so did Gabriel, and made a stand for it in the place of the House then he got them down from Al-Safâ and Al-Marwah and gathered them together in the tent. The pillar of the tent was made of ruby and its light enlightened the mounts of Mecca, and the light reached the borders of Al-Haram, and it is the position of Al-Haram nowadays [meaning borders of Mecca maybe?], and so God made it sacred for the tent and the pillar that are from paradise. Then the tent was stretched and the end of the tent's ropes were the mosque and it is Al-Masjid Al-Harâm (the Holy "Sacred" Mosque). Then God revelaed seventy thousands angels to guard the tent against demons and cheer Adam and Eve, and so they were going around the tent and guard it.
It is probable that God after that sent to Gabriel to get down to Adam and Eve and make them depart the place of the House and build it with stones and raise up its basis and complete it for the rest of the Angels and the creation of Adam's descendants. So he got down to them and made them out of the tent and moved them away from the House and the tent as well. Then Gabriel raised the basis of the House by a stone from Al-Safâ, and a stone from Al-Marwah, and a stone from the mount of Sinai, and a stone from the mount of Al-Salâm [Al-Salâm means The Peace] and it is at the hind of the House at the back of Kaba, and made these stones the corners of the Holy House, and so he completed it by stones from the mount of Abi-Qubays as he was commanded by God, and made for it two doors, to the east and to the west. When he was done with its building, Angels started to go around it and when Adam and Eve saw that, they also started going around it seven by seven and it is the law that went on in his (Adam) descendants until the doomsday.
And in Ilal Al-Sharâye' (Reasons of Laws) from Bakeer ben A'yon he said: Abu 'Abdullah Al-Sâdiq said to me: do you know what it was the black stone in the Holy corner of Kaba? then he said: I said no, he said then: it was one of the greatest Angels that God, the Exalted, did Have and when God took the covenant from the Angels, he was the first to admit it and so God made him the guardian for all of His creation and Gave him the covenant to keep and Decided to Make all the creations to renew their covenants with him each year, then God made him in company with Adam in paradise to remind him of the covenant and renew it each year, so when Adam did the sin and got out of paradise, God made him forget the covenant that He took over him and his descendants, for Muhammad and his viceroy and his descendants the protected against wrong doings, and Made him buffled and lost, but when He relented toward Adam He made this Angel in the picture of a white pearl and Sent it down from paradise to Adam when he was in the lands of India. When Adam saw this, he got pleased though he didn't know what it was except it is some treasure, then God made him speak and said: O Adam, did you know me? then Adam said: no! then he answered: O yes, the demon overcame you and made you forget to praise your Lord, then he changed to his true shape as it was in paradise with Adam and said to Adam: where is the covenant? And when Adam remembered that jumped to him and cried and kissed him and renewed his covenant, then God changed him to a clear white pearl and Adam carried him over his shoulders for his honour, and when he gets tired, Gabriel would take it over, until they got to Mecca. It was there in Mecca that Adam kept it and renew his covenant every day and night and when God wanted to build the Kaba and sent Gabriel for this purpose and started in building, made this stone and it is the white pearl in the corner that it is in nowadays, and he (Gabriel) sactified God and praised Him, and that's why the law goes for praising and sanctifying everytime being in front of the corner that carries the Holy stone, and so it is until this very day. One of the religious duties to do when visiting the Holy House is to come to the Black Stone and kiss it if it was possible, or raise up the hand towards it and say: O Lord my fidelity I've done, and my covenant I've made to Testify me with the deed. [this is a line from a prayer said on pilgrimage time] This is the way of Muslims and all who came before them from the various religions and laws that admit the honour of the Holy House and the honoured Stone, and it is widely believed by these of the right wisdom and knowledge that an angel can be shaped in any shape even a stone, so it not a weird thing that it is indeed an angel in the shape of a stone [meaning the Black Stone], then how you Muslim raise your hand towards it, and though you speak to your Lord, but you are pointing toward the Holy stone, and it is not like any stone that appear to the public.
Some unbelievers make it as a fictitious tale to mock at it and mock at what the Muslims do and the people of the past time religions did, so we take refuse to God the Almighty from these who mock at what God had ordered to be honoured by His prophets and Ordered His creations to glorify and honour it."He whom Allah sendeth astray, for him there is no guide"(Al-Ra'd: 33)

(Of what was the dog created)

It is mentioned from the prophet when he was asked about the dog, of what he was created, he said: God created it from the saliva of Iblis, and the questioner asked: and how was that O prophet of God, he then said: when God got Adam and Eve down to earth, He got them down like shaking chicks, and when their foe Iblis the damned saw them he ran to the lions ,and they were on earth before Adam, and then said to them: there are two birds got down from the sky like them no one saw before, come and eat them. Then the lions ran with Iblis, and they were in a far place away from them (Adam and Eve) and Iblis went out shouting and seducing them and tell them of how close they are, and because of his haste and his many words coming out of his mouth, some saliva came out and from that saliva did God create two dogs, one male and the other a female, and they stood before Adam and Eve protecting them from the lions and they didn't allow the lions to approach and since that day the dog is an enemy for the lion and the lion is an enemy for the dog.
It is mentioned also that when God got Adam down to earth, Ordered him to till the land and Gave him plants from paradise, so He gave him palms, grape, olive and pomegranate and so on, and so he(Adam) planted them to be for him and for his children and descendants after him and he ate from the fruits, and the grape were the most aromatic and prettier than musk and sweeter than honey, and the palm of Mary the daughter of Amram is the Al-'Ajwah [type of palms, it might be translated as "pressed dates"], and it is one of paradise's palms and was revealed in Kanun [what is meant here it might be revealed in the month of Kanun as it is named by people of Iraq and Syria and the surroundings where the Assyrian names still in use for solar months], and also revealed with Adam Al-'Ateeq [another type of palms] and from it did the palm get diverse, and it was mentioned before that Adam got down with him some rods and branches that carried every seed for every grain, and mentioned also many things more than we had said about what did he face but all left out to mention only the most important things for who got the heart of caution and an ear to listen, and they mentioned also that he was seventy arms in length and Eve was thirty five arms in length, and he lived for nine hundreds and thirty years and was burried in a cave in the mount of Abi-Qubays and his face to the Kaba, and Eve lived after him by one year then got sick for fifteen days and died then burried beside him, and when they died there did exist forty thousands from their descendants.
Whoever scans through the life of Adam and Eve since they were created by God until the last day of their lives, he would surely know that they were and still beloved by God and faithful ones and He only knows their secrets and what are they in real and they are the parents of human beings and the prophets and messengers, and everyone is out of them and their son, though some might be better than them and all on earth and on earth they live and die and on its surface will be grouped, and He, praise be to Him, know all that and whatever might happened by them and what will be from their descendants even before their creation, since the enterance of Adam and Eve into paradise and their exit and whatever happened to them before their enterance and after their exit, for a secret that no one knows but Him and a wisdom of His own and it is all in His hands and no one would share Him in this or in any other matter or any command, and so no power and no strength but by Him.
Meditate, understand and notice the company of Gabriel for them and his contact with Adam without any delay and telling him(Adam) about anything from God and about everything he met and happened with him, and the consignment of God for him toward Adam in paradise and after getting out of it and getting him down on earth and amusing him(Adam) and carrying the Black Stone (the white pearl) with him from India to Mecca and revealing the tent for him from paradise by commandment of God and revealing the Angels to his side to amuse him by commandment of God and teaching him the hermitage of pilgrimage, so how we would say something that is not proper about him(Adam), and that he did something wrong against God, the Exalted, and that he refused the commandment of God by doing such sin, No and Never, and even though God called it a sin, then it is like that and it is better to leave it for Him to judge, and we showed something in the introduction of this book about the infallibility of the prophets.
And Adam did say to Moses the son of Amram when God gathered them together: Take it easy on your father O son..etc, and mentioned that Moses asked God to gather them together, so then Adam did not let his heart forget about God even for a twinkling of an eye, and God, the Exalted, blamed him and he knew that he had done something wrong and regretted about it and been sorry for what he had done by eating from the tree, and he cried and been sad for so long for the anger of God, his beloved, his Creator and his Master and Lord, and Who founded him from nothing and from sand to existence, completed with thought and sense, and he knew that God did not Want him to eat from the tree that is well known with its type and he did ate from it by the seduction of Iblis the damned and it is against the will of the Master, the High, the Exalted and Almighty, and so the sin of Adam and his deed with the tree that was prohibited and to Whom prohibited him was great, and not a taboo, but what he had done was something disliked, and this is the truth that we believe in and no doubt we have about it for what we had explained.

[translator: the previous paragraph was a highly philosophical in its terms and might contain uncorrect translations].

(The marriage of Adam and Eve)

What was mentioned about the marriage of Adam and Eve from the Household members is that when God created Adam from sand and breathed in him from His Spirit and Made the Angels prostrate before him, he got asleep, and while he was sleeping God created Eve as He did create Adam from a mud of the same type of the mud of Adam or from the remains of his mud, and Made her stuck to his side in a position between his hips, and that to make woman belonging to man. When God founded the soul into her she moved and Adam got awake for her movement, and she was called to move away from him, and when Adam looked at her he saw a pretty creation that looks like him but she was a female, and talked to her and she spoke with his language, then he said to her: who are you? So she said: a creation made by God as you can see. Then Adam talked to his Lord and said: O Lord, who is this creation who I got amused for being with and looking at? Then said God, the Exalted: this is My slave, Eve, would you like her to be with you for your amusement and talk with you and be under your command? So Adam said: Yes O Lord, and thanks and praise be to You as long as I live. Then God did say: ask for her engagement from Me, for she is My slave and she is the one for lust too. And God dropped the lust over him(Adam), and he did say: O Lord, I ask for her engagement for myself, what would make You satisfy? Then God did say: My satisfaction would be to teach her My faith. Then Adam did say: that would be for You O Lord, as long as You want it. Then God did say: I wanted so, and she is your wife for what I have asked you to do, so take her to your side. So then Adam accepted that and been satisfied, then Adam did say: come to me, then she said: but you have to come to me, then God ordered Adam to go to her and so he did, and if it wasn't that women would go by themselves to men to make engagements, and this is the story of the marriage of Adam and Eve.
It is famous in the public that Eve was created from the left rib of Adam, and this was denied by members of the Household, it was been told that when Al-Imam Al-Sâdiq was asked about this matter and the questioner showed that is it famous in the public that Eve was created from the left rib of Adam, so then Al-Sâdiq did say: praise be to God and Exalted He shall be above all what they say, who says that God did not have the ability to create a wife for Adam but from his rib and make a way for who talks in ill manner to say that Adam got married to himself as long she is made from his rib, not for these people did God judge between them and us. From Al-Imam Al-Razi [famous medicine and science man and some say he was a Shiite and got his teachings and wisdom from the Imams of the Household PUT, and God only Knows] in his interpretation for God's saying "O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate"(Al-Nesâ': 1) : what is meant by this mate is Eve, and about the creation of Eve from Adam there are two sayings, the first: and it is the most common, that when God created Adam, made him sleep then Created Eve from one of his left ribs, so when he got awake and saw her, he got inclined to her because she was made from one of his parts. This saying was supported by the saying of the prophet: the woman is made of a rib, so whenever you want to make it straight it would be broken and if you left it bent, you would enjoy it. This is what they said and God only knows, for supporting their believe and claims. The second saying: and it is the choice of Abi Muslim Al-Asfahâni: what is meant by God's saying "and from it created its mate" meaning from its type and it is like God's saying "He created for you helpmeets from yourselves"(Al-Rum: 21) and like His saying "by sending unto them a messenger of their own"(Al-Imran: 164)
And there are explanations and opinions and discoveries made and born by the ideas of philosophists and it was not the first flask to be broken in Islam, for there are so many inventors and makers, and God did say "follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge"(Al-Esrâ',Bani Isrâ'il: 36) and "Assuredly conjecture can by no means take the place of truth"(Yunus: 36) and "Hath Allah permitted you, or do ye invent a lie concerning Allah?"(Yunus: 59) and "Ask the followers of the Remembrance if ye know not!"(Al-Nahl: 43)
The truth is what was said by the members of the Household, and they know better. And it is necessary to remember that what is agreed on by logic and as transfered by speech that God, the Exalted, Is able to Create anything anyhow He likes, and when He created Adam from sand, He was able to Create Eve also from sand, and as long it is that way for what purpose He , the Exalted, would create her out from one of his ribs but to be against what the Household do say, and what was said by the Household is what goes along with the good thinking and would be accepted by the straight mind, and if the creation of Eve from his ribs, after his existence and the completeness of his creation and being breathed in and making the Angels prostrate before him as they claim, that would require getting his rib out after falling asleep to create Eve in something appears more like a surgery as done by the physicians these days like cutting and pulling out stones and opening the abdomen, after putting under the chloroform and it is something that would make the bereaved mother laugh, and if they meant by all that that she was created from the remains of his mud and his sand and not his rib after his creation, then it is as said by the Household of Muhammad the Chosen, and so no difference, but why do they say his left rib? maybe they meant from the his sand remains and God knows better and it is all up to Him and no power except by Him.

(The marriage of the children of Adam)

The marriage of the children of Adam from each other was a matter of a lot of controversy. Some people said that their marriage first was in the manner of a brother with a sister marriage since Eve used to have a male and a female at every pregnancy and the rule with them was the marriage of the female of the next pregnancy with the male of the previous pregnancy and vice versa and a brother was not allowed to marriage the sister that was born with him at the same time. Then the consideration of lawfulness and unlawfulness is not independent of thinking itself, but it is an act of the legislator and they are created laws, the legislator can put them up or cancel them because he is the source of legislation, so then what is unlawful is what God made unlawful and what is lawful is what He made lawful, so in the beginning of this matter it was lawful for the necessity and being among them only, but then after that it was made unlawful by God when they turned to be numerous and there was no count in the later religions for the necessity nor a criticizing for any difference in the laws. In the beginning Adam let the brother get married to his sister by a commandment of God and it is lawful by the order of God and there should be no abomination because the laws were issued by Him and He is the source for them so no objection should be there from the created against the Creator, that is if this is the case.
But what is mentioned from the Household members is that it is forbidden and they opposed it furiously. A questioner asked Al-Imam Al-Sâdiq and the questioner showed that the whole creation is in origin from brothers and sisters then said he: praise be to God, the Exalted, the High above all what they say, do they say that the best of God's creation and the prophets came from a taboo and that God could not Make them out of lawful ways? i swear by God that I've been told that some animals did not know its sister and rided over her, then it got from over its back and knew that it is the sister, it bit over its own genitals until they died.
In a speech from Zorârah ben A'yon from Abi 'Abdullah Al-Sâdiq in a long speech, he mentioned what is told about the marriage of sisters and brothers until he said: Woe to these (who believe in the marriage of sisters and brothers) where are they about what was agreed on by the wisemen of Hijâz and wisemen of Iraq that God ordered the pen and it wrote on the Kept Board [this is the board of destinies, you can see a similar concept in other pagan religions, like Sumerian] what is to be until the time of the doomsday and that was before the creation of Adam by two thousands years and the books of God, the Exalted, were written by the pen and in all of them there is a prohibition for the marriage of brothers and sisters, until he said: and these are the most famous books in this world, they are the old and new testaments, book of psalms and Al-Forqân (Quran), they had been revealed by God from the Kept Board on His prophets, peace on all of them, and there is no such legislation for anything like that, and anyone said that only wanted to support the opinions of the magians.
Then he started to explain the beginning of the race from Adam and his children, and that he had Qâbeel (Cain) and when he grew and been mature, God showed a faminine demon from Djinn called Johânah in the shape of a human so when Qâbeel saw her he loved her, and then God sent to Adam to engage her to Qâbeel. Then he got Hâbeel (Abel) and when he grew and been mature, God revealed a nymph [notice nymph here does not mean "mermaid", but maiden from paradise with extra-ordinary beauty] from paradise to Adam and her name was Nazlah, so when Hâbeel saw her loved her and then God sent to Adam to engage her to Hâbeel and he did so. So, Nazlah the nymph was a wife to Hâbeel ben Adam and Johânah the one from Djinn a wife for Qâbeel ben Adam and the race was out of them. And Adam had a daughter and her name was 'Enâq but she was a bad daughter and got a son that she called 'Ewaj and he was a mighty one and a foe for God and His faithful slaves and for every religion and Islam and he was a giant with huge body and could take a whale with his hand from the bottom of the sea then lift it up in the sky and grill it in the heat of the sun and eat it then, and he lived for three thousands and six hundreds years as been told. Then God sent someone to his mother 'Enâq daughter of Adam to kill her, and so she was killed and died after she gave birth to 'Ewaj.
It is mentioned also that after Adam got four males, God revealed for them four nymphs, so each one married one of them and gave birth, then God did lift them up again, then these four married also four from Djinn and they gave birth too, and from them all did come the race and made numerous, so anyone that is clement it would be rooted to Adam and anyone with beauty then it would be rooted to the nymphs, and anyone with ugliness or bad manners that would be rooted to the Djinn. What is mentioned by the Household that the children of Adam, some of them married the nymphs and some of them married demons and they got children, so anyone of them would be with beauty and manners that would be from the nymphs and any one of them would be of bad manners and ugliness that would be from the Djinn (or demons), and anyway both tales leads to the same point.
And in a speech for Al-Sâdiq he mentions that Adam got birth for seventy times, in each time he gets a male and a female, until God gave Adam Seth without any other, then when Seth grew and God wanted to reach with the race as you see now, He revealed at the after-noon of a Thursday a nymph from paradise that was called Nazlah, so God ordered Adam to engage her to Seth and so he did. Then, He revealed another nymph from paradise too at the next day's after-noon and her name was Monazzalah, and God ordered Adam to engage her to his son Japheth [Arabic: Yâfeth] and so he did. Then Seth had a boy and Japheth had a girl, then God ordered Adam when they grew and been mature to let them marriage each other and so he did and she gave birth to the chosen of prophets and messengers. Then said Al-Imam Al-Sâdiq: And woe to them who said about the matter of the marriage of brothers and sisters, so the marriage of Japheth and Seth with the two nymphs Nazlah and Monazzalah was for a wisdom and a secret that was kept in the knowledge of God and only He know it and no one else, and the brains of Adam's descendants is far from understanding the true aspects of such things, and Man was created as a fool. To surrender to the real thing is a must, especially if it was beyond the abilities of human beings and can not be reached with their thinking nor their dreams.
It is mentioned by them also that God, the Exalted, ordered Adam to put the heritage of prophecy and wisdom within Hâbeel and teach him about it and about whatever God ordered with and whatever God prohibited, so then when he did that and Qâbeel knew about what happened from his father Adam toward his brother Hâbeel he got angry and opposed his father and said: am I not the older than Hâbeel and deserve this more than him and you should have put me before Hâbeel? So he said to him: O son, the matter is not in my hands but in the hands of God and God only made it for him and I did not do it for by my wishes, but that was from an order from my Lord, so if you do not believe, give a sacrifice and whoever God would accept his sacrifice then he is the one to be chosen and receive the heritage of prophecy. At the time, the acception of a sacrifice was to be hit by fire from heaven and burn it, and if it is not accepted no fire would come and it won't be burnt. Qâbeel was a man of agriculture so he sacrificed with bad wheat, and Hâbeel was a shepherd and so he sacrificed with a fat sheep, then a fire came from heaven down over the sheep of Hâbeel and burnt it and did not touch the sacrifice of Qâbeel, so then Qâbeel got so mad and Iblis came to him and whispered to him and said: if you had children and your race became numerous, then for sure the children of Hâbeel would be proud over your own children for accepting of the sacrifice of their father and not accepting yours, and that God made it special for Hâbeel to take the heritage of prophecy instead of you, and that would make you with your children worried and humiliated, and if you killed him you would cut off his branch and relax your children from all these troubles and hardness, and your father would not find anyone to take the heritage but you to win. Then his soul seduced him to kill his brother and so he did. Then Iblis the damned did say to him: the fire that accept the sacrifice and burn it is called the Holy, so make it holy and build a house for it and make some people to worship it so it would accept your sacrifice and the sacrifice of everyone that worship it and be sure to worship it in a good manner and take care of it if you want to do so. So, Qâbeel did whatever Iblis ordered him to do and so he was the first to worship the fire and built houses for it and so he became a disbeliever in God.
He killed his brother in Basrah in the Kiblah (prayer niche) direction of the mosque of Al-Jâme', and at the day that Hâbeel was killed, his wife Nazlah the nymph was pregnant and she gave birth to a boy that was called by his grandfather Adam Hâbeel as his father's name, and we have mentioned before that Adam got, after Hâbeel murder within a time, a boy and called him Seth then Adam said this is te gift of God [notice: Seth or Sheth means The Gift] because he was born after some time after the murder of Hâbeel and after Adam stopped contacting Eve for his sadness upon Hâbeel because Hâbeel had a great position towards God, and because it is the first great murder to occur on the face of earth between his sons and children, and when the gift of God Seth got older and mature, we said that God, the Exalted, sent down for Adam a nymph called Nazlah as mentioned before in the shape of a human and God ordered him to engage her for his son the gift of God Seth and so Adam did so and then she gave birth for a boy from the gift of God Seth as mentioned before, then she gave birth for a girl also from him and called her Hooriyah [meaning: a nymph] so then God ordered him to engage her for Hâbeel the son of Hâbeel and so he did, and when the days of Adam were to be over, God ordered him(Adam) to bequeath to his son the gift of God Seth and give him the heritage of prophecy and wisdom and ordered him to be silent and keep it a secret to avoid his brother Qâbeel to not envy him and kill him as he did with Hâbeel. It is mentioned also that when Qâbeel killed his brother Hâbeel he did not know what to do with him so God sent two crows and they fought together until one of them killed the other then the killer dag a little hole with his claws and buried the killed one, and that was just to show Qâbeel how to bury his brother Hâbeel then Qâbeel said what it mentioned in the Holy Quran "Woe unto me! Am I not able to be as this raven and so hide my brother's naked corpse ? And he became repentant"(Al-Mâ'idah: 31) and so he dag a hole for him and buried him. Then after he buried him Qâbeel got back to his father and his brother was not with him, so then his father Adam said to him: where did you leave your brother Hâbeel? Then Qâbeel did say to him: and dd you send me as keeper for him? Then his father said to him and he felt the evil and what he did with him: go with me to the place of the sacrifice and when he reached it he knew that he was killed and Adam showed sadness and regret for losing him, and he got sad a lot and cried for him forty days and nights, and his murder was at the end of the month on Wednesday and for this Wednesdays were always days of ill-luck and in special the last Wednesday of the month.
It was been told also that when Qâbeel killed Hâbeel, the beasts, lions and birds and whatever types of animals got disturbed and departed because of their fear and every type followed its own type after they were all mixed together and used to live with human beings and do not go away from him, but after the son of Adam killed his brother they departed. It has been told that the people that would be tortured the most at the doomsday are seven persons, the first of them is the son of Adam who killed his brother, and Nemrud (Nimrud) who argued Abraham about his Lord and threw him in fire and two from Israelites that made their people Jews and Christians and the pharaoh who said I am your exalted god [meaning the pharaoh of Moses, and it might be Ramesses II], and two from this nation [nation means here either Islam nation or only the Arab nation].
We have mentioned before that Adam lived for nine hundreds and thirty years and this is the most famous and he was buried after his death in a cave in the mount of Abi Qubays and his face towards the Holy Kaba, and mentioned that God sent to Noah while he was in the Ark to go around the House for a week and so he did then God ordered him to carry with him the corpse of his father Adam [in Arabic you can point to the grand father of someone by father as well] to Kufa [a city in Iraq was a capital for the Islamic rule during the rule of 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib], so he got to the water and got out a tomb carrying the corpse of Adam and his bones and carried it in the heart of the Ark then he went around the House as God desired then he got back until he reached the gates of Kufa in the middle of its mosque from where did the Ark move and from there the people departed as well as the animals, then he (Noah) took the corpse of Adam the father of Human beings and buried it in Kufa in Al-Najaf where lies the Prince of Believers, and where there is the tomb of Noah himself, and everything was by order from God and He knows everything better.
The great historian and the owner of Moruj Al-Ðahab [Fields of Gold], Al-Mas'udi, mentioned in it (the book), from the Prince of Believers a story related to the concept of creation and some of the conditions of Adam I would like to mention it here for this occasion and for what it contains from recent facts and brightful clues to assert the truth and refute the lies, and mentioned in it cases that its measurement aren't doubtful, and I did not see it in Nahj Al-Balâghah, so he said: he said (Prince of Believers) when God desired to Predestinate the creation and Making the livings and Invent the Inventions, He made the creation in a picture of dust, and that was before the creation of earth and lifting of the skies, and He is in His Throne and with His own power, then He released a part of light from His own light so it got sprinkled, and Took out some of His own brightness and it got bright then the light gathered in the middle of that hidden pictures and that matched the picture of our prophet Muhammad, then God, the Exalted one, did say: you are the Chosen and the one that keeps My light and the treasures of My guidance, so for you I make the earth and Wave the water and Lift up the skies, and Make the rewards and punishments, paradise and hell, and Make your Household for guidance and Give them from My wisdom that nothing would make troubles for them and nothing hidden would make them tired, and Make them the rulers over My livings and the warners for My power and My uniqueness, then God took their testaments for Himself being a Lord, and their sincerity for Himself being One, and before God took whatever He took over His creation, He selected Muhammad and his Household and Showed them that guidance is with him (the prophet) and the light is with him and the leadership in his Household, then God hid the creation in His divination and Hid it in the deeps of His wisdom, then Created the worlds and Waved the water and Excited the foam and Raised the smoke, then His Throne floated upon the water and then He made the earth upon the water's surface, then He called them to obey and they answered, then God created the Angels from lights that He did create and souls He did invent and combined believing in Him being Holy One with believing in the prophecy of Muhammad and so it was made famous in the heavens before he was sent on earth, and when God created Adam, He showed his virtues for the Angels and Showed them what special wisdom he has when he was asked about the names of things, so He made Adam a sanctuary and a door and a qiblah [destination of the prayer's face] to which He made the faithful and spiritual and the lights prostrate towards, then He warned Adam for His secret and Showed him the seriousness of what He made it a fidelity for him after He called him an Imâm (leader) among the Angels, so his luck of goodness was for what did he carry from our lights, and still God did hide this light by time until it appeared with the prophet Muhammad and he invited people in secret and in public, and he (the prophet) recalled back for the keeping of the testament that he gave in the world of atoms before coming into a being, so whoever went along with him and took from the lamp of light that is given would be guided to his path and would be clear on his matter, and whoever been fooled deserved the anger, then the light transferred to our senses and got brightened in our Imâms, so we are the lights of heavens and lights of earth, so with us the safety and from us the secrets of wisdom and for us the endings of matters, and with our Mahdi the leadership would be over, the last of Imams and the saviour of the nation and the source of issues, so we are the best of the creation and the most honest believers and the leaders by the commandment of God, so let him be in grace who believes in us. Finished what Al-Mas'udi transferred from the master of Believers the prince of Believers
Then said Al-Mas'udi in Muruj Al-Ðahab, page twenty three, part one, published by Dâr Al-Rajâ', Baghdad, this is what was mentioned by Abi Abdullah Jafar ben Muhammad from his father Muhammad ben 'Ali from his father 'Ali ben Al-Husain from his father Al-Husain ben 'Ali from the Prince of Believers 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib, over. Then said Al-Mas'udi: what is found in the old testament (Torah) is that God started the creation on Monday and finished in Saturday and for this they had Saturday for a holiday, and people of the new testament (Injeel) claimed that Messiah stood up from his grave on Sunday so they had this day as a holiday. [seems the emphasis on this paragraph is put here because Al-Mas'udi is a Sunnite scholar and is put here as a clue from a sunnite book on the value and level of the Household of the prophet Muhammad, which is something denied by the creed of Sunnites. But also I might be mistaken with that.]
And what is believed by the public, from scholars and tracers, is that the starting was on Sunday and the ending was on Friday and in it the soul was breathed into Adam and it is the sixth od April, then Eve was created from Adam, and lived in paradise for three hours of that day, so they stayed for three hours and it is the quarter of a day by two hundreds and fifty years from this life's years, and Adam was down on Sarandeeb (Ceylon), and Eve in Jeddah, and Iblis in Bisan [might be a city in Turkey or Iran], and the snake in Asbahân (Asfahan). So Adam fell down in India on the island of Sarandeeb on the mount of Rahoon (?), and on him the leaves that he covered himself with from the trees of paradise, so it got dry and the wind sprinkled it and spreaded it over India, so it is said and God only knows, this is why the good scents and perfumes are brought from the land of India, because of these leaves.
Then said Al-Mas'udi: when Adam fell down from paradise he got out of it with a packet of wheat and thirty rods from paradise trees, carrying several types of fruits, ten of them from these who have a shell and they are: Walnut, Almonds, Hazel, Pistachio, Poppy, Chestnut, Bitter orange, Pomegranate, Banana, and Oak, and ten of them from these who have a pulp and they are: Peach, Apricot, Plum, Date, Mountain ash, Nabk (lotus jujube), Hawthorn, Jujube, (balsamadendron africanum) [could not find the translation for this word at all],and wild plum, and from these who have no shell nor pulp, and they are ten also: Apple, Quince, Grape, Pear, Fig, Raspberry, Citron, Snake cucumber, Cucumber, and carob. Then he said: it is said that when Adam and Eve fell down from paradise, they fell apart, so then they met each other in the position called 'Arafah and for this meeting this position was called like that.
He mentioned also that people of the Book [meaning Christians and Jews] claimed that Adam engaged the sister of Hâbeel to Qâbeel and the sister of Qâbeel to Hâbeel and differentiated in marriage between two pregnancies, then he said: and Magians claimed that Adam did not refuse the marriage between two pregnancies and he did not check about it and they have for this a poem claiming in it the virtue and goodness in engaging a brother to his sister and the mother to her son..etc. Al-Mas'udi showed also some matters about Hâbeel and Qâbeel and investigated about it, until he said: it is said that he killed him in a desert, and it had been told that that was in Damascus in Syria, and he killed him by injuring with a stone, until he said: when he killed him, he got buffled and did not know what to do with the body, so he carried him and walked across the lands then God sent a crow (raven) to another crow so it killed the other and burried him, so Qâbeel regretted and said what the Quran did say about him "Woe unto me! Am I not able to be as this raven and so hide my brother's naked corpse?" then he burried him, so when Adam knew about it he got sad, afraid and frightened..etc.
Then he said in Muruj Al-Ðahab: Then God inspired to him (to Adam) I'm going to extract from you My light that is the guide in the pure worshipping and the honourable stumps of trees, and I will make it the one with pride among all the lights and Make him the end of prophets and Make his Household the best of leaders and viceroys and I will make the end of time by their end and Full up the earth with their allegation and Spread it among their followers so stand up, tuck and purify yourself, sanctify and praise and go to your wife and she is clean because My deposit will be transferred from you to the boy coming from both of you, so Adam did it with Eve so she became pregnant at the same time and her forehead got shone and the light got brightened from her eyes until her pregnancy was over she had give birth to a breeze like the finest of all the males and most respectful and prettiest in shape and most complete in his look-likes and fairly created, accompanied by light and dignity, covered with pride and majesty, and so the light transferred from Eve to him so it was brightened in his forehead and rose in his face, so then Adam called him Seth the gift of God, and so until he got older, Adam did give him the heritage and told him the responsibilities upon him and told him that he is a leader by God after him and His viceroy on earth and the doer for the rights for God, and he is the second transmission for the Holy Nucleus (Atom). Until Al-Mas'udi said: and Adam did appoint Seth over his(Adam) kids and it is said that Adam died after having forty thousands of his children and grand children, until he said: Seth did rule the people and legislated by his father's Books and by what was revealed upon him from books and laws. Then Seth gave the heritage to his son Anush and told him about the deposit and told him the honour of this deposit and that it is their honour. Then told him also to warn his children one after the other about this honour and let everyone of them give its heritage to his descendants and make it among them as a will(testament) transferring as long as the race did exist. So the will kept on moving from century to century until God gave the light to 'Abdul-Mottalib and his son 'Abdullah the father of the prophet of God then he said: At this position the people of creeds did differ, and some of them believed in ascribing and some of them believed in selection. These who believe in ascribing are Abâdhites (it is a band from Al-Khawârij) [Al-Khawârij, people popped up on the surface during the war between 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib and the prince of Umayya, Mo'âwiyah in Syria upon the leadership of the Islamic nation. They believed that the rule should be to God without any need to have a viceroy nor a prince, nor 'Ali nor Mo'âwiyah] and they are the followers of 'Abdullah ben Abâdh Al-Tamimi as mentioned in Majma' Al-Bahrain for Al-Torayhi [a book's name], and the people of Imamism from the followers of 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib and the purified from his descendants who mentioned that God never left an era of time without a man that rule by God's commandments either a prophet or a viceroy appointed by God's prophets and viceroys by names and description.
And the people of selection are some scholars and Al-Mo'tazala [people of some creed] and some bands of Al-Khawârij and Al-Morji'ah [a band that do not judge on anyone but leave it to be on Doomsday], and lot of the people of Hadith and public, and some bands from Al-Zaydiyah [a band of Shiites that believe in Zayd ben 'Ali ben Al-Husain, the grandson of 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib, to be an Imam and a leader or caliphate. Still common in Yemen], so all of these claimed that God and His prophet appointed to the nation to select their leaders, and some eras might have no viceroy doing the commandments of God, and it is the protected Imam for the Shiites. He mentioned that Seth is the source of the race after Adam among all his children. And at the time of Anush the son of Seth, Qâbeel which is called by a lot of people as Qâyen [that is Cain] was killed, and Al-Mas'udi always mentions his name as Qâyen the son of Adam, and he is the killer of his brother Hâbeel. Anush did live for nine hundreds and sixty years. Anush did have a kid called Qaynân (Cainan) and died when he was nine hundreds and twenty years old, and they say his death was in July after he got a son called Mahlâ'eel (Mahalaleel) and he did live for eight hundred years and he had a son called Lud and the light is inherited and the testament is taken. And Al-Mas'udi said: it is said that lot of diversions were founded at the time of Lud, founded by the descendants of Qâyen (Qâbeel) and he is the killer of his brother Hâbeel.
There were wars between the descendants of Lud and Qâyen and stories, all were mentioned in the book of Al-Mas'udi "Akhbâr Al-Zamân" [i.e. Tidings of Time], and also there were wars between the children of Seth and their mates from the children of Qâyen, then he said: and most of this race [maybe he means the race of Cain] is in India, and the life of Lud the son of Mahalaleel expanded for seven hundreds and thirty two years and died on March, and after him came his son Akhnukh and he is Edrees [i.e Enoch] the prophet may peace be upon him and his fathers the purified and his children the chosen from prophets and viceroys, and the Sabaeans believe he is Hermes (and it means) Mercury, and he is what God said about in his holy Book "And We raised him to high station"(Maryam: 57) and he was the first to sew and stitch. And God revealed on him thirty pages, and Adam got twenty one pages before, and on Seth it was revealed twenty nine pages contained the praising and sanctifying, and after Enoch comes his son Matushâleh [i.e. Methuselah] so he built up the lands and the light in his forehead and he got children and people did talk a lot about his children and they say that Russians and Slavs are from his children and his life was for nine hundreds and sixty years and died in September, and after him came his son Lamak [i.e. Lamech] and during his days there were accidents and lot of differences and died after seven hundreds and ninety years..etc what is mentioned by Al-Mas'udi we copied it by sentences for a time and by summary at another and God is the Good Donor and He is the Knower of all matters.

Summary of The Story of Adam

The summary of the story of Adam is that God told His Angels that He will make a human from mud (or clay) and He ordered them to prostrate before him whenever He breathe in him from His Spirit after his creation and they did obey the commandment of God and so their prostration was for honour and not for worshipping, but it is a worshipping for the Commander because God does not command someone to worship someone else but Him, so God created Adam from mud and Made it then black mud altered and when that mud turned to be clay He breathed in him from His Spirit and so it was a living human made of meat and blood and bones and nerves and feelings and senses, moving with will and choice and intelligence and sense and feel, so then God made all of His Angels prostrate before him, but Iblis was commanded also with them because he was considered to be one of them and he got a command over them and he was among them and so he was meant by the command also but he denied and refused and rebelled against his Lord's command for he was proud of his origin and so he said: am better than him. Thou createdst me of fire while him Thou didst create of mud, and so God exiled him out and Damned him and Made shame upon him, read with me the book of our Lord from the chapter of Al-Baqarah: And when We said unto the angels: Prostrate yourselves before Adam, they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He demurred through pride, and so became a disbeliever (34) and in the chapter of Al-A'râf: And We created you, then fashioned you, then told the angels: Fall ye prostrate before Adam! And they fell prostrate, all save Iblis, who was not of those who make prostration (11) meaning that We did create the father of human beings and he is your origin and you are his children, so We did create for him a creation for you, and in the chapter of Al-Hijr: Verily We created man of potter's clay of black mud altered, And the jinn did We create aforetime of essential fire, And (remember) when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am creating a mortal out of potter's clay of black mud altered, So, when I have made him and have breathed into him of My Spirit, do ye fall down, prostrating yourselves unto him. (26-29). And in the chapter of Al-Kahf: And (remember) when We said unto the angels: Fall prostrate before Adam, and they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He was of the jinn, so he rebelled against his Lord's command. Will ye choose him and his seed for your protecting friends instead of Me, when they are an enemy unto you ? Calamitous is the exchange for evil-doers.(50), and in the chapter of Sad this is also included, and the Holy phrases had been mentioned to disaprove the deeds of the damned Iblis and to rebuke him for not obeying the commandment of his Lord and his Creator for prostrating before Adam, and his rebel and refusal to prostrate for his pride in his origin and that he is the one to be prostrated before and not Adam that was created from mud, for he is created from what is better which is the fire and it is better than the mud, and he showed the maximum refusal and rebelling against the Exalted and the Almighty one and God promised him with hell for refusing His commandment so he asked for a delay until the doomsday, as a reward for his worshipping and whatever was before and so the Wise and Just one answered his request and gave him the delay until the doomsday, so after the damned got his request of the delay and his days got lengthened as much as this life's days, he took a stand against Adam and his descendants and promised to seduce them and make most of them unthankful for God except the honest faithful slaves of God, so God promised him and all who follows him from the descendants of Adam that they would be all in hell. The clues for this in the Holy Book are found in many holy phrases in many chapters. In the chapter of Al-A'râf God did say: And We created you, then fashioned you, then told the angels: Fall ye prostrate before Adam! And they fell prostrate, all save Iblis, who was not of those who make prostration.He said: What hindered thee that thou didst not fall prostrate when I bade thee ? (Iblis) said: I am better than him. Thou createdst me of fire while him Thou didst create of mud, He said: Then go down hence! It is not for thee to show pride here, so go forth! Lo! thou art of those degraded, He said: Reprieve me till the day when they are raised (from the dead), He said: Lo! thou art of those reprieved, He said: Now, because Thou hast sent me astray, verily I shall lurk in ambush for them on Thy Right Path, Then I shall come upon them from before them and from behind them and from their right hands and from their left hands, and Thou wilt not find most of them beholden (unto Thee), He said: Go forth from hence, degraded, banished. As for such of them as follow thee, surely I will fill hell with all of you (12-18), and in the chapter of Al-Hijr it is mentioned in twelve phrases, and in the chapter of Al-Isrâ' (Bani Israel) in five phrases and in the chapter of Sad in nine phrases and so on from the Holy Book. Gid did Show grace to Adam and his wife by letting them live in paradise and made it open to them except a tree from its trees and Warned them to not eat from it for a wisdom He knows better than any on His creation, He is never asked for what He is doing and they will be asked, but their enemy Iblis didn't leave them alone and started to try to trick them and seduce them and did his best with that, approaching them from every side and way until he got over them and tricked them so they grabbed from it and started to eat by his whispers and his seduction and he swore to them that he is a sincere adviser unto them, and told them that your Lord did not forbid you from eating from this tree unless eating from it would make you angels or immortals and so death never reach you, so he said to Adam: shall I guide you to the tree of immortality and an endless sovereignty? and he swore that he is an adviser, until Adam forgot that he is his enemy that denied to prostrate to him and that God warned him (Adam) about him (Iblis) by His saying: Therefor we said: O Adam! This is an enemy unto thee and unto thy wife, so let him not drive you both out of the Garden so that thou come to toil (Ta Ha: 117). So then when they ate from the tree so that their shame became apparent unto them, and they began to hide by heaping on themselves some of the leaves of the Garden, and that caused them to be out of paradise and God rebuked them for their refusal and eating from the tree, so then Adam regretted and started to apology for his Creator and his Master, but the wisdom of the Most Wise one judged to let then out. So then the Exalted one said: Fall down, one of you a foe unto the other! There shall be for you on earth a habitation and provision for a time, Then Adam received from his Lord words (of revelation), and He relented toward him(Al-Baqarah: 36,37) and so God guided him and Chose him, read with me the Holy phrases for this matter, in the chapter of Al-Baqarah: And We said: O Adam! Dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden, and eat ye freely (of the fruits) thereof where ye will; but come not nigh this tree lest ye become wrong-doers, But Satan caused them to deflect therefrom and expelled them from the (happy) state in which they were; and We said: Fall down, one of you a foe unto the other! There shall be for you on earth a habitation and provision for a time, Then Adam received from his Lord words (of revelation), and He relented toward him. Lo! He is the relenting, the Merciful (35-37) and there is the same in the chapter of Al-A'râf in seven phrases and the same in the chapter of Ta Ha in nine phrases. And when you meditate through the meanings of these phrases by meanings of the tradition you will find that Adam did not disobey his Lord as to rebel against Him nor he was someone harsh and unmerciful, but the damned tricked him and made him astray as Iblis the wicked one wanted, and as if Adam was an ear that believes everyone that comes with good tidings that does not conflict with his religion (belief) and does not stand against his Lord, O how is the heart of Adam is filled with passion and how pure is it, and how great is the faith of Adam in his God and how great is the mercy of his God and His relenting, and so his Lord relented toward him and Guided him and Chose him to be a prophet and a viceroy on earth, and Revealed upon him the laws and rules of His religion for what is allowed and what is not from his deeds and manners and everything about his religion that God assigned for him and for his children, and that they are responsible after satisfying the conditions of responsibility legally and logically, and then God revealed upon him twenty one pages and you passed on about his conditions as mentioned by the Household before and how God taught him a thousand thousand tongues, and it might be the languages of birds and beasts and every animal and the languages of whatever that will be born from his children until the end of time like Syriac and Hebrew and Arabic and so on of whatever is founded in our time and taught him the names of the prophets and saints and viceroys and especially the names of who are the reason for creating this creation, and they are Muhammad the Chosen and 'Ali and Fâtima and Al-Hasan and Al-Husain (the martyr) and the nine protected from the descendants of Al-Husain.
And when the Angels knew about Adam being a viceroy on earth and knew that there will be corruption from his children and descendants and they checked the corruption even before in the world created before Adam by Djinn and others, as pointed before, the objection from them is accepted for it is as a question from the one that does not know about the wisdom behind his creation and foundation, so the dedicated their speech to the Holy Exalted one, and said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee? (Al-Baqarah: 30) so the purpose of their objection is to understand the secret of this creation, but not to make the deed of the Wise and Exalted one as a wrong doing, for they know that He, may praise be to Him, Does nothing that oppose the wisdom for He knows everything possible and every living things before their existence, and He warned them and told them that He knows the secrets in this creation far more than what they know, and He knows what they show and what they keep as a secret, and He appointed to him (Adam) what they (angels) do not know, so God said in the chapter of Al-Baqarah: And when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth, they said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee ? He said: Surely I know that which ye know not (30). And the objection from them for what we had pointed out before, how and they are the honoured slaves that do not say before Him and work by His commandments.
We've pointed out before that all the names that God taught to Adam and Angels did not know were names of people or the most important part of such names and they are the names of the prophets and messengers from his descendants after they had been pictured and showed for him and the name of our prophet Muhammad and his twelve viceroys that came after him and end up with Al-Mahdi, and especially the five Chosen of The Cover [the story of the cover is well known for shiites and the tale is told in some occasions for blessing. The five that came under one cover one day are the prophet and his cousin 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib then followed by his sons Al-Hasan and Al-Husain, then at the end, by the daughter of the prophet and the wife of 'Ali ben Abi Tâlib, Fâtima], whom their lights are founded on the leg of the Throne before the creation of Adam by two thousands years, and they are: the Chosen (the prophet), Al-Mortadhâ ('Ali ben Abi Tâlib), Al-Zahrâ' (Fâtima), Al-Mojtabâ (Al-Hasan), and the fifth Al-Husain ben 'Ali, and by them God did relent towards Adam when he prayed and asked God by these names so then God relented toward him.
We don't mind that some of the names that God taught Adam are names of all the species in the paradise that he were in and species on earth and the languages, and everything he might need..etc. And we mind that they were names of what Adam needs and feels and touches and whatever he needs from drinks and foods and clothes and leaves of trees and their branches and fruits and the like.
And some people did follow this path and interpret it by his own opinion, and that is the teacher Mr. Abdul-Wahâb Al-Najjâr when he said: And what I understand is that He taught him about everything in the paradise of Aden and Inspired him and Gave him the ability to put names for everything he did see there from plants and their parts and trees and fruits and branches and leaves and pulps and all the tools that were there and everything that were there from animals and their parts for he needs them. Then he said: it is known that the knowledge of Adam about such things is natural, instead of the Angels who need nothing of that for they do not need food nor drink and do not do anything of that..etc. What is issued by the mentioned teacher, and by meditation, you will find it is not in its correct place, and he made a mistake or had an absence of mind towards truth and reality, look in page five from "tales of the prophets" for Abdul-Wahâb Al-Najjâr, third edition, and in page six he said: some people exaggerate about things and claim that God taught Adam everything was and everything will be and Showed him pictures of such things, whatever was there and would be there, and Adam called everything with its name, and this is an exaggeration that I do not incline to believe in, but I'm inclined to believe that he named the things that came under his senses.
The complete wise and sane noble if he noticed the Director of the words of wonder to the Angels and the inhabitants of heavens from the world of light and spirit is the Almighty, the Knower, and the Founder for everything and the Lord of livings and He is the one that noting can be hidden before Him on earth or in heavens.
So do we imagine that the Creator of every great thing Would teach the father of prophets and messengers, the father of Muhammad and 'Ali and the rest of his Household, He would teach him something that surprises the Angels and the Arch-Angels like Gabriel and Michael and Israfeel [Israfeel might mean Raphael, for the close relation of letters and sounds in both names] and the Angel of death (Azrael), and teach (Adam) them a wisdom that is unreachable by their senses, and of high level and weird to them, and what is it, it is only names of what he eats and drinks and names of the leaves of trees and its fruits and its pulps and its shells as it is understood by the teacher of universities and colleges of education or the teacher of the Islamic history in the college of "origins of religion" (Abdul-Wahâb Al-Najjâr) and he is the one that his opinion is inclined to this interpretation for the phrases of God, the Exalted, and their interpretation is not known except by God and those who are of sound instruction, and God did say "follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge"(Al-Isrâ'/Bani Israel: 36), "Assuredly conjecture can by no means take the place of truth"(Yunus: 36), "Ask the followers of the Reminder if ye know not"(Al-Anbiyâ': 7). The Remainder is the Holy Quran, and the followers are these whom it was revealed in their houses and they are the one that was sent to all the people and the end of the prophets Muhammad ben 'Abdullah and his viceroys after him, and the people of the Household know better, Oh what a sorrow.
Read with me the holy phrases that are the clues for this occasion and then meditate through what I've mentioned before and what these phrases contained, then give me your judgement and your wisdom if you have it. The Exalted one said in the chapter of Al-Baqarah, phrase 31, "And He taught Adam all the names, then showed them to the angels, saying: Inform Me of the names of these, if ye are truthful" and phrase 32, "They said: Be glorified! We have no knowledge saving that which Thou hast taught us. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Knower, the Wise", and phrase 33, "He said: O Adam! Inform them of their names, and when he had informed them of their names, He said: Did I not tell you that I know the secret of the heavens and the earth ? And I know that which ye disclose and which ye hide" ..etc, and the sayer of the previous commnents (Abdul-Wahâb) did realize how great is this creature so he said: it is well known that the leadership of Adam on earth has a high-level meaning of God's wisdom that the Angels did not know, because if God did make the leadership for the Angels on earth, the secrets of this universe would not have been known neither whatever is kept in it from its properities and the deep sciences..etc, and thanks is for God only, and no other God but Him, He is our Judge and the Trustworthy.
This is what we wanted to say about the conditions of the father of human beings and their mother, Adam and Eve, and pray be upon the one sent with the truth as bringer of glad tidings and a warner, the master of messengers and the end of the prophets Muhammand the Chosen and upon his Household the pious and the most righteous of his chosen mates, and thanks to God the Lord of all.


Conditions of Edrees (Enoch) The Prophet

He is Edrees (Enoch) ben Lud ben Mahalaleel ben Cainan ben Enosh ben Seth ben Adam, and the name of Edrees in Hebraic torah is Khanookh and in Arabic it is Akhnookh, and Edrees was a man of great abdomen and wide chest, his steps are close together when he walks as mentioned in 'Elal Al-Sharaye' [a book's name], it is mentioned also from his characteristics that he was a man of a complete build and pretty face with a heavy beard and nice face-curvatures with wide shoulders and large bones and not so much meat with glancing black eyes, slow talker and silent most of the time and calm and when he walks he looks to the ground a lot, meditating a lot and had some frawning and whenever he becomes angry he moves his index finger while talking and he lived on earth for eighty two years.
He was called Edrees because of his enourmous studies in the Holy Books [Daras in arabic means he studied, Edrees means the one who studies a lot] and whatever was in them from laws and wisdom and he was the first to write with a pen and he was a tailor and was the first to sew, and it was said that God taught him the sciences of Astrology and Mathematics and Astronomy, and that was as a miracle for him, and that God's saying "And We raised him to high station"(Maryam: 57) it meant that he was raised in levels with God's messages, and it was said that he was raised to heaven as Jesus the son of Mary and he is still alive and did not die, and others said that he is raised in between the fourth and the fifth skies as mentioned by Al-Bâqir, and other things were said also.
From Al-Hâfith ben Kaþeer in Al-Bidâyah wal-Nihâyah [seems a book's name]: he was (Enoch) the first one from the descendants of Adam to get the prophecy after Adam and Seth, and it is mentioned in Muruj Al-Ðahab [book's name] as mentioned before that he was the first one to sew with a needle and make stiches and God revealed upon him thirty books as God revealed upon Adam twenty one books before and revealed upon Seth twenty nine books including the praisings and sanctifications, and he (Enoch) lived whatever he lived and died in September, and from Ibn Mas'ud and Ibn 'Abbâs that Elijah is Edrees (Enoch)!
People differ in the place of his birth and growing so some said that he was born in Egypt and called him Hermes Al-Haramisah [could't transform this to modern English] and he is in Greek Ermes [notice that Hermes is prnounced in Greek as Ermes, since the H letter functions like E in Greek] and was Arabicized to Hermes and Ermes means for them Mercury, and they said: and Hermes got out of Egypt and went around all of the earth and came back to it and from there he was raised to heavens..etc, and some others said that he was born in Babylon in Iraq and there he grew up, and in his early age he was taught the wisdom of Seth the son of Adam and he is the grandfather of his father's grandfather, because Enoch is the son of Lud ben Mahalaleel ben Cainan ben Enosh ben Seth apprently and when Enoch had grown up God gave him the prophecy so he ordered the people to follow the path of Adam and Seth and forbid them to refuse the commandments but only few of them did follow him so he got hurt by those who refused him from the bad people, so then he travelled to Egypt and he settled there with whoever was with him and calling the creations to follow his religion and the religion of his purified fathers and orders for the good of deeds and forbids the bad manners.
People in his days talked with seventy two tongues and God taught him their cultures and languages so he can teach every people by their own tongue, and he drew for them the cities and made in every city scientists and guiders to the obedience of God and order for goodness and forbid the badness, so the cities that was built at his time counted to be one hundred and eighty eight, and he was the first to manipulate the wisdom and astrology as pointed before, and they mentioned lot of his conditions, and in summary what he called the believers to according to his religion and in acceptance by his laws as some say was that: calling for the religion of God, the Exalted, and it is the calling for goodness and forbidding the badness, and the base for the righteousness of deeds is unifying God, the Exalted, and never to call someone else with Him, because He is the Ever-Lasting One, that never Give birth nor Born and Does not have a mate and no one rewards Him, and the worshipping of God sincerely, and doing good for people and justice and saying the truth even upon yourself, and purifying the money by helping the poor, and avoiding the intoxicant liquors and praying and fasting with a special way and counted days, and fighting the enemies for the protection of the religion and calling out for this and taking of it, and for the souls and honour and fortunes with all might and power, and he (Enoch) also made some festivals for them at certain times and so on of traditions and jobs and works and a-must-do doings and doings that aren't compulsory as it is in every heavenly-revealed laws, and promised his people for prophets to come after him, and told them the characteristics of the prophet and his specialities and one of them is that he is innocent from all bad manners and deeds and the bad characteristics, complete in beloved virtues and do not hesitate in his duties nor in answering any question that he might be asked concerning the matters of after-life or living or other things that relates to religion or whatever is seen or heard either it is earthly or heavenly or whatever behind these worlds from the after-life worlds like Barzakh [the life of the dead in his grave where he is judged] or Al-Qiyama (doomsday) or Al-Nâr (hell) and whatever was related to them even in general or whatever it is related to the bodies and their ills and medicines, and he must be answerable by God for whatever he asks from Him and he asks only whatever has the benefit for the race and the individual for the goodness of life and after-life.
He must be infallible and far away from doing wrong-doings and leaving duties, because the prophet and his viceroy that would take care of matters after him that was chosen by God for the most honourable jobs and the most high of them must be purified and of right wisdom and has abundance in knowledge and complete with many of the completeness characteristics and his innocence of bad habits and needless of help from any creatures, and needs nothing but God, the Exalted, so he never issues a guilt nor a mistake either small it is or big one, neither before prophecy or after it, either in childhood or manhood, and the one who chose him for this job, and He is God, Knows that, and He had appointed him for this job since the world of atoms, the world of creating the souls, and that is before the creation of Adam by two thousands years, and he must be distinguished from other creatures by that and also his viceroy who stands in his position, and this is the situation of every prophet and messenger, check back the introduction of the book where the infalliblity of the prophets is mentioned, and still the faithful from the nation of Enoch applying that regime and regulations and whatever was revealed in that sacred religion, until Enoch was raised from between them and no one knows about it except God, the Exalted, and his relatives and his viceroy after him, his son Methuselah [Arabic: Matushaleh]
And this must be in every religion as the people of wisdom and religion know very well, and it is told that their destination in their worshipping and prayers and so on, was to the south on the line of midday, and it is probably that it was for these who were to the north of Mecca, because it was the destination for Adam and whoever came after him until the time of Enoch.
And I don't see any of the prophets and viceroys and who believed in them and their religions that would have changed that until the time of Solomon the son of David, for their destination were to the Holy Mosque in Jerusalem until it was changed by our prophets Muhammad ben 'Abdullah to the Holy House and it is the Holy Ka'ba in honourable Mecca. This is what is apparent for us, and God knows the best.
And from Ja'far ben Muhammad Al-Sâdiq that he said: if you entered Kufa then come to the mosque of Sahlah and pray in it and ask God for your needs for your faith and your life, because the mosque of Sahlah is the house of Enoch in which he used to sew and pray in, and whoever asked God for what he likes and wants he would be answered and be raised to a high place at doomsday at the level of Enoch and shall be protected from the troubles of life and the tricks of his enemies..etc.
From the trusted and whom we trust in that Enoch is the grandfather of the father of Noah because as we mentioned before that after Enoch came his son Methuselah and then Lamech [Arabic: Lâmik] then Noah. And Al-Mas'udi mentioned in Muruj Al-Ðahab: The age of Enoch was three hundreds years, and the wisemen of Greece call him Hermes the wise..and so on of what we mentioned before.

Some of what was mentioned in the books of Enoch

From Ibn Tawoos he said: It was mentioned in the books of Enoch these sentences and they are: Like if death had come to you and your moaning and your sweating have increased, and your lips shrinked and your tongue became broken and your spittle became dry and whiteness became over your eyes blackness, and your mouth started to foam and your whole body started to shake, and you became to treat the death with its agony, its bitterness, and its shrieking, and you've been called and you can't hear anything, then your soul came out and you've became a dead body among your relatives. There is a lesson in you for others, so think in the meanings of death, whatever became upon others will become upon you no way out, and every life however it is long is short because whatever will come is close by at a certain time. So, meditate in the meanings of death you who die, and know you human being that death is harder than what becomes before it and easier than what becomes after it from troubles and disasters of the doomsday,..etc. And it was engraved on his ring: Patience is of faith, by God the victory will come. And it was engraved on the area that he wore: The festivals are in keeping the duties, and the laws are of the completeness of religion, and the completeness of religion is the completeness of manhood. And over the area that he wore at the time of praying over the dead: The happy one who looks at himself, intercession to his God, his good deeds.
They mentioned that he had sermons and morals, and every band took it out with its own tongue, and ran as useful proverbs and symbols, and from that was his saying that was traced back to him: No one will be able to thank God for His gifts as giving His creatures. And also: Whoever wanted to reach the wisdom and the good of deeds, so let him leave the tool of ignorance and the bad deeds. As you see the craftsman that knows all the crafts so when he wants to sew he took its own tool and leave the tool of carpentry, so the love of the life and the after-life do never come into one heart together. And also: The goodness of life is sorrow and its badness is a regret. Meaning that let go of good deeds in life is a sorrow and doing bad deeds is a regret. And also from him: If you called for God the Exalted make your determination clear and pure and also fasting and prayers, so do and never swear and you are liers and don't attack God with rights [meaning here swearing or promising with lies], and don't make liers swear for you and so you'll become partners for them in their sin, and avoid ill gains and follow your kings and your elders and make your mouths full of thanks to God, and the life of souls is wisdom and don't envy people for their luck for they will enjoy it for a little, and whoever exceeded satisfaction will never be satisfied, and so along of what was mentioned by Abdul-Wahâb Al-Najjâr in his stories.
It is mentioned from the book of "Tareekh Al-'Olamâ'" (History of wisemen) that a group of wisemen claimed that all the wisdoms that appeared before the Flood was traced back to Enoch that the hebrews call "Khanookh" the prophet the son of Jared ben Mahalaleel ben Cainan ben Enosh ben Seth ben Adam, and he is Edrees (Enoch) the prophet, and then they traced back to him matters and incidents and works that God did not suppose to him and most of them are like legends and what crazy people would do or silly ones that were slaves for life and ego took over them, and they never stop doing the bad deeds, and God forbid that His prophets commit such deeds, but they are assigned to the highest of matters and the best and wisest of conditions for mind and wisemen because they are the resources and they are the leaders of the creations and the guardians of the Creator over His religion and creed, the commanders of goodness and the prohibiters of badness, so they are the tongue and examples of truth and the looking eyes of reality and the hearing ear that express about God the Exalted and they don't speak out of their desires, but it is an inspiration that is inspired which One of mighty powers taught them.
It is mentioned from Enoch the wise sayings and advices and calls and one of them his call that is read in the dawns of the month of fasting (Ramadhân) that contains forty names for God, as much as the days of Repentance (?), and it begins with: O praise be to You no God exists but You, O Lord of everything and its hire [seems a part of a famous praising]. And after mentioning the forty names comes the great call that has no other match, and it is imploring to God with His forty names, and asking for safety away from punishments of life and after-life, and it is without any doubt an infallible tongue and an inspired and closed one chosen by God for His commandments and for telling people about Him. [then comes a typical ending for the subject which I believe no need to mention here].



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